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Susan Chamberlain
Bird Expert, Author & Columnist

Introduction: Welcome to Wings 'n Things

Susan Chamberlain welcomes everyone to her new show, Wings 'n Things on, and discusses the topics she will be covering all about pet birds in future episodes.


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Female Announcer: So why do seagulls live near the sea?  Because if they lived near the bay, they’d be bagels.

Female Announcer:  Welcome to Wings `n Things, where you’ll find real answers to real questions about everything you want to know about pet birds: care, feeding, bird products,  travel, and more.  Everything to make your frequent flyer a happy camper.  From parrots to parakeets, cockatiels to cockatoos, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of everything there is to know about your fun, feathered friends.  So, spread your wings and get ready to fly with your Wings `n Things host, bird expert and author, Susan Chamberlain.

Susan Chamberlain: Yes, those are bird voices you hear in the background: Amazon parrots, African Grays, Macaws, and even a Comier.  Welcome to Wings `n Things, I’m your host Susan Chamberlain.  It’s a jungle in here.  Sharing your life with a pet bird is much more than a hobby, it’s a life style, and in fact it can become a lifetime commitment.  Many parrot species live 50 years or more.  Everything changes when you bring a bird into your home.  From giving up your non-stick cookware…did you know that the fumes emitted from non-stick surfaces can kill your birds adjusting your schedule to include your new role as a bird servant.  We’ll explore life in the feathered lane.  For instance: what bird is right for you?  Do you live in an apartment?  Work all day?  Work all night?  Have small children at home?  Other pets?

 Take all these factors into account when choosing a pet bird.  Some of the regular features on Wings `n Things will be Species Spotlight, there are more than 300 species of parrot-type birds from little Budgies to large Macaws and Cockatoos, we’ll highlight one on each show.  Great Parrot-phenalia, what bird products can’t you live without?  Email me, .  We’ll discuss great bird products and gifts and accessories for their pet humans too.  Bird Club News, do you belong to a bird club?  Let me know what’s new.  Is your club embarking on a special project?  Or do you have a bird show coming up?  Email me and let me know about that too. 

Eat Like a Bird, birds do not live by seed alone.  Learn about some great diets and treats for your feathered friends.  From time to time we’ll do interviews with bird owners, celebrities, veterinarians and other avian aficionados and even feature the birds themselves, and can they talk.  Why does my bird do that?  Your pet’s not being bad; he’s just being a bird.  Avian behavior issues will be discussed.  Your ideas on how to solve behavior problems are welcome.  Mess Management 101.  Just because it’s green doesn’t mean it’s pesto.  Housekeeping is a big part of bird-keeping.  Thirty years of parrot parenthood has taught me a lot.  I’ll be sharing time-saving tips and safe cleaning methods with you.  Funny Bird Stories, we can all relate to those.  So, send me some of yours, and we’ll talk about them on the air.  Ask the Vet, advice on your bird’s health from avian veterinarians.  We’ll ask the questions and bring back the advice to you. 

Questions and Answers, email me your questions, .  I’ll answer them, right here on Wings `n Things.

Female Announcer:  Join us every week on Wings `n Things, with your host Susan Chamberlain, and get a bird’s eye view of everything there is to know about pet birds and how to make your frequent flyer a happy camper.  Wings `n Things only on

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