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Sam Ratcliffe-D'Arrigo on Pet Life Radio

This week Sam talks to Dr Brandi Bradshaw and Dr. Job Krugly talk about the benefits of chiropractic for you and your pets. 


Dr. Brandi J. Bradshaw

Dr. Brandi J. Bradshaw started her career in healthcare as a nurse. She graduated from Mesa State College with honors and a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Dr. Bradshaw had always planned on returning to school, and having worked in the hospital for a number of years she decided to pursue a different route in healthcare. Dr. Bradshaw made the decision to become a doctor of Chiropractic and decided to attend Parker University in Dallas Texas. While attending graduate school Dr. Bradshaw was the teachers’ assistant for Microbiology, was the president of the pi lambda chi Chiropractic Sisterhood, she made the Dean’s lists multiple times, and Dr. Bradshaw also was the proud recipient of the Who’s Who award Among Students in American Universities & Colleges.

Do to her love for the fury and feathered kind, Dr. Bradshaw continued her education after obtaining her doctorate. Dr. Bradshaw completed a post graduate program in Animal Chiropractic. This credential is only available to doctors of Chiropractic and doctors of Veterinarian Medicine. Dr. Bradshaw is one of only a few doctors in the state of Nevada with the ability to treat animals using Chiropractic.

Dr. Bradshaw brings a well-rounded view of healthcare to her patients. She is able to draw on sciences from both a traditional medicine perspective and a conservative perspective. Dr. Bradshaw is also certified in the Graston Technique, which is an advanced form of deep tissue treatment used to aid and expedite recovery.

Dr. Bradshaw enjoys being outside and spending time with her Boston in the park (please see video of Naholly). Her future goals are to become a fellow in the International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture.

Dr. Job A. Krugly

Dr. Job A. Krugly has always kept an active lifestyle and has always helped others do the same. While pursuing his undergraduate degree he worked as a personal trainer. His clients ranged from “average Joes” to athletes ranging from high school, collage, semi and pro levels. Dr. Krugly earned a bachelor’s degree of biology in Health and Wellness. Wanting to deepen his understanding of health and natural medicine, he attended Parker University in Dallas Texas. Dr. Krugly graduated with a doctorate of Chiropractic. While attending graduate school he was the vice president of the Nutrition club, the teacher’s assistant for Systemic Anatomy, and the class representative for Human Dissection, he was awarded with multiple Dean’s Honor Rolls, and was also awarded Blue Coat status. The honorary Blue Coat is given to interns whom demonstrate the highest in patient care. He was also a recipient of the Who’s Who award Among Students in American Universities & Colleges.

After graduation Dr. Krugly relocated to Las Vegas and opened Agape Health with his wife Dr. Bradshaw. Dr. Krugly enjoys the freedom that being a Chiropractor offers, he enjoys the ability to spend one on one time with his patients and being able to offer safe and natural treatments for many conditions.

Dr. Krugly is full body certified in Active Release Technique (A.R.T.) known as “The Gold Standard” in soft tissue treatment. He was the primary Chiropractic physician and A.R.T. practitioner at the 2013 Ironman Championship. In addition to his A.R.T. training, Dr. Krugly is a certified Graston practitioner, Graston Technique is a tool assisted form of deep tissue treatment. Dr. Krugly also holds certification in Functional Movement Screening (F.M.S.). F.M.S. is a diagnostic tool used to detect abnormal movement patterns and muscular asymmetries and weaknesses, which have been shown to be a predictor of future injury. These advance treatments and diagnostic techniques combined with his vast exercise and nutritional knowledge allow Dr. Krugly to get to the root of the problem and give the patient the best chance of a complete and lasting solution to their health concerns.

In his spare time Dr. Krugly studies to become more efficient at fixing his patients. He is concurrently working on certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and working toward becoming a board Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP). His future plans include obtaining Fellowship through the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture and earning Master Herbalist recognition through the American Herbalist Guild