Deborah Wolfe

Deborah Wolfe on Pet Life Radio

Deborah Wolfe, Best Selling Author, Columnist, T.V. Pet Expert & Winner of the DWAA's 'Best Pet Radio in America' hosts a new call-in animal radio which is newsworthy, playful and deeply informative.  Wolfe's new DVD, 'Dog Training that Works!" is 'a must for every dog owner.'
(Dr. Stanley Coren)

Deborah understands why animals do what they do and can help pet lovers (and haters) enjoy good pet manners. Deborah trains cats, breeds, trains, & boards dogs at Camp Good Dog and lives with 5 dogs, 6 cats, 3 goats, many chickens, and 1 llama plus a furless human family which includes a fun loving husband and two happy kids. 

Wolfe's past includes hands-on work with wolves, hyenas and lions. 

‘All Dogs Wanna Be Good Dogs!”
‘Any Dog, Anytime, Anywhere?
‘Every Dog, Every Time, Every Where’

‘Cats Can Learn!’