Pro Pet Hero's Cara Armour Is On A Life-Saving Mission for Your Dog and Cat

Arden Moore on Pet Life Radio

If your dog started choking and then collapsed -- or your cat got stung by a bee and had trouble breathing -- would you know what to do? Knowing pet first aid and CPR could be the difference in saving the life of an injured or ill pet. In celebration of April being Pet First Aid Awareness Month, Oh Behave Show host Arden Moore welcomes Cara Armour, a master pet first aid/CPR instructor and product manager for Pro Pet Hero, an online pet first aid/CPR course program. Tune in as Armour shares some terrific pet safety tips.

And, the show reveals big news: Pro Pet Hero -- regarded as the country's best online program -- is partnering with Pet First Aid 4U, recognized as the country's most respected hands-on programs featuring a real cat and dog. PFA4U is directed by Arden Moore, also a master certified pet first aid/CPR instructor. Now you have two choices in learning pet first aid: take the online course offered by Pro Pet Hero (sign up at and be sure to get 10% off your course fee by adding the discount coupon code: Arden Moore) OR take an in-person class featuring Pet Safety Cat Casey and Pet Safety Dog Kona by registering for a class offered by Pet First Aid 4U (sign up at You pick! Here is your chance to be your pet's best health ally! 


    My life-long love of pets turned into a dream career in 2003 with my husband Gerard Armour. We had met that same year at a dog park and together we created a professional pet care business based in the greater Boston, MA area. In 2009, I was awarded Pet Sitter of the Year, the industry’s highest honor awarded by Pet Sitters International where I had the privilege of meeting Arden Moore who was speaking at the conference in San Diego. Since that time the business has been awarded a series of accolades and I honed my passion for caring for pets into one of saving them.

    Having been trained in Pet First Aid & CPR since 2003 I became a certified instructor in 2011. In 2016 when I discovered ProPetHero and how they were bringing ER veterinarian instructed training to anyone; I knew I had to be a part of that awesome. So I joined the ProTrainings family, creators of ProPetHero.

    When I'm not working I volunteer for The Boxer Rescue Inc, participate in several AKC club events, and attend many dog sport trials such as agility, conformation and lure coursing with my Boxers. I am owned by a rescue kitty named Kit Cat who has a carb addiction and I am a health conscious breeder of Boxers; fell in love with a breed I intend to fix. When I'm not at a trial, training my pups, or cleaning up bread my cat got into, I'm on the trails or at the beach with my dogs. Occasionally I can be sighted trying to resurrect my neglected garden.