The Science and Art of Koi and Goldfish

Dr. Roy Yanong on Pet Life Radio

Koi and goldfish have been staples in the hobby for a long time, and continue to gain in popularity as staples for aquatic water gardens as well as indoor tank systems. The beautiful color and finnage variations in both species have been developed over hundreds of years, and now some lines and individual fish have tremendous economic and prestige value. 

My guest today is Joe Pawlak, President of Blackwater Creek Koi Farms, Inc., based in Eustis, Florida. Blackwater Creek Koi Farms is a top producer of quality koi here in the U.S.  Joe’s company is comprised of 3 farms located in central and NW Florida, and specializes in butterfly koi, as well as standard koi and goldfish varieties.  In addition, Joe produces a line of high quality fish food.  Joe also does double duty as President of the National Organization of Goldfish Growers in America, and works closely with wholesalers, retailers, and hobbyist groups.  Today Joe will discuss koi and goldfish—from breeding and growing, to clubs and showing.   Come and join us!