Hermit Crabs, Havasupai Horses, Hurricane Irma, Top 10 Dog Poisons

Sam Ratcliffe-D'Arrigo on Pet Life Radio

This show is packed with information on: Hermit Crabs, Havasupai Horses, Hurricane Irma, and the Top 10 Dog Poisons. Tip of the week I have a tip for you when traveling with your pets and this may be one that you’ve never thought of. As much as we’d like to think our hotel room has been thoroughly vacuumed, you never know what can be lurking under the bed, tables, and chairs. When you arrive in your room before you pet decides to explore you should look under the furniture to see if there are any pills that have dropped and not been vacuumed up. Could be an over counter medication or a prescribed medication, and both are dangerous to your pets. It is the top reasons pets are poisoned. Man and Dog Denied Flight Out Of Irma Over Not Having A Pet Carrier.