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Kids and Teens love their pets... dogs, cats, birds, iguanas, you name it... we love 'em all! This is the show where we talk about our awesome pets, how we love them and take care of them. We talk about our favorite animal movies, animal issues we're concerned with and more!

Episode 15 - A Halloween Adventure - Disney's Frankenweenie

Join host Kristen Powers as she talks to two awesome cast members, Charlie Tahan (Victor Frankenstein) and Atticus Shaffer ("E" Gore"), from Disney's new Tim Burton movie, Frankenweenie. You'll get a chance to hear about their own animal stories, as well as what it was like to work on this animated film. Once you're done listening, you'll be itchin' (not from fleas, mind you) to go see this Halloween movie with your best canine friend. Frankenweenie will be coming to a theater near you October 5.

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Episode 14 - Max A. Pooch, The Recycled Dog Who Recycles!

Who's ever heard of a dog recycling? In this amazing interview, we hear about the life of a recycled dog through his sidekick, Keith Sanderson. Max A. Pooch's lifetime activity is to clean up surrounding parks and public areas from the nasty effects of litter while also recycling some of the materials he finds. He is also a huge advocate for animal shelters, which helped to save his very own life. For more information as well as to vote for the possibility of Max's face going up in Times Square, go to www.maxapooch.com.

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Episode 13 - paws4people

A heart-warming tail (whoops, I mean tale) for the holidays! Listen up to the wonderful story of Kyria Henry and her service dogs from paws4people making a difference in the lives of soldiers, inmates, children, and so many more people. Make sure to vote for her in the IKEA Life Improvement Project before January 17th! I'm 100% paws-itive that you will after hearing how awesome paws4people is!

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Episode 12 - Saving The Seals

Feeling depressed with the state of our country? Then this show is right for you. Listen to the inspiring HSUS Humane Teen of the Year, Alexis Ulrich, tell us how she is making a monumental difference in the lives of animals everywhere. Just one more person proving how awesome the millennial generation really is. Enjoy!

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Episode 11 - Kibble For A Cause

Ever wanted to make a difference with a click of the button? Thanks to Mimi Ausland, founder of freekibble.com and freekibblekat.com, you can! Check out this amazing interview with this wonderful girl who has help feed shelter animals all across the country! You're sure in for a treat...well, at least a dog kibble or two.

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Episode 10 - Caroline Sunshine – Marmaduke’s Shining New Star!

Loved the cartoon Marmaduke? Love super happy people? Then this interview with the super fun amazing Caroline Sunshine, is the right choice for you. Listen to Caroline talk about her upcoming role in Marmaduke (coming to a theater near you June 4), her passion for animals, and how to make school cool! The movie promises to be just as fun as today's guest! "Enjoy!”

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Episode 9 - Fostering a Love for Animals

The future of animal welfare is Rachel and Sophia Teicher. With the help of the organization PetConnect Rescue and the founder Lizette Chanock, the girls have saved the lives of amazing dogs through fostering. Learn why fostering has such a huge impact on pet's lives and how you can be a part of it.

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Episode 8 - Good Dog!

Click! Ever wish you could train humans? Well, this is close to it. The authors of "Good Dog! Kids Teach Kids About Dog Behavior and Training", Evelyn Pang and Hilary Louie help us explore the world of training dogs with clicker training and how we can apply it to every day life. Click!

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Episode 7 - Puppies Aren’t Products With Rachelle Lefevre

Check out this amazing interview with the brilliant Rachelle Lefevre from the Twilight movies! Listen to her amazing work with Best Friends Animal Society, Schools on Wheels, the Susan G. Komen For a Cure campaign and life in general! Be prepared to be blown away by this wonderfully kind and sweet actress! Enjoy!

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Episode 6 - Everybody Loves Tyler James Williams

Join Petz Rock for an amazing half hour with Tyler James Williams, the star of the show Everybody Hates Chris! Recently a celebrity judge of the 2009 American Humane's Pets and Pals Photo Contest, Tyler talks about his love of animals and acting. Check it out!

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Episode 5 - Skyler Samuels: The Furry Side of Life

Check out this awesome show with Skyler Samuels, an amazing actress who can be seen in the movie The Stepfather and Furry Vengeance (coming out in 2010). Recently the celebrity judge of the 2009 American Humane Society's Pets and Pals Photo Contest, Skyler has had some awesome experiences with animals to talk about. Check out our awesome chat about animals, acting and life in general!

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Episode 4 - The Weird and Wonderful Stories of Pets: Friend Edition

Tune in for a weird, funny, often confusing episode of three girls trying to recount their stories with pets while attempting to speak into a microphone. Kristen Powers, Maddy Kameny, and Taylor Wopschall talk about their many stories with weird and wonderful pets. Many of the stories are better seen than heard, but we hope you'll love our episode anyway.

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Episode 3 - Courtney’s Critters

This show features an amazing interview with an incredible young lady by the name of Courtney Oliver. Founder of courtneyscritters.com and certified as a vet assistant at age 11, this girl will blow your mind. So be prepared to learn about what it's like to be so involved in the world of pets at the age of 11! Enjoy!

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Episode 2 - Petfinder.com: Shaping The Way We Adopt

In this show, host Kristen Powers interviews Betsy Saul, co-founder of Petfinder.com. The discussion focuses on how Petfinder has revolutionized the way we think about adopting animals and why adoption is so important. Betsy's love of animals and her thoughts on ways young people can change the world also are a huge part of this interview! Check it out!

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Episode 1 - The Real Deal On Pets And The Planet

Kristen Powers' first ever radio show will go through a humorous overview of how pets and climate change. The show will give the real deal about pets and the climate crisis with handy tips that everyone can use to reduce their furry friend's carbon footprint. This show will also explore how cats are like teenagers, a fun trivia fact and even the news flash on the President's new dog.

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