Sea Life at Home: Getting Started with Marine Aquaria

Dr. Roy Yanong on Pet Life Radio

Although most aquarium hobbyists are freshwater enthusiasts, a growing number are taking the salty plunge and keeping marine fish and invertebrates.  Advances in marine aquarium technology, increases in numbers of aquacultured species, and a better understanding of animal needs has helped fuel this increase.

Our guest today is James Kinsler, Assistant Curator of Fishes at SeaWorld Orlando. Jim has over 16 years of professional experience working with marine and freshwater fish, invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians. As a member of the SeaWorld Aquarium team Jim has been involved in every facet of animal acquisition, transport, aquarium exhibit design, construction, and husbandry.  Join us as Jim discusses the amazing aquatic life at Sea World and offers suggestions for those interested in keeping marine aquaria at home.