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Pia Silvani, host of Teacher's Pet on Pet Life Radio

Pia Silvani
Teacher, Trainer & Author
St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center

TRAINING SESSION #17 Living In A Big Dogs World Petite Pals

Do small dogs require the same training as their fellow 60 pounders?  Is it fair to put a 3 lb. tike in the same class as a 90 lb. brute?  Are people avoiding class because they are fearful for their little tykes?  Or, do owners really think little dogs aren’t much of a nuisance and don’t require training?  I’ve listened to owners’ concerns and as a result, developed a training course specifically designed for dogs 30 lbs. or less.  Training is done in an environment designed to make learning more enjoyable and comfortable for both owner and dog.  Many small dogs rarely leave the house on foot, especially during the cold weather.  Today I’ll discuss various training ideas when living with a petite pal!

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