Following the Fish: Mike Tuccinardi’s Sustainability Stories from the Field

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Although most common freshwater aquarium fish are farm-raised, many others are collected world-wide by artisanal fishermen. Good habitat and sustainable practices are key to the longevity of these species and the hobby.

My guest today – Mike Tuccinardi, is an aquarium fish expert, sustainable fisheries advocate, and Senior Editor for Amazonas and Coral Magazines. He has explored fisheries all over Asia and South America to foster and improve sustainability and has documented his insights in reports, articles and travelogues. Join us, as Mike shares his fishy experiences from the field.


With a background spanning retail, wholesale, and aquarium fish import, Mike Tuccinardi began working at a local fish store in his early teens and has been following the fish ever since. Mike received his BSBA in Management from the University of Massachusetts. After several years working for Segrest Farms, a major tropical fish wholesaler near Tampa, FL, Mike began work as a consultant specializing in the supply chains for aquarium fish. He has traveled throughout South and Southeast Asia visiting aquarium fish exporters, collectors, and fishing communities and is currently traveling the Amazon Basin doing the same. Mike serves on the advisory board of Project Piaba as well as the steering committee for the IUCN’s Home Aquarium Fish Sub-Group (HAFSG). When not traveling, Mike resides in the Boston area with his wife and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences through the University of Florida. He is a Senior Editor and regular contributor for AMAZONAS and CORAL Magazines.