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In today's economy there are thousands of dog trainers, groomers, kennels and daycares, pet sitters, dog walkers, and veterinarians that are seeing shrinking profits and even going out of business. Not only that but there are thousands more who are getting by just fine but would love to learn the skills to take their business to the next level.

Six Figure Dog Business teachs the skills for marketing a business including: getting free publicity, website marketing, database marketing, increasing transactional value, referral programs, costly mistakes in marketing, etc.

We’ll feature interviews with successful dog business owners, tutorials & call ins…. a great way for dog business owners all over the world to connect and learn what is working and what isn't, how to grow a business in tough times and how to stand out.

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Episode 74 -

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Episode 73 - How to Write a Money Page That Acts as a Virtual Salesperson

Every website NEEDS a money page that attracts prospects in, educates them, gets them excited to work with you, and gets them calling or emailing you right away.  A good money page can be the difference in THOUSANDS of dollars in revenue.  Listen to this episode where I share exactly how to write a money page that can bring in predictable and reliable sales.

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Episode 72 - What I Would Do if I Started Over

Having sold millions of dollars of dog training over the past decade I've realized that MOST of what we do to grow our businesses is pointless and counterproductive.  I've stripped away all the stupid stuff I've done and in this podcast I'll share the ONLY things that it takes to quickly grow a strong business.

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Episode 71 - How to Sell Big Ticket Group Dog Training Classes

Right now we're getting $900 per person for our group classes.  We'll soon be getting $1000.  Want to find out how?  Listen to this show and I'll share the five things that you must have if you're going to sell big-ticket group classes.

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Episode 70 - Only Two Things!

Guys!  Stop it with the business cards.  And the brochures.  And the t-shirt design and making sure your logo looks perfect.  Stop it!  There's only TWO THINGS you need to do in order to start quick or grow your dog related business.  Listen in!

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Episode 69 -The Million Dollar Question

There is one question, that when you answer it and implement the response, can make or break a business.  One question that will set you apart from every one of your competitors and bring you more business at higher prices.  Want to know what that one question is?  Listen to this episode.

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Episode 68 - Printing Money With the Newsletter Guru

Jim Palmer is a long time veteran of countless businesses and epic business growth.  Years ago he learned how to grow businesses with print newsletters.  In spite of all the digital media of today he finds that this method still works amazingly well to grow a business, get more referrals, and get customers coming back time and time again.

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Episode 67 - How to Scale Your Dog Business

Not everyone wants to grow their dog-related business beyond just themselves and that's totally okay.  But whether you want to grow beyond yourself, or you want to grow big with multiple employees, learning to scale a business applies to what you're doing.  Scaling allows the single-entrepreneur to have more time and make more money.  And for those that want to get bigger, scaling allows for that growth to happen.  In this episode I share the three things that have allowed us to scale to where we are today. 

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Episode 66 - Launch and Get Momentum Quickly

Whether you've just launched your pet related business or have been going for years there are principles that govern gaining strong momentum in a short period of time.  Heather Havenwood is a marketing and sales specialist who once took a company with no name, no product, no database and did 7 figures of sales in less than a year.  In this episode she tells exactly how she did it.

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Episode 65 - How I Made Over $15k With Black Friday

I've never discounted my programs or services in 10 years of being in business. In fact, I've always been very against that.  But I came up with a way to discount on Black Friday without cheapening my brand and without giving up much margin.  And it earned us over $15,000 in one weekend.  Listen in to learn how I did it.

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Episode 64 - Use this Low-Tech, Easy to Employ, Cheap Method to Grow Your Business

If I told you that I discovered an easy to use, low tech, cheap method that grew my business by 57% and hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue in less than a year would you be interested?  You're in luck. Listen here and I'll tell you the whole story. 

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Episode 63 - How to Use Landing Pages to Increase Your Leads

Many more dog business pros are onto landing pages.  They know that a solid landing page can create WAY more leads and lead to much more revenue.  But they don't know how to use them.  In this episode you'll learn what a landing page is, why you should really want them, what to include on them, and software that makes them way easier to make.

