My Big Blonde Life

Sam Ratcliffe-D'Arrigo on Pet Life Radio

This week Sam is joined by Hannah Elisabeth, comedian, entertainer, rabble rouser, sex bob, and animal advocate to discuss the entertainment industry and Hanna's passion for animals and the No Kill Las Vegas movement.


In the grand tradition of Hollywood’s funniest (and sexiest!) blonde comediennes – fast-talking, irreverant broads such as Mae West and Jean Harlow – Hannah has combined sass with blonde insouciance to create her own original, self-scripted comedy video vehicle, “My Big Blonde Life” (mybigblondelife on YouTube). With her quirky, snarky world vision, Hannah sheds humor and satire on everything from pop culture to current events to her crazy, colorful life in Las Vegas.

radio-tv-personality2A former CBS affiliate news anchor and writer, (whose extensive television credits include her 2008 featured appearance on ESPN’s World Series of Poker,) Hannah has been featured in numerous TV spots and infomercials, a country music video, and most recently, a reality show pilot about her life as a Las Vegas poker player.

Hannah comes by her broadcast savvy, dry wit and incisive commentary genetically: her grandfather was Lawrence E. Spivak, the creator and original moderator of television’s longest-running news program, Meet the Press. She is also related to Sheldon Leonard, one of television’s most prolific sitcom producers and directors (The Andy Griffith Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show, etc.), as well as musical theatre legendary composer Richard Rodgers. Hannah’s own eclectic performance background encompasses live theatre and night clubs, where she has often used both her comedic and musical talents.

Innately comfortable in front of a camera, whether as a commentator, comedienne, singer or dramatic actor, Hannah brings her unique style, energy and pizzazz to whatever entertainment project she takes on.