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Super Smiley on Pet Life RadioMegan Blake  on Pet Life Radio

Megan Blake


Ryan OíNealís True Life Love Story Stars Mozart,
a Best Friends Shelter Dog

Ryan O'Neal  on Pet Life Radio.....

Ryan O'Neal & Mozart....

Ryan O’Neal, iconic actor and Academy Award Nominee, embodies the classic essence of a true movie star, and his new rescue, Mozart, is turning heads on TV. Ryan met his new love on his Oprah Winfrey Network reality series, The O’Neals.  I had the Super Pawsome pleasure of joining him on the OWN show with Best Friends’ dogs.  Love at first sight!  Ryan could have any type dog from any place in the world, and he chose to adopt a cute mix!  Thank you Ryan!

He and Mozart pop in to talk about working on their show together, Farrah, Tatum, Dancing with the Stars, Ryan’s recent boxing championship, the joys of dog adoption and their personal Super Smiley Adventures.

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