All in A Day’s Work: Industry Insights from Sandy Moore of Segrest Farms

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Segrest Farms, one of the world's largest wholesale ornamental fish distributors, supplies over 1,000 pet shops, public aquariums, and research institutions each week with aquarium livestock, aquatic plants, herps and other small animals, and live food. Sandy Moore, President of Segrest Farms, has been a hobbyist her entire life and also has been at the forefront helping to keep the aquarium trade alive nationally and internationally.  Join us for a fascinating conversation, as Sandy discusses Segrest Farms, her career, and the many challenges the aquarium industry is currently facing. 


Sandy Moore, President of Segrest Inc., has worked with the company for close to 30 years. Born in Melvin, Iowa, Sandy grew up in Ruskin, Florida, and became an aquarium hobbyist at the age of 5, after obtaining her first fish (an albino Corydoras catfish) from Woolworth’s. She also enjoyed collecting fish from a ditch by a local fish farm. To make some extra cash, Sandy collected native snakes to sell to wholesalers for $5/foot (really good money back then!). Sandy’s first official job was in the aquarium fish industry, where she made boxes for Elwyn Segrest before the advent of preformed Styrofoam, using fiberglass insulation. She pursued an education in business and worked for Dun & Bradstreet for several years before returning to Segrest as a secretary.  Sandy loves her job, the aquarium industry, and the hobby and thoroughly enjoys speaking to aquarium enthusiasts in clubs around the nation about the business, including industry challenges. Sandy is very active in professional industry organizations, serving as Secretary for the Florida Tropical Fish Farms Association, Vice-President of Ornamental Fish International, and Co-Chair of the Aquatics Committee of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council.