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Learn about Ponds, Waterfalls, Fountains, Lakes, Lagoons, Bogs, Streams, Water Gardens, Swimming Ponds, Fish, Plants, Filter Systems, Maintenance, Repair, Design, Construction, and so much more. Save money and time - Big Time - while improving the quality of your results by learning the secrets of the pros. Prince of Ponds offers guidance, tips, and expert advice from the host and guests. Send us your questions and get them answered on the show! Hosted by the Prince of Ponds himself, Ken Jones. “Splash me!”

Episode 9 - The Pond Hunter

Guest Michael Gannon, proprietor of Full Service Aquatics and creator of The Pond Hunter series of videos on YouTube, joins Prince of Ponds host Ken Jones to explore East Coast Watergardens.

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Episode 8 - Tiki Music for your Watergarden

Guest Tiki Brian, host of the Exotic Tiki Island Podcast joins Prince of Ponds host Ken Jones to explore watergarden music - Tiki music!  Ken and Tiki Brian discuss what Tiki music is, where it came from, and the different kinds of Tiki Music including Exotica, Island, Surf, Jungle and Indigenous.  So break out a Mai Tai and tune in!.

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Episode 7 - Floating Islands

Ken Jones welcomes Laddie Flock, CEO of Floating Islands West to talk about this exciting new technology for ponds!  Floating Islands can be an effective tool in maintaining the health of water gardens, ponds and lakes. The island itself is constructed of a combination of materials that encourage the stabilization and efficient growth of plants and vegetation. 

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Episode 6 - Algae

In this episode, Ken Jones discusses the topic of Algae.  What is Algae, how you can get clear water, and the 3 forms of algae that live in your pond.  Also discussed is how to keep the natural balance in your pond by taking control through technology with 6 techniques to achieve the water clarity you want.

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Episode 5 - Waterfalls

Who doesn’t love waterfalls?  About the only people on the planet that don’t love waterfalls might be the few who’ve tried to build one from scratch.  Because as beautiful and fun as waterfalls can be they can be difficult to build.  In today’s show Ken Jones will discuss the reasons to have a waterfall, designing, preventing leaks, waterfall types, rock placement, decorative mortar, water flow and waterfall tuning.

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Episode 4 - Specialty Ponds

In this episode Ken discusses various specialty ponds including hobby ponds, game fish ponds, fire ponds, swimming ponds and fairy ponds.  You heard right… if you build a fairy pond just the right way, you might be visited by nymphs and fairies.  These ponds are all unique and bring something interesting and fun to your garden. 

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Episode 3 - Beginning with Water Gardens

In this week’s episode, Ken talks about what it is like to live with a pond, how to do routine maintenance, fish and plant care, and decisions about water quality, clarity and chemistry.  Should you be a pond owner?  Tune in and find out!.

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Episode 2 - Design Part 2

In this episode Ken Jones (the Prince of Ponds) discusses practical elements of the water garden.  Topics include: The 6 objectives for good design, what is the best location, what is the best size and shape, 12 features for a complete water garden, and what makes the best pond shell.  Also covered is the history of Liner Pond Kits, and why concrete is better.

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Episode 1 - Design Part 1

In our first episode we talk about the aesthetic elements of the water garden:

• Why do we love water so much?
• Design - aesthetic elements.
• Types - natural verses sterile displays.
• Themes - Formal, natural, and fanciful.

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