Rachel Roberts-Levi Founder of One Family Animal Sanctuary

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Meet Rachel Roberts-Levi, she runs her Las Vegas animal sanctuary with an artistic flair and tons of passion. It's a unique safe haven for animals with special needs. Join us in this inspiring conversation.



Rachel Roberts and Avi Levi founded ONE Family Animal Sanctuary in 2014. It was a dream they both shared for many years and were determined to make their dream come true. Animals were always a part of their upbringing. With Avi being raised in a small village in Israel and Rachel growing up in a rural part of Alabama, they were exposed to many different kinds of animals. Though Rachel was a vegetarian for many years, both, Rachel and Avi, became vegan together in 2012 and fighting for animal rights and rescuing animals became their ultimate passion.

When they finally purchased a large property in 2014, ONE Family Animal Sanctuary became a reality. The property is complete with separate living quarters for each different animal, as well as a large arena for horse to roam. And depending on the temperament of the individual animal, they have many that roam freely as well. They are always working to improve and optimize the land that they have in the best interest of the resident animals. ONE Family Animal Sanctuary has beautiful trees that the animals use for shade and a peaceful atmosphere brought on by the gorgeous views of the mountains that surround the Las Vegas Valley. They currently house several species of animals that have been neglected, abused, and considered unwanted, and have given them a second chance. It is a safe haven for animals in need of protection, love, and a more peaceful way of life.

ONE Family Animal Sanctuary has many future goals, one of which is to bring awareness that all animals need to be shown love, respect, and compassion and that their lives matter too. They want to help change the industries opinions and policies of animals regarding animal testing and consumption, and they want to help educate the public on humanely caring for all animals, including those that have been neglected, abused, or have special needs. With your help, all of these goals can be met.