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Episode 62 - Program Creation: The Core of Every Great Company

The programs you offer your clients encapsulate the promises you make.  If you make weak promises and don't provide much value, don't expect a strong business.  But if you can make strong promises and deliver, then that's what a great company is all about.  Having the right programs designed around the right factors are what allow you to make those promises.  But there's a very specific way to do it.  Listen to this show to get my formula on how we do it in my business.

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Episode 61 - How to Nurture Your Leads

Okay, dog pro!  You've got a lead!  Now what?  Every single customer you ever have will have to go through a process in order to buy from you.  The better you can facilitate that process through lead nurturing the more clients you'll get AND the less wasted effort you'll have.

What if I told you that from the SAME leads you are currently getting you could make far more sales?  That's exactly what lead nurturing accomplishes.  Listen close and take notes.  I was speed talking in this one and STILL went several minutes overtime.

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Episode 60 - What Can You Offer to Get More Leads?

I'm finding more and more dog business owners are becoming more savvy about how to get leads for their business.  They know that they need to offer something on their site in order to create the lead but the question is often, 'What should I offer?'  In this episode I detail how I've been able to create 40,000 leads and millions of dollars in sales over the past decade using lead generation.  And I talk about what works and what hasn't worked.  I hold nothing back.  This is a must listen.

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Episode 59 - Question Based Selling With Tom Freese

Let's face it.  We're all salespeople.  Like it or not we're in the business to sell our products and services.  Many of us jump into this challenge full steam ahead by reading books, taking sales training courses, and studying sales training.  The problem is that many sales methodologies are outdated and don't take into account the shifting way that people are now buying their products and services.

In this episode, Tom Freese, founder of Question Based Selling and author of SIX best-sellers breaks down how we can actually serve our clients and customers through a different approach to selling our solutions.

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Episode 58 - Use Facebook Advertising to Grow Your Business

Prakhar Gupta is an online marketer who has been helping businesses sell their services online his whole adult life.  His current business is helping people sell more of their products and services using Facebook advertising.  In this episode he outlines several key components for making the most of your ad spend, the proper way to put together a landing page, why you SHOULD be doing retargeting (or you're losing out on a lot of money), and so much more.

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Episode 57 - SEO Mastery- Bring More Traffic to Your Site

In the last couple episodes I've been talking about how to make your website a better salesperson and how to get better conversions.  None of that is very meaningful if you can't get traffic.  In this episode Tom Savoca goes over his Five Step Plan that any dog business owner can do with their website to improve rankings and get more traffic.  Take notes on this one.

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Episode 56 - Copywriting Specifically For Dog Businesses

I've found that one of the biggest leverage points you can have in order to sell your services, win out over the competition, and differentiate yourself is that of copywriting.  Copy that converts well can do a great deal of the selling on your behalf, leaving you free to work more on your business.

In this episode, I go over key components that I use when creating copy that have sold millions of dollars of dog related services and products.  Also, make sure to check out my latest webinar on how you can add $20k to your business.

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Episode 55 - Low Hanging Fruit

For most dog business owners one of our biggest assets is our website.  It's our full time salesperson.  The problem is that, for most of us, our salesperson isn't terribly good.  Perfectly good clients are being lost because our salesperson (website) isn't doing a good job at converting them into customers or interested leads.  In this episode I talk about simple things that any business owner can do to increase conversion rates on their website.  Make sure to take notes.

And go check out my latest webinar where you can learn how to add $20,000 to your business this year.  

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Episode 54 - Boost Your Profits With Specialty Courses

Robin Bennett is a fixture in the dog business industry.  For decades she's been running successful businesses and teaching other business owners how to do the same.  In this episode she shares several strategies that she's used to create income from her current client list above and beyond the normal programs she offers.  The net benefit to the business owner is saved time in finding clients, new revenue sources, and higher value per client.

If you have slow times of year, are trying to find extra work for that new hire, are ramping up a business, or are simply looking for extra revenue in spaces you didn't think to look then this show is a must listen.

