Plug and Play Sustainability: Biota Aquariums with Kevin Gaines

Dr. Roy Yanong on Pet Life Radio

Many decades ago, keeping marine aquariums was a logistical nightmare, a feat only for the most advanced hobbyists. Over time, technology and science overcame many of the original environmental challenges, and aquaculture offered a few alternatives to wild capture fisheries. And now, Biota Aquariums plans to take the marine aquarium hobby to a more sustainable next level.

My guest today is Kevin Gaines, CEO and co-founders of Biota Aquariums. Kevin has strong roots in the aquarium hobby, and a passion for aquaculture and conservation. Join us, as Kevin shares his hopes and dreams, and the story behind Biota Aquariums.


Kevin Gaines is a microbiologist who has been keeping marine fish and invertebrates for over 40 years and breeding them for over 20. He has rich experience in retail aquarium stores and marine wholesalers. He is a former marine life collector, and founded the world’s largest marine ornamental fish and coral farm in Florida. He is a director of the Coral Restoration Foundation, a nonprofit growing coral to restore reefs in Florida Keys and the Caribbean. Kevin is currently based in Florida.