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Arden Moore
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Are You Ready for Some (Four-legged) Football? Tune into the Kitten Bowl AND Puppy Bowl X on Super Bowl Sunday!

John Sterling on Pet Life Radio....... Dan Schachner on Pet Life Radio

John Sterling....................................Dan Schachner.


The NFL isn’t the only one airing must-see football games on Super Bowl Sunday.  The Kitten Bowl premieres on the Hallmark Channel and Puppy Bowl X promises to be bigger, better (and cuter) on Animal Planet. In this special Oh Behave Show episode, host Arden Moore finds out the purr-fect game plan for the felines participating in the Kitten Bowl from John Sterling, the legendary radio play-by-play announcer for the New York Yankees. And Dan Schachner, aka The Ref, unleashes some new features awaiting fans for the Puppy Bowl X, including a new puppy Fantasy Football League and a halftime show by the Keyboard Cat. Both furry football fest feature kittens and puppies from shelters who are available for adoption.  So, call over your cool cat or grrr-eat dog and catch the action before – and after – the kickoff of the Super Bowl between Denver and Seattle.

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Puppy Bowl and Kitten Bowl on Pet Life Radio

    John Sterling

    John Sterling, the longtime radio voice of the New York Yankees, also serves as the Emmy winning host of Yankeeography and Yankees Classics on the YES Network. Since joining the network in 2002 he has worked in many different capacities. In addition to his YES hosting duties, Sterling is the network's play-by-play voice for Ivy League football and basketball. He has also served as a play-by-play announcer for several New Jersey Nets games on YES.

    Sterling has been the radio voice of the Yankees since the 1989 season, becoming one of the most recognizable announcers in the game. Previously, Sterling and Michael Kay hosted Sport Talk with John Sterling and Michael Kay, an MSG Network produced sports call-in radio show that featured the pair discussing a wide array of sports topics on 77WABC during the winter months. During the baseball season, Sterling and Kay hosted the radio show Yankee Talk, which aired prior to all weekend Yankees games.

    Sterling joined WABC Radio in 1989 from TBS television and WSB Radio, where he called Atlanta Hawks games from 1981-89 and Braves games from 1982-87. In 1981, he handled play-by-play chores in Washington D.C. for the Bullets on WDCA-TV.

    In 1975, Sterling worked as play-by-play announcer for the New York Nets and the New York Islanders on WMCA Radio in New York. He called Islanders broadcasts until 1978 while continuing to call Nets action until 1980. Prior to calling games for the Nets and Islanders, Sterling announced Morgan State football on the radio from 1971-78 and hosted a talk show on WMCA Radio in New York.

    An "Iron Man" of the broadcasting booth, Sterling has compiled a streak of consecutive games on the air, dating back to the start of the 1981-82 Atlanta Hawks season. During his 17 seasons as the Yankee's announcer he has never missed a game, including the 2005 season in which he called every pitch of every game.

    Dan Schachner

Dan Schachner is a television host, actor and announcer celebrating his third year as the Puppy Bowl referee. Riding high from the success of last year’s record-breaking event, Dan is even more assured that he has the skills and stamina to officiate the biggest game in animal sports. Dan lives in Manhattan and has two boys, ages five and seven, who might just be Puppy Bowl’s biggest fans. Below, find out all you need to know about the only human face in puppy football.

Name: Dan Schachner aka “The Ref”

Hometown: Oceanside, NY

How You Became “The Ref”: When I first found out Animal Planet was on the hunt for a new Puppy Bowl ref, I knew my true calling in life had come. I quickly grabbed my camcorder and sent in an audition tape highlighting my puppy refereeing skills and sense of humor. To my surprise, they “bit,” and now I’m calling the most important game of my life for the third year in a row!

Responsibilities of the Puppy Bowl Ref: My job is to make sure the puppies play a safe, clean game. I call puppy penalties, which can lead to expulsion if necessary, and I also call the touchdowns – just like a football referee. And, of course, there are always puppy “messes” to clean up.

Favorite Penalties to Call: ”Illegal Fur-mation,” ”Ruff-sides,” “Roughing the Kitten,” “Ineligible Poodle Downfield.”

Most Looking Forward to This Year: One word: Penguins!

Enjoy Most About Being the Ref: Just when you think you have identified every type of puppy foul imaginable, there’s always a new infraction to surprise you.

Why Did You Come Back for Another Year?: Animal Planet begged and pleaded, sending gift baskets of flowers and puppy treats every day, until I said yes…OK, it was the other way around.

Other Places to See (and Hear) Dan: Guest-starring roles on several network television shows, host of the monthly, cable series “Brain Candy TV,” a panelist on Animal Planet’s “America’s Cutest” television series, host of popular podcast “The Actor’s Grind,” announcer for the Showtime network, and the voice of Garnier Fructis’ television and radio campaign.

Interests: Officiating animal sports, sports trivia (human and non-human), acting, voiceover work, my family, running, cycling, good food (eating it, not cooking).

Puppy Bowl X

Kitten Bowl





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