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Episode 53 - How to Tell a Story with Copywriting

Carlos Redlich is an international copywriter traveling the world and growing his clients' businesses using the power of copywriting.

But his copywriting adventures deal with so much more than simply putting pen to paper.  In this episode you're going to learn how he's able to use storytelling and video to not only dictate how text should be arranged on a website but also to pre-frame your customers' expectations of what it's like to work with you.  This type of information can be a game changer for any business owner out there.

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Episode 52 - Build Your Tribe

When most people get into the dog business they aren't thinking of building a tribe.  But whether you're a groomer, trainer, walker, sitter, or other dog professional our businesses are built on relationships.  Relationships with dogs and relationships with their people.

The better we build community around that concept the more we grow.  But what is the most effective way to do that?  In this episode Ted Efthymiadis explains how you can create your own tribe around ideals that you define.      

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Episode 51 - Mindset Leads to the HOW

Any successful business owner must have the right mindset. When your mind is in the right place you're better off in sales, taking care of your customers, watching over your employees, and more. But too many people stop there. Their mind is in the right place, but they don't have the tools and techniques to grow.

In this interview with Bill Church you'll learn fascinating things about the human brain which, when understood, allow us to push through the artificial barriers we create. But you'll also see how Bill has taken that understanding and applied it to real world techniques that you can use to grow your business right now.

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Episode 50 - Facebook Dark Posts

Facebook Dark Posts.  Have you heard of them?  If not, you may be leaving lots of money on the table with what is becoming one of the most effective ways to harness the power of social media to grow your dog related business.  In this episode, Enrique Marquez takes us behind the scenes into what creates a successful Facebook Dark Post Campaign. This episode has TONS of actionable items you can start working on today.  Make sure to listen.

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Episode 49 - Automated Promotions

As dog business owners we know we need to get out there and create relationships and market our business.  While this is great it can be time consuming.

What if you had an automated marketing system that could bring in leads and automatically sift through those leads without you having to do anything? April Melton is a photographer in El Paso, Texas.  She has developed such a system and the best part is that it can be applied to just about any dog business.

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Episode 48 - Opportunity Analysis- Finding Hidden Income

I'm of the belief that every business is sitting on hidden income. In fact, when I consult with dog business owners the goal is to find at least $20,000 or more per year in hidden income. In this episode I sit down with professional dog trainer Corinna Melanie who is already running a great business and tight ship. We pull back the covers and examine areas where she may be potentially leaving cash on the table.

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Episode 47 - How to Get Your Phone to Ring

If you didn't listen to my last interview with dog trainer, Jim Closson, then you need to go back and listen ASAP.  After that interview I was so impressed with what Jim was doing that I begged to come visit his location and see how he grows his business.   So this episode is a first.  It's a first where I'm actually sitting down with my guest in the same room.

You'll find jam packed in this episode a number of ways that Jim uses to get his phone to ring.  And I can confirm that he's got three people here at his office who are just here to answer phones. Take lots of notes.

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Episode 46 - How to Reinvent Your Business

As we grow as people so do our businesses grow and change.  Many are resistant to allowing their businesses to evolve.  Others want to, but are fearful that they'll lose their income or their identity.  My business has changed countless times.  Most of these changes have been utter failures.  A few of them, however, have been big successes.

I've noticed a pattern on how to grow and evolve your business.  These things helped my business grow by 76% last year and have seen other similar growth tracks in other years.  Avoid these things and you're sure to fail.  Follow them and your chances of big growth in both income and fulfillment are huge.

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Episode 45 - How to do an Evaluation that Sells

Jim Closson has been quietly putting together one of the biggest dog training businesses in the country for the past several years in small town Boise, Idaho.

If he keeps putting up numbers like he's currently doing, I don't think his business will be so 'quiet' any longer.  In this episode he diagrams the exact process he and his trainers use to close 75% of the people who walk through his door into high paying dog training clients.

