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Cynthia Waldenmaier on Pet Life Radio

Do you need help selecting the right fabric that fits your Pet’s style, as well as yours?  Are you tired of furniture that doesn’t stand up to paws & claws?  Learn about the latest trends in home décor from an insider with a strong canine accent. Decorating Tails host and Interior Design Hound Cynthia Waldenmaier wants to help you to make your home Pet friendly and drool-worthy. 

Tune in and join the fun when guests, including the Top Dogs in design, discuss the latest design trends, materials, and how-to advice on decorating for dog lovers. 

Cynthia’s Pet friendly decorating advice is not one-size-fits-all.  A pint-sized lapdog is a totally different design animal than a big Dog that can clear off a coffee table with one wag of its tail!  Blue ribbon guests and industry experts will bring you the best-of-show in Pet friendly flooring and fabrics along with the latest design must haves for your four-legged friends. Decorating Tails is fur-real!  Dog hair all over the furniture is never in style, so tune in to get the latest trends and tips to minimize the mess and make smart, pet friendly design decisions before starting your next decorating project. 

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Episode 8 - Decorating with Vintage Dogs & Canine Antiques

Decorating Tails’ host and Interior Design Hound Cynthia Waldenmaier knows everyone loves the thrill of the hunt, especially when it comes to collecting antique Dog items.  From vintage collars to artwork, there’s no better way for a Dog-lover to personalize their home. 

Tune-in to this episode as Designer & antique dealer Sally Johannessen shares her ideas for discovering & displaying vintage Dog treasures.  Sally’s Gallery of Dogs was a hit at this year’s Designer Showhouse in Cashiers, North Carolina, where her charming room was filled with Dog antiques & collectibles.  As the owner of Dovetail Antiques, Sally has traveled the globe in search of antiques for her shop and clients’ projects.

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Episode 7 - Dog Inspired: Susan Jamieson’s Designs Have Colorful Canine Style

Decorating Tails’ host and Interior Design Hound Cynthia Waldenmaier catches up with the talented and Canine inspired designer Susan Jamieson, ASID for a colorful interview that you won’t want to miss.  Susan gives Decorating Tails the latest scoop on her travels for her design projects and shares tips on creating a colorful Pet-friendly home.

Just how much of a Dog lover is the globe-trotting Interior Designer and founder of Bridget Beari Designs?  So join us and learn Susan’s insider tips on how to sniff out the best paint colors for your next Pet-friendly decorating project.

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Episode 6 - Blueprints for a Designer Dog, The Animal Blueprint Company

Tune in to this episode of Decorating Tails as host and Interior Design Hound Cynthia Waldenmaier joins guest Robert Redding to discuss Designing Dogs.  The California Architect and Graphic Designer is the Founder of the Animal Blueprint Company, where his original drawings of Dogs are turned into retro architectural blueprints

The Animal Blueprints have been a hit with Dog lovers and Interior Design Hounds who have been using Robert’s artwork to add a special Canine accent to their homes & projects across the Country. Join us as Robert discusses the inspiration for the Animal Blueprint Company, his design process and his most interesting clients.

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Episode 5 - Fabric Design Has Gone to the DOGS!

Decorating Tails’ host and Interior Design Hound Cynthia Waldenmaier knows there’s no better way to personalize your home to reflect your interest, than by adding a touch of Dog inspired fabric to your decorating project. Tune in to this episode, as Fabric Designer Jane Walker takes us through the process of creating Canine inspired fabrics.   Jane’s rescued Greyhound is featured on fabric designs throughout her collection ranging from contemporary to traditional.  The mind boggling array of colors available in Jane Walker’s fabrics is an Interior Design Hound’s dream!

If a Greyhound doesn’t work in your decorating scheme, don’t worry… Jane’s shares her tips on how you can create a fabric featuring your own Pet’s likeness using a company that will print just a few yards.

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Episode 4 - London’s Calling…and They Have a Canine Accent!

Did you know we’re experiencing a British invasion?  It’s true…their paw prints can be seen all over the world of home décor, fashion and art. Tune in to this episode of Decorating Tails as host and Interior Design Hound Cynthia Waldenmaier explores one of the hippest, Dog friendly areas in New York where the Brits recently landed.

As our guide & special guest, Laurie Carroll paints a picture of the New York neighborhood she explores daily with her rescued Dog.  Laurie’s Dog accompanies her to work where she is the Director of the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery; the first of its kind outside of London.  Join us as Laurie Carroll discusses the kennel of Artistic Hounds represented by Rebecca Hossack, shares her tips for displaying art and tells us the details of the recent New York opening of the celebrated British collage artist Peter Clark’s Hot Dogs! 

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Episode 3 - Living in Style with the BIG Dogs & Artistic Hounds

We’re going to dispel the myth that you can’t live is style and share your life with a pack of BIG Dogs… Tune in to this episode of Decorating Tails as host and Interior Design Hound Cynthia Waldenmaier discusses living with Bulls in a china shop with her guest Susie Wilber.

Susie is an Interior Designer, Artistic Hound, Dog lover and the founder of The Laughing Dog Gallery in Vero Beach, Florida.  Her gallery was awarded the prestigious Top Retailer of American Craft by NICHE magazine, and as a licensed Interior Designer in Florida Susie has completed numerous commercial and residential projects, several having received national publication.

Don’t consider yourself an Artistic Hound?  Susie will help you unleash your inner design animal and creativity as she shares her tips for living a pack of Dogs in style!

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Episode 2 - Designing with Dog Tiles & Creating a Dog Shower

Special accents can turn an ordinary house into a home with panache and Canine Style!  Tune in to this episode of Decorating Tails as host and Interior Design Hound Cynthia Waldenmaier explores the world of tile with Ceramic Tile Artist and Dog lover, Margaret Licha.

Margaret’s tiles have appeared in Better Homes & Gardens, Remodeling Magazine, Women’s Day, Old House Journal and Bark Magazine.  Crafted in her studio, Margaret Licha Designs Her handmade Dog Tiles have added warmth and whimsy to the Interiors Design of pet friendly homes, commercial projects and Veterinarians’ offices across the country.  Don’t have the room to create a Dog shower?  Don’t worry, Margaret has tips for bringing a touch of style with tile to any size home or budget.

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Episode 1 - Carpeting: Is it Cool for Canines?

Decorating Tails’ host and Interior Design Hound Cynthia Waldenmaier knows that shopping for carpeting can be confusing & overwhelming.  Toss a Dog or two into the decorating mix, and you’ve got a real challenge!  Tune in to the first episode of Decorating Tails as Cynthia chats about Pet Friendly carpeting options with Jim Goddard, known in the Industry as the Carpet Guru.  The founder of Oregon’s Carpet Classics, Jim shares insider tips on how to sniff out the best Pet Friendly Carpeting.

Think your active family and four-legged friends are too ruff for carpeting? You’ll change your mind when you hear about the new performance fibers used to create carpeting that held up to the nasty habits of these wild animals: 10 Elephants, 3 Camels, and 1 Rhinoceros.

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