Live with Martin Short from the Red Carpet at 21st Lady in Red Gala!

Robin Ganzert on Pet Life Radio

Join Robin live from the Red Carpet at the 21st Lady in Red Gala featuring interviews with comedian Martin Short and legendary Marty Allen!  MWD Matty, the 2014 American Hero Dog Susie and humane heroes are interviewed as we celebrate American Humane Association's  partnership with Humanitarian Lois Pope and the LIFE  Foundation.  The Lady in Red Gala is held at the gorgeous Mar-A-Lago Club in sunny Palm Beach, Florida, with proceeds benefiting our lifesaving programs.


Martin Short

Marty Allen

Marty was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the son of Louis and Elsie Allen. His father owned a restaurant-bar. Marty grew up in an atmosphere of love and security. He found he enjoyed making people laugh and soon started dreaming{HELLO DERE!!!}
about a career in show business. Marty often entertained his friends at parties. "I would break it up by doing record pantomimes and impressions," he recalled.

He graduated from Alderdice High School during World War 11, so he immediately joined the Air Force. He was stationed in Italy where he attained the rank of sergeant and earned a Soldier's Medal Of Valor. Marty was on guard duty while a plane was being refueled. Suddenly sparks set off a fire in the plane. Marty saw the potential for disaster and jumped into the cab of the fuel truck and drove it away, preventing an explosion. He then raced back to the plane, crawled into the bomb bay and rolled on the flames to extinguish the fire. In addition to the medal, his heroism earned him a full-dress parade.

After the war, Marty attended the University of Southern California where he studied journalism,. "I like to write, and I wanted to be a reporter so I could trenchcoat," he explained. He was still doing a comedy act in the small clubs, but to supplement his GI bill allotment, he hit on a novel idea. He became the first door-to-door dance salesman.

"I got the idea that women would love to learn to dance or just dance for the fun of it during their work day. So, for $10 a half-hour, I'd arrive at their door with a record player and records and we'd dance," he said. "I finally had to give it up. I was visiting 15 clients a day! It was costing me a fortune in new shoes and foot powder."

While working in the nightclubs, Marty polished his many comedy routines and developed a first-rate act. Eventually, the job offers he received became too lucrative for him to remain in college. He began to travel all over the country gaining experience and popularity. He did return to California briefly, to perform as the rear end of a dancing horse. "To this day, I still can't believe I actually had to audition for that job," Marty said.

During the 1950s, Marty worked in many of the top nightclubs in the country as opening act for established stars such as Sarah Vaughan, Eydie Gorme and many others, including the legendary Nat "King" Cole. It was during this time that he became part of the great comedy team of Allen & Rossi.