Military Dogs Take the Hill!

Robin Ganzert on Pet Life Radio

On this week’s special show, Robin Ganzert reports live from American Humane Association’s Capitol Hill briefing about the importance of reunification and retirement of military working dogs. She’s joined by a number of special guests including Marine Sgt. Deano Miller and his recently reunited dog Thor; Army Staff Sgt. James Harrington and his recently reunited dog Ryky; Kristen Maurer, whose organization Mission K9 Rescue is helping to bring back these dogs; Ruby Ridpath, the mother of 2013 Military Hero Dog of the Year CWD Carlos; and American Humane Association Board Chair John Payne. You won’t want to miss any of these heartwarming tales of bravery and heroism!

Leave No Dog Behind on Pet Life Radio


On Wednesday American Humane Association took to Capitol Hill with members of Congress and three of the military hero dog teams we reunited to talk about the need to bring home all of our warrior dogs upon retirement and reunite them with their human handlers. Our event was a resounding success, gaining worldwide exposure for this important mission through international news coverage, including NPRABC NewsFox News, the BBC, theSean Hannity Show, and many more!

But the fact remains: there are still hero dogs out there waiting to come home. We need to bring ALL of our military hero dogs back upon retirement -- and we need your help.

Please make a donation today so we can continue our mission to reunite the four-legged veterans with the human soldiers with whom they have forged such an unbreakable bond, and so that these hero dogs can enjoy the retirement that they have so greatly earned.

With an unparalleled ability to sniff out and detect weapons and Improvised Explosive Devices, it is estimated that each military hero dog saves the lives of between 150-200 soldiers. And when not keeping warriors out of harm's way, these dogs provide our troops with companionship and an invaluable sense of normalcy and home under almost unimaginable circumstances.

Yet when our human soldiers end their tours of duty and return home, their faithful military dogs do not always follow.

Your generous gift made today can change that, enabling us to reunite these military teams, and provide our canine warriors with medical care they so desperately need after years selflessly serving our country. Your support will also allow American Humane Association to continue all of our programs to protect our nation's children and animals.

Thank you FROM the retired military dogs you have helped us bring home these past few months - and from Staff Sgt. Bos, Staff Sgt. Harrington, and Sgt. Miller. Now it is time to bring home the rest so they can enjoy a retirement in dignity.