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Episode 44 - Programming Success

So many business owners are losing out on profit due to the fact that their programs aren't set up properly.  A properly set up program makes it easier to sell your services and makes it easier to get bigger money.  Imagine people looking at the value you give them versus the amount of time you give them when they are making a decision on whether or not to hire you.

In this episode you'll learn from Molly Rouse a Seven-Step Program for improving your packages and programs and starting to make a better living today.

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Episode 43 - Track Your Way to Success

Adam Katz is a pioneer in marketing dog training services through the internet. He was a pioneer in creating the 'internet lifestyle' and traveling the world from exotic locations while his dog training courses were sold to thousands of people around the world.

When it came time for him this year to start a local dog training company he took his experience online and built his business up in a matter of months to a level that takes years for some.  One of the keys to his success has been tracking. Tracking his results and testing new ideas has allowed him to create success in a brand new town where he had no previous contacts or business dealings.  Listen in to learn how you can better track the results of your marketing efforts.

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Episode 42 - How to Double or Even Triple Your Business Overnight

During this year over last year I have doubled my monthly revenue some months and even tripled it some months when compared to last year.  You want to know how I've done it?  In this episode I share three things that have made a huge impact to our bottom line. 

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Episode 41 - New Take on SEO

'Megan, you didn't reinvent the wheel.  You just gave it some really cool rims.' This is what I told Megan Wallace of DogNetwork.org after recording our interview.  Her idea seems so simple on the surface but the leads she is creating for her business and for her clients are anything but.  She's created a twist on traditional SEO and made it so that smaller businesses are able to compete with bigger companies.  Listen in to learn how to increase your lead generation.

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Episode 40 - Door- to- Door Revenue

When it comes to door-to-door sales Lenny Gray is the guy.  No one has had more success than him in selling a wide variety of services door-to-door.  What he shares in this interview will be a big eye opener to most pet business owners. If you've ever wanted to generate income on demand, test your marketplace, or get rid of 'slow times' or 'down seasons' then this is the interview you're going to want.  No one is doing this in pets- will you be the first in your area?

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Episode 39 - How to be Famous and Get Paid!

Today's show features PR Rockstar Melissa Cassera who shares some of the most concise information on how to get featured by local and national print, radio, and television.  In this episode you'll learn:
- Whether the media is interested in who you are or what you know
- Simple ways to create hot story ideas that the media is basically begging for
- How even the smallest business owner can get in touch with some of the largest media outlets to get their 'pitch' heard
- What website is being used (and is free) that media outlets are using to search for experts just like you
- The most important social media website that entrepreneurs are using to get the attention of the media
- How to use the media to put cash in your pocket
- So much more.

Take notes during this episode, this info can help put your business on the map.

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Episode 38 - 'Hook' A Whole New Set of Clients

Marc Goldberg has one of the most envious dog training businesses in the United States.  He commands higher prices and has a waiting list that most trainers would drool over.  A big reason for that success is his unique ability to develop 'hooks' about his offerings.  If you want to stand out from the crowd this is the episode for you.

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Episode 37 - America's Youngest Franchisers Share Their Secrets

What if there was a process that you could apply to every lead that comes into your business that gave you the absolute highest chance of closing the sale? Marketing expert Molly Rouse shares in this interview her 15-step process for taking an interested person and turning them into a sale. If you don't like selling or if you'd simply like to improve your sales process then this show is a must-listen. Make sure to have paper and pen handy, as these steps could literally be gold for your business.

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Episode 36 - Profit With Email

When it comes to email most business owners think spam, annoyance, and ineffective.  If you do it right, though, and practice 'nurturing' as Mike Linville teaches, you can see extra digits show up in your bank account.  Linville teaches small business owners how to use automated email systems to grow their business without taking a great deal of time.  You may just rethink your opinion on email.

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Episode 35 - Content Is King

Most folks put together their website, blog posts, social media posts, etc. with just a passing thought to making sure they've crafted those words in a way that is going to get results.  Today's episode has pet industry marketing consultants Pam Foster and C S Wurzberger teaching us how to use copywriting and content to rise in the search engines, differentiate your business from the competition, and get readers to turn into paying customers.

