Laci Kay - the 14 Year Old Triple Threat - Actor, Singer, Animal Advocate!

Megan Blake on Pet Life Radio

Laci Kay rocks it for pets as the President of Kids Against Animal Cruelty, Texas Chapter, all while filming and promoting her latest films with Greg Travis and Amanda Sorvino and music projects with Boo Boo Stewart and her group, Blonde. Laci talks with show host, Megan Blake, about using her work as a platform to help animals and what kids and everyone can do to promote adoption and care. And... Laci is an official Super Smiley Flash Mobber!  Smiley gives Laci 4 paws up!


Laci was born in Tyler, TX where her two sisters, (Meagan and Heather) and one brother (Jake) were also born. She is the baby of the family. She lived in Whitehouse, TX with them while she attended Stepping Stone preschool in Tyler, TX for 2 years and then she attended Kindergarten and 1st grade at Cain Elementary school in Whitehouse, TX. While in TX she loved cheer-leading and did this on a competitive team called the "Tyler Twisters". Her coach was Miss Kim and Mr. Derrick who she just loved. She also sang and performed at her church a lot , with Pastor Ray at Tyler Metro Church.

One day an opportunity came up for her dad to take a job transfer to Goleta, CA with his company, Cox Communications. Since her sisters and brother were almost out of high school they chose to stay back in TX; the sisters with their dad and her brother with his mom, you see we are a blended family and Laci Kay was the glue to keep us all attached since she was part of everyone. So her mom and dad and her moved to Ojai, CA and Laci Kay attended Mira Monte Elementary for the end of her 1st grade and all of 2nd grade. The acting bug hit as she performed in her first play in the 1st grade called "Rumpus in the Rainforest". She also attended Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts and met her favorite agent; Jeremy Apody from Abrams Artists who she still has to this day Commercially. Her first job with him was playing young Christina Aguilera in her video "Hurt". After this happened, she got very busy doing what she loves to do; perform! So, her parents decided to move to Ventura, CA where we still live to this day so that dad's commute to work would not be any longer and mom's commute taking Laci into LA would be shorter. It seemed like a good choice as mom works for Macy Homes there anyway.

So, Laci attended Portola Elementary School in Ventura, CA for 3rd thru 5th grade and attended Anacapa Middle School for the 6th grade. She also is attending there now for the 7th grade. She has performed in the local "Elite", "Rubicon" and "Thousand Oaks Performing Arts" Theaters. She has been in the G.A.T.E. (Gifted and Talented Education) program since 3rd grade. She was chosen to speak at her 5th grade graduation and wrote an inspiring speech to her class. She also attended Bible Fellowship Church in Ventura and participated in the 2 plays for Kids Choir they have every year. She loves helping out with the toddlers once a month and also the times they went to visit people at the Rescue Mission and also the Nursing Home to sing for them. Currently she attends City Church in Ventura.

When Laci is not shooting commercials, movies or videos or acting or singing she still loves riding her bike, her electric scooter and razor scooter,flipping on her trampoline and most recently she is enjoying perfecting her skills on her new skate board! She also loves swimming and going to the beach and of course like all kids her age; texting and talking to her friends, watching Disney and Nickelodeon on TV and hanging out with all the family.