Susan Chamberlain

Susan Chamberlain on Pet Life Radio

Susan Chamberlain attended Queens College in New York, and has been a contributor to Bird Talk magazine since 1984. She writes a monthly column for Bird Talk magazine and frequent feature articles for Bird Talk and Pet Product News. Her articles and photos have appeared in Birds USA, Ferrets magazine, and Rabbits USA, all published by Bowtie Inc. in Irvine, CA. Topics have included business articles, travel features, photo essays, species profiles and celebrity interviews, as well as practical pet care pieces. Topics have included:

Environmentally Friendly Birdkeeping -- Birds & Children

Traveling With Your Bird -- Birds & Other Pets

Prevent Bird Theft -- The Ten Minute Birdkeeper

A Good Avian Diet—More Than Just Food! -- Avian Physical Fitness

Setting Up Your Bird’s Home -- Choose the Right Bird for You!

Behind the Scenes at Busch Gardens A Good Avian Diet—More Than Just Food!

Coping With “The Mess” -- Summer Bird Care

Great Apartment Pets! -- The Best Birds for Condo & Apartment Living

Birdkeepers Lung Disease -- Remodeling—avian style!

Chamberlain has also authored Birds: For Today's Pet Owner from the Publishers of Bird Talk Magazine (Fun & Care Book), and Caiques, to be published by T.F.H. Publications.

Chamberlain was a columnist for the now defunct, a full-service, online pet supply and information center. In addition to writing feature articles for the site, she also wrote product highlights and descriptions for the on-line pet-supply purveyor. She also contributes bird-related articles to Hablemos de Loro s, published in Spain by Europarrot and The Waldo Tribune, a Southampton and NYC newspaper geared toward children. She authored a weekly, year-long feature on a pair of disabled parrots for This Week, a subsidiary of Newsday, which is owned by the Tribune Corporation.

Chamberlain is the president and an Executive Board member of the Long Island Parrot Society of N.Y., Inc.. She produces and hosts The Bird Club, the Parrot Society’s television talk show all about pet birds. Other Club activities include media relations, participating in Parrot University and contributing to LIPService, the Society’s award winning magazine.

Chamberlain occasionally speaks in front of groups (Pet Expo, Nassau Coliseum; bird clubs, and the recent AAV Conference in Providence) on subjects of interest to bird owners. Appearances on The Family Pet (News 12 Long Island) to discuss bird care have elicited numerous inquiries and positive responses from viewers. Other guest spots have included several appearances on FOX News Channel’s Pet News; News 12 L.I. Morning Show; FOX News and on Alicyn Leigh’s Pet Talk broadcast on WALK 1370AM and WGBB 1240AM.

Chamberlain owns and operates The 14 Karat Parrot, a mail order business specializing in gifts and accessories for exotic bird lovers. She also writes press releases for organizations and small businesses, and publicity and biographical pieces for actors and artists. She resides on Long Island with ten pet birds ranging in age from 34 to six: a blue & gold macaw, two African greys, four Amazons, two Senegals and one budgie. All but one are adopted.