After Ten Years, Yorktown Technologies’ GloFish Continue
to Glo-On!

Dr. Roy Yanong on Pet Life Radio

When the first transgenic red zebra danio first lit up the U.S. aquarium hobby in 2004 amidst great controversy, naysayers thought this would be just a passing fancy. Ten years later, Yorktown Technologies’ highly successful “GloFish” line has expanded to ten lines, six colors, and three species.  My guest today, Alan Blake, CEO of Yorktown Technologies, is the man who started it all. Join us, as Alan discusses the past, present, and fluorescent future of the GloFish!


Alan Blake is the CEO and co-founder of Yorktown Technologies, L.P. Under his leadership, the company overcame enormous hurdles to commercialize GloFish® fluorescent fish, the first mass-marketed biotech animal. After ten years on the market, with 10 lines of fluorescent fish, six colors, and three species, as well as more than 70 branded aquarium products, GloFish are among the best-selling aquarium fish in the U.S.

Alan has been awarded several U.S. patents and has co-authored a peer-reviewed article on the topic of biotech animals. He is a member and former Austin chapter president of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and a regular guest lecturer at the McCombs Business School. Mr. Blake also serves on the board of the Boys & Girls Club of the Austin Area, and he is a winner of the prestigious Austin Under 40 award. Mr. Blake graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, where he received a BBA with Highest Honors.