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Pia Silvani, host of Teacher's Pet on Pet Life Radio

Pia Silvani
Teacher, Trainer & Author
St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center

Parlor Tricks Just for the Fun of It Part 2

Training behaviors to help your canine companion become a well-mannered pet is necessary.  Yet, training should not end with the basic commands such as sit, stay, down and more.  Once your dog understands that training can be fun, you can teach him tricks that can be practical or just for fun.

There is nothing more entertaining to children than to see dogs perform tricks.  Also, if you are thinking about getting your dog certified as a pet therapy dog, tricks will come in handy and are always a hit at the hospital, school or nursing home.  In today’s session, we will teach your dog a few fun tricks to show off to your guests!

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