Furthermore, you're going to learn how you can gain more return for your marketing time investment as these two authors and entrepreneurs teach us how to manage our marketing efforts in 30 minutes a day or less. 

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Episode 34 - America's Youngest Franchisers Share Their Secrets

You read that correctly.  America's youngest franchisers are in the pet industry....and they are blowing up.  Steven and Jason Parker of K-9 Resorts have been franchising their award winning pet hotels for only two years and territories are being gobbled up.  People looking to get into the pet care industry realize these brothers have figured out a system for bringing in the revenue, taking care of customers, and running a successful company.

In this episode these brothers are going to share three of their biggest marketing strategies that have helped propel them to such big success at such a young age.  What's best is that most of what they share is not being done in the pet industry.  If you want to learn from some industry leaders and put some distance in between you and your competitors then this is the show for you.

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Episode 33 - Give It Away And Get Paid

Jeff Gellman and Sean O'Shea are currently running some business building seminars that are getting rave reviews. Their style is a mix of personal development and actionable items to make yourself a better person and a better business owner. If you've ever thought that you deserved to make more money this is the show for you.

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Episode 32 - Bundle Your Way To Bigger Profits

I recently moved with my family to Costa Rica.  While we're in Central America my business is being run by my employees back in the United States.  Profits are actually UP with me being gone.  I decided to examine the ONE THING that I feel has been able to allow me this type of freedom.  I'm going to share that thing with you in this episode.  You may want to run off to a beach like we have or you just may want to find some more free time and money, either way this episode is for you.

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Episode 31 - Three Steps To A Better Converting Website

Back by popular demand!  Our last show with web guru, Nik Krohn, got so much feedback that we decided to invite him back.  He previously talked about how to get more people to your site and in this episode Nik shares three simple and quick ways that you can dramatically increase the number of leads and the number of sales that come from your website.  If your business has a website this is a must-listen.

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Episode 30 - Flood Your Website With Traffic

Are you frustrated because your website isn't producing enough leads.  Web guru, Nik Krohn, is an expert at teaching business owners how to 'turn traffic on' a website as if you were turning on a faucet.  There is one strategy in this interview that has a huge success rate in quickly getting a blog post to rank on page 1 in Google for your key word search terms.  This is a must listen.

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Episode 29 - Get A Stream Of Clients For Free

Rick Clark of The Barking Zone Dog Daycare had a problem.  He wanted to start a dog daycare but he couldn't find the right building with the right zoning at the right price.  He came up with a unique and inventive idea to solve his problem.  His solution can help you too.

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Episode 28 - License To Print Money - Part 2

In this second part of the episode I expand more on where you should be advertising, how to track it to make sure your investment is safe, and the best way to craft your message.  Don't miss these two episodes.

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Episode 27 - License To Print Money - Part 1

If you do it correctly, a well-crafted ad is basically a license to print money for your business.  If you have advertising systems that work then you can continue to scale them up and basically print money on demand.  Very few business owners know how to advertise, where to advertise, how to create their ad and more.  In this two part show you'll learn all that and more and be better prepared to have the perfect ad that rakes in revenue.

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Episode 26 - Quick Growth With No Out Of Pocket Expense

What if I told you that I could help you get your marketing message in front of hundreds or even thousands of your potential clients and this is a process you could start tomorrow?  What if I told you that in many cases you could do this with zero out of pocket expense?  Would you be interested?  In this episode you are going to learn to unlock the power of strategic alliances and how you can see big growth through harnessing this strategy.

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Episode 25 - Databases! Drop Everything & Get One

If you aren't currently mining your database then you might as well open your wallet and start flushing twenties down the toilet.  In this episode I'll share with you the second step I take in helping any business grow.  This episode could help you grow your business exponentially in the next three months.

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Episode 24 - Grow Your Business In 2012

As a business consultant for pet related businesses my job is to help find assets and under-utilized resources to help businesses grow.  This is Part 1 in a new series as I take you through the process I use to help businesses grow.  You'll learn a step-by-step process for how to examine your business and see immediate growth, often without spending extra money on advertising.

