JUST KEEP SWIMMING: Andres Ryan’s Fish Farm and His Creed

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Just Keep Swimming is not only the name of Andres’ Ryan’s fish farm, it is also his creed. Andres is an aquarium fish farmer in Florida who has bred and raised literally hundreds of species, but now concentrates  on the more delicate and difficult-to-spawn aquarium fish, including clown loaches, cardinal tetras, Galaxy rasboras, fancy plecos, and freshwater ornamental shrimp.  Join us, as Andres and I discuss fancy fish, the challenges of commercially raising new species, and the future of the hobby!


Andres Ryan has worked in the aquaculture business for over 20 years.  He holds an undergraduate degree in Biology from Bishop’s University in Canada and a Master's degree from Florida Tech in Marine Science (Aquaculture).  Born in 1965 to a Canadian mother and American father, he moved to Quebec,  Canada after his father passed away in 1969.

Andres' interest in fish started when he was just 8 years old, and soon after he had too many aquariums in the basement. However, his passion for aquarium fish farming really began while pursuing his Master's at Florida Tech. He worked on numerous cichlids farms in Florida during this time, including African Cichlids Inc., Indian River Aquatic Africans Inc, Oasis Fish Farm, Synder's Tropical Fish Farm, George’s Fish Farm and Micco Fish Farm. After completing his Master’s, Andres worked for Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection from 1992 to 1994. In 1995 he moved to Sarasota and started his fish farm, Just Keep Swimming Inc.  Over the years Andres has become an expert at finding innovative solutions and unique methods to spawn a large variety of fish in tanks.

Andres has bred and raised literally hundreds of different species of tropical fish in Florida, including numerous species of African, Central American, South American, and Madagascar cichlids; cyprinids, including the beautiful celestial pearl danio;  tetras;  rainbowfish; gouramis;  livebearers; Synodontis catfish; and clown loaches.