Have a Sick Fish? Veterinarian Dr. Helen Roberts Helps Heal Wet Pet Woes!

Dr. Roy Yanong on Pet Life Radio

So you’ve got a sick fish—who are you gonna call?  Why, your local fish veterinarian, of course!  Although pet owners don’t think twice about contacting their vet for the dog or cat’s problems, more and more hobbyists are now also seeking help from their local veterinarian for their sick pet fish. And this is perfect timing, since more and more veterinarians are willing and able to work on wet pet patients. 

One of the country’s leading pet fish veterinarians, Dr. Helen Roberts has been working in the aquatic veterinary field since the early 90s, and has worked with numerous fish species from all types of aquaria and ponds. She has gained the confidence of many clients who travel for hours with their fish or fly her out just to get her help. Join us as we learn more about some of her favorite cases and how today’s veterinarians can help you with your fish!