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Victoria Shaffer, aspiring TV host, VO artist, and animal enthusiast, lives in New York City. Juggling auditions, production work, and caring for her two beloved rescue dogs, Rue and Echo, isn't always easy. Tails of the City will follow Victoria as she interviews New Yorkers, asking them advice on how they do it all in the world's most hectic city.

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Episode 15 - Strutting Paws for a Cause

Join host, Victoria Shaffer, as she attends the 6th annual Haute Dog LA fashion show to benefit Canine Companions for Independence. Victoria speaks with the hosts of the event, David Arquette and his wife Christina, along with many people involved in the organization to prove just how amazing CCI really is. Visit www.cci.org to donate!   

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Episode 14 - Glenn Close: Cruella to be Kind

Join host, Victoria Shaffer in this jam-packed awesome episode! In the first half Victoria talks to Gloria Gilbert Stoga, president and founder of Puppies Behind Bars, a nonprofit organization that uses prison inmates to train puppies to become guide dogs for the visually impaired or explosive-detection dogs for law enforcement.

Then in the second segment Victoria goes backstage at the Palace Theatre with Glenn Close and her pooch, Sir Pippin', as Glenn prepares to go on in her starring role in the hit Broadway musical Sunset Boulevard. Ms. Close tells behind the scenes stories from her career and squashes 101 Dalmatian myths.  

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Episode 13 - World Dog Expo

Join host, Victoria Shaffer, as she explores The World Dog Expo. Listen to interviews with the ‘Pit Boss,’ Shorty Rossi, and the founder of ‘Pinups for Pitbulls’ Dierdre Franklin, and so much more!  Tune in!   

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Episode 12 - Picture Perfect Pets

Join host, Victoria Shaffer, as she speaks with animal photographer and writer, Diana Haskell. Find out tricks and tips to getting the perfect photo of your beloved pet and... do owners and their pets really look alike? Visit www.dianahaskellphotography.com to see Haskell's work and to book your "Love Stories" photo session!   

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Episode 11 - Pupi Dupi and Teeny Weeny's Extravagant Birthday Bash

Join Victoria as she attends Pupi Dupi and Teeny Weeny's birthday party. You will soon come to find that Loreen Arbus, producer, author, filmmaker, and activist, can throw one heck of a party for her beloved pooches. 

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Episode 10 - Joe Girardi's Yankee Doodle

Host, Victoria Shaffer, talks to the manager of The New York Yankees, Joe Girardi, while he drives from New York to Tampa, FL for Spring training. Find out why he has owned dogs his entire life and what he expects from this year's baseball season.   

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Episode 9 - Vanessa Williams-- Big Dogs, Bigger Heart

Tune in as host, Victoria Shaffer, speaks to special guest Vanessa Williams. Find out what it's like juggling a booming career with a big family and two Great Danes. Williams tells stories about working with dogs on set, owning a plethora of breeds, and the importance of raising kids around dogs.  

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Episode 8 - Oh, Henry and Other Shaggy Dog Stories

Tom Leopold, Manhattan based comedy writer, performer, and novelist tells 'laugh out loud' stories about family life with his three dogs in the city.

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Episode 7 - Christmas in the Park

Join Victoria Shaffer as braves the cold with her dogs, Rue and Echo, in Central Park. Find out what people are doing with their dogs for their holidays and what will be waiting under the tree for their pooches on Christmas morning!  

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Episode 6 -Beth Ostrosky Stern & Her Passion for Animals

Tune in as host Victoria Shaffer speaks with Beth Ostrosky Stern. Find out to what lengths Beth and her husband, Howard Stern, will go to save an animal in need. Get advice on how to train and care for your pet as well as what you can do to help more animals both domestic and wild. 

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Episode 5 - The New York Dog

Tune in as special guest Rachel Hale McKenna, a New Zealand based photographer, reveals the shocks of living in NYC while shooting her book The New York Dog. Find out what it takes to capture stunning and quirky pictures of New York dogs and how you can get a copy to benefit The Humane Society of New York.

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Episode 4 - There's No Business Like Animal Show Business

Join host, Victoria Shaffer, as she finds out what it takes to get your pet into show business. Babette Corelli, from the Dawn Animal Agency, clues us in on the various odd-jobs their 600+ zoo animals and pets can do for the entertainment of others

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Episode 3 -Uncovering Garfield

Find out the story behind Garfield from the creator himself, Jim Davis. From black and white to color, newspaper to television... see what it takes to create a timeless phenomenon! 

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Episode 2 - Wegman & His Weimaraners

Listen in on Victoria Shaffer's interview with Mr. William Wegman-- New York City based photographer best known for his photographs of his Weimaraner dogs and puppies! Find out how Wegman is able to capture these impressive shots that have made doggy-superstars!

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Episode 1 - Animated Animals

Get to know the Tails of the City host, Victoria Shaffer. Listen to her interview with Modern Family's Ty Burrell on his new role in the animated movie Mr. Peabody and Sherman and his life growing up with dogs.  "Laugh out loud" as Gilbert Gottfried explains how he prepares to play the roles of an array of furry creatures.

Also:  listen to this episode to find out how you can get your paws on a set of Mr. Peabody and Sherman bow tie and glasses or a Mr. Peabody and Sherman IQ Kit for your dog!

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