Picasso, Snowflake, Black Ice, and Lightning: The Art and Science of Designer Clownfish - Part 1

Dr. Roy Yanong on Pet Life Radio

Clownfish, the first marine aquarium fish in commercial production, have been a staple of the industry for decades. Soon, the thirst for “designer” clownfish took hold, and, just like with koi, goldfish, and angelfish, an explosion of varieties has now occurred.

My guest today is Matt Pedersen, hobbyist for over 30 years and Sr. Editor & Associate Publisher with Reef To Rainforest Media LLC, intimately involved with CORAL & AMAZONAS Magazines, as well as their online presence at Reef2Rainforest.com.  Matt started the Marine Ornamental Fish & Invertebrate Breeder's Association, sits on the Marine Breeder’s Initiative Council, and was 2009 Aquarist of the Year by IMAC West and MASNA.  Join us, as Matt discussed the past, present, and future of clownfish varieties. 


Matt Pedersen is currently a Sr. Editor & Associate Publisher with Reef To Rainforest Media LLC, involved with CORAL & AMAZONAS Magazines, as well as their online presence at Reef2Rainforest.com.  Originally from Chicago, IL and currently living in Duluth, MN, USA, Matt's professional background is in interactive software development.   Additionally, Matt has experience as a professional orchid breeder, a part time fly fishing guide, and certified fly rod builder.

Matt has been a marine aquarist for 28 years, and an aquarist for 33. After spending time on every side of the aquarium industry (retail, commercial and private maintenance & installation, wholesale, hatchery), he currently considers himself a ""professional hobbyist"". Most recently, Matt has currently spawned 29 species of marine fish, successfully raising 9 of them to date including one worldwide first (the Harlequin Filefish, Oxymonacanthus longirostris), as well as attempted another 6 invertebrate species to date.  Most all of this was accomplished with less than 100 gallons of total working capacity, and all in closed culture. In 2010, Matt Pedersen was selected as the breeder of choice to work with the now famous ""PNG Lightning Maroon Clownfish"" from the SEASMART program, and chronicles the efforts to propagate this one-of-a-kind fish online at The Lightning Project.

Matt Pedersen is credited with starting MOFIB (Marine Ornamental Fish & Invertebrate Breeder's Association) and writing for multiple publications including Coral, Koralle, Practical Fish Keeping, Marine Habitat, Reef Hobbyist Magazine, Reef Builders, Reefs.com, Advanced Aquarist and more. Matt has spoken at numerous aquarium clubs and events from coast to coast. He currently sits on the MBI (Marine Breeding Initiative) Council, a project dedicated to bringing the concept of a unified Marine Breeder's Award Program to hobbyist organizations across the country and around the globe. In 2009, Matt was awarded ""Aquarist of the Year"" honors by both IMAC West and MASNA in recognition of his accomplishments and contributions to the marine aquarium hobby.