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Episode 23 - Grow Your Business With Lead Generation

Lead generation is the back bone of growing your business, territory, product offerings, and more.  While of the utmost importance it is a skill and activity that is often overlooked.

In this interview you'll learn from expert lead generator, Jared Katz of PetSitting.com, how you should be approaching your lead generation.  You'll learn the best ways to find leads, you'll learn ideas for tracking their effectiveness, and you'll learn the one thing that, when understood, can quickly take your business to the next level.

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Episode 22 - Yellow Page Riches

Do Yellow Pages even work any more?  Expert Barry Maher says they do, and he's proved it time and time again.  Why are so many businesses willing to spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on Yellow Page ads (not to mention mailers, circulars, fliers, etc.) and they have no idea how well, or even if, they are bringing in enough business?  Listen in as Barry shares how to craft the right ad, get it read by your target audience, and track just how much you are earning from your print advertising.

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Episode 21 - Raise Your Prices!

Dale Furtwengler is an expert at teaching people how to price their products and services.  If you think you are going to grow your pet business by having the lowest price in town, think again.  The best companies offer the best services and get the highest prices.  Listen in as Dale shares how to get top dollar for what you do.

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Episode 20 - Is Your Website Operating Systematically?

In this day and age, nearly every dog business owner has a website.  The question is, though, are the websites actually driving real dollars into the bank accounts of these business owners?

In this interview Joshua Cary shares with us a systematic approach to make sure that you are capturing web traffic, getting prospects to click on your links, and then turning a higher percentage of those visitors into paying customers. This is a system that can be duplicated and used time and time again.  Listen to learn how.

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Episode 19 - Use Postcards to Find and Retain Customers

This may be one of the most valuable interviews we've ever done.  In it marketing and copywriting expert, Marcia Yudkin, shares how even a small business owner can mount a postcard marketing campaign to build a new clientele or revive an existing group of customers.

In this interview you'll find numerous actionable items that you can apply to your business right away and resources for getting started with your postcard marketing.

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Episode 18 - Blog Your Way To Profits

Although blogging has been a hot topic for years now it's amazing how many pet professionals still don't have a blog or still don't maximize their blog to earn them new leads and profits.

In this interview you'll hear from Pet Blogging Expert, Therese Kopiwoda, about how to set up a blog for beginners, resources for getting the best blog that will make it far easier for your blog to be found by search engines, and most importantly, techniques for promoting your blog and turning your blog into dollars

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Episode 17 - Write a Book in a Weekend

Most of you already know that having a published book makes you look like more of an authority in your field, helps you sell more of your service, adds more to your bottom line, and gives you an additional way to find business leads.  If we all understand this, why is it that so few people have published books? The answer is simple...writing a book is hard!  Our expert this week, Donna Kozik, takes us through the process to have a book written in a single weekend.  Listen in and take action!

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Episode 16 - Publish Your Expertise

Having a book, DVD, or CD course that you author is a great way to build your name and your credibility and is another revenue stream for your business. Kyra Sundance has successfully authored and published several books and DVD course that have sold hundreds of thousands of copies.  In this interview she unlocks the vault and teaches pet professionals how they can also publish their work.

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Episode 15 - You Oughta Be In Pictures

Many pet professionals have very well trained pets.  Well-trained pets are in demand for movies, television, and print media.  This can be a real source of income for enterprising pet professionals, not to mention the extra shot of credibility that comes from having trained animals for media work. Pet owners from around the country (you don't have to live in New York or L.A.) can add revenue streams to their business by training their animals to be in movies, television, or print advertising. Listen in as Dawn Wolfe provides a step-by-step interview on how you can do this.

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Episode 14 - Ripple Effect

Have you ever thought what would happen if you could slightly decrease the number of dissatisfied customers?  Or what about if you could even slightly increase your closing percentage of leads into paying customers?  The result would be a ripple effect that would grow your business exponentially.

