Angelfish, Neon Tetras. . .and Electric Eels: "Shockingly" Fun Collecting Trips in the Amazon

Dr. Roy Yanong on Pet Life Radio

How did wild aquarium fish from South America, Africa, and Asia first get into the hobby all those many years ago? Before there were ornamental fish farms, including those here in Florida, there were fish biologists and collectors visiting exotic places and bringing back beautiful specimens of fish they found.  Many of these fish are now raised on fish farms, but new species continue to enter the hobby every year.  And now, eco-tourists can join aquarium fish collecting trips in some of the most biologically diverse waters of the world.

My guest today is Jaap-Jan de Greef, an aquarium fish expert who has lived--and collected aquarium fish--all over the world.  Jaap is well-known in the hobby not only for his wealth of knowledge, but also for leading "amazing" Amazon fish collecting trips for aquarium hobbyists, and trips to other locales for fish researchers and producers.  Jaap is a favorite speaker for hobbyist organizations and has fascinating fish stories to share.  So get on the boat, have a seat, and listen in!