Clowns and Corals: ORA’s Ornamental Marine Hatchery

Dr. Roy Yanong on Pet Life Radio

Keeping a marine aquarium is more challenging than maintaining a freshwater aquarium. However, nature shows, public aquaria, and visits to coral reefs are drawing more people to the marine aquarium hobby. Some prefer “fish-only” tanks, while others enjoy the greater challenge of caring for mini-reef systems. As the marine portion of the aquarium hobby continues to increase, greater interest in sustainability of the industry has resulted in more oversight of wild capture and expansion of marine ornamental aquaculture. 

Oceans, Reefs and Aquariums, the largest producer and seller of marine ornamentals in the world, is based in Ft. Pierce, Florida. Our guest today is Dustin Dorton, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of ORA.  Dustin, an avid freshwater and marine aquarium hobbyist his entire life, first moved from California to Florida to begin the coral propagation portion of ORA’s business. Over time, he learned more about ORA operations and management, and eventually earned his current position. Today Dustin will discuss what is involved with marine ornamental fish and invertebrate production and aquaculture’s role in sustainability of the industry. Join us!