The Dog Mistress of Dog Style

Sam Ratcliffe-D'Arrigo on Pet Life Radio

Geralynn Cada is the owner of GC Unleashed and is so much more than a dog trainer she’s a leadership trainer for pet owners. My interview with Geralynn covers the assessment of my new rescue dog Mr Twix and a five step series to better your communication and bond with your pets. The assessment took place at the brand new and very swanky Luxe Pet Hotel in Las Vegas.


Combining some of her Nebraska farm girl charm and dog training roots with an education at one of the Midwest’s most prestigious art and design colleges, The Kansas City Art Institute, Geralynn was awarded a BFA in Design and currently molds metal and emotion together to create unique “pet-centric” wearable pieces of jewelry that with just a glance transport us to the place of peace and tranquility that we experience when we spend time with our pets.

Geralynn is not only a passionate member of the design industry, she will forever remain an active member in the pet training and education industry as an AKC CGC Evaluator, Professional Dog Trainer, Pet Expert and Professional Pet Educator, a member of the APDT, and a Pet Advocate. NBC, ABC, and FOX news stations have featured Geralynn and her talents as recently as on National Pet Appreciation Day. And she has also written for various publications; recently being featured in the LA Times as well as The Las Vegas Review Journal. She specializes in assisting pet owners with everything from obedience behavior modification to separation anxiety; training many dogs and people in these areas including entertainers and professional athletes who travel frequently.

Geralynn also created and implemented a dog training exercise program for the senior residents in Sun City Anthem retirement community where she teaches Pet -Etiquette and Wellness for pets of all ages including Senior Pets. She is known as The Doggie Guru to her clients, and her passion for animals of all kinds really shows. Geralynn also trains and certifies therapy and assistance dogs, and places them into proper homes.

Chip Shot high-tails it to where Geralynn reviews and reports on his favorite toys and treats. And soon more of Geralynn’s dog training tips and tricks from her Trainers Toolbox will definitely have you rolling over and beg for more.