Open Up Your Aquatic Horizons with My Aquarium Box!

Dr. Roy Yanong on Pet Life Radio

Ever wonder if you should try a different fish food, or if that new aquarium gadget really is something you should look into?  Perhaps, like many hobbyists, you haven’t keep up with the latest trends, but would like to expand your horizons.

My guest today is Mike Haynes, self-proclaimed fish geek, YouTube educator, and co-founder of My Aquarium Box, an aquarium supply subscription service. Join us, as Mike explains how he and his three "fellow fish geeks" came up with this great idea, and how you can plug in!


Mike Haynes, self-proclaimed "fish geek," has been in the aquarium hobby for 20+ years. He started small ,like many other kids his age, with a 20 gallon tank.  Over the years he learned a little and failed a lot.  When he started having kids of his own,  he was excited to share his many years of experience with them in order to help them get started on the right foot.  Then came YouTube and his fish room. . . and all hell broke loose.  Nano tanks, Monster tanks, High tech and Low tech and eventually the REEF.  Over the past 2 years Mike has met a ton of great people in the aquarium community including some of the best guys around - his future partners.  Their friendship turned into a business that will hopefully benefit the entire fish community.

Now he has a YouTube channel called MASS Aquariums and a business called My Aquarium Box andhe is loving every bit of all the struggles and triumphs that go along with it.  Making informative videos and getting fish keepers their My Aquarium Box is what he and his co-owners are all about.  My Aquarium Box, Made For Fish Keepers By Fish Keepers.