Keeping Fish and Other Aquatics Healthy-- the PetSmart Way!

Dr. Roy Yanong on Pet Life Radio

PetSmart is the largest North American pet and pet supply company, with a total of almost 1200 retail stores. Have you ever wondered who manages the health of PetSmart’s millions of fish and other aquatic animals? Dr. Nick St. Erne, who has been working in the field of exotic and aquatic veterinary medicine for decades, is more than up to the challenge! Dr. Nick is PetSmart’s Technical Services Veterinarian in charge of aquatic animal health.   Dr. Nick is an author of two fish health books and a favorite invited speaker, having lectured for numerous koi club events.  Dr. Nick is also actively involved in the advancement of aquatic animal medicine through his work with the American Veterinary Medical Association and the World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association.

Join us, as Dr. Nick teaches us the art and science of aquatic animal health—the PetSmart Way!