Founder and CEO of Fetch! Pet Care, Paul Mann, shares with us how to use surveys and word of mouth buzz to turn even small differences into huge gains.  Listen in and learn about some of his favorite web applications and ways to get more visitors to your website.

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Episode 13 - Time to Party!

Amy Nichols is the founder and CEO of Dogtopia, a fast growing franchise dog daycare, overnight stay, and training facility.  Her company has excelled at using social media, joint venture partnerships, and other low or no cost methods to create big events at their locations.

In this interview she shares with us how small, medium, and large pet businesses can use events to draw huge crowds and convert those potential customers into paying customers. Also learn effective ways for using auto-responders to educate and entertain your clients and prospects to sell to people when they are ready to buy.

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Episode 12 - Socialize Your Way To The Top

Having only been franchising for nine months The Zoom Room is already on it's way (check them out soon on Jay Leno, Entrepreneur Magazine, and USA Today).  Mark Van Wye, COO, shares how they have been able to use social media, free press, and creating value through social programs to catapult their business in only a few months. 

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Episode 11 - Interview With a Doggie Mogul

It's always an honor being able to interview someone who has had success in building a large and successful business.  Heidi Ganahl, the founder and CEO of Camp Bow Wow, is just that.  Listen in to hear her success story from tragedy to huge success and how she has created the largest franchised company of Pet Daycare and overnight stay facilities in the nation and how her new ventures may just be of interest to you. 

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Episode 10 - Start a Pet Sitting/Dog Walking Business

Have you ever thought about starting a pet sitting/dog walking business?  Or even adding this service to your training or grooming business.  Professional Pet Sitter and Dog Walker, Lindsay Stordahl, shares the secrets she has used over the past years to start and grow a successful business.

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Episode 9 - Speak to Success

This interview is a must-listen.  Master Speaker Trainer, Arvee Robinson, shares how to use public speaking to attract high-paying clients, generate endless leads and explode your business growth, even if you're NOT a great speaker and even in this NEW Economy!

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Episode 8 - Get Yourself An Automated Selling System

As service professionals we often find ourselves without enough time in the day.  What if you could put your selling systems on auto-pilot?  Listen to this interview to hear one of the masters, Michael Senoff, teach how to use audio programs and interviews to sell more of your services without taking up any time at all.

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Episode 7 - Partnerships!

Why go to all the work of creating a customer list when you can borrow the customer list and credibility of other businesses in your area.  Fred King and his distributors are masters at teaming up with local businesses, learn how you can do it too.

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Episode 6 - The Right Stuff!

Have you ever wanted to know what services you should and shouldn't be offering in your niche?  Finding the right niche and offering the right services is your key to standing out in your market and building a Six Figure Dog Business.  Listen in as Steve Appelbaum shares detailed insight that is a must listen for all dog business owners.

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Episode 5 - Keywords Are Key

Everyone wants to know how to use the internet to grow their business yet so many continue to flounder.  Listen in as we invite Steve Appelbaum to share tips and secrets for driving more traffic to your website, using the right keywords, and turbo-charging your online efforts.

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Episode 4 - Referrals, Referrals, Referrals!

If you've ever wanted to build your business by getting more referrals you must listen to this interview.  This is like a Master's Course on referral building. Listen in as Steve Appelbaum , the President of Animal Behavior College shares how using referrals helped him to build a dog training business with hundreds of dog trainers.

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Episode 3 - Attitude is Everything

Often in business we are told that it is important to have the right attitude.  But how does attitude translate into actual dollars in your bank account?

Listen in as Martin Deeley shares insider tips and secrets to having the right attitude, dealing with clients, and translating these skills into big money in your pocket.

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Episode 2 - Failure To Plan May Be Your Plan For Failure

Setting up your dog related business the the proper way is a huge part of driving your success.  Set it up wrong, though, and you could be doomed to failure.

Listen in as Keith Benson of Triple Crown Canine Academy gives a checklist for how to avoid disaster and also learn some amazing tips for improving your website and getting it found!

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Episode 1 - Turning Disaster Into Dollars

How well you deal with disaster can mean life or death for your dog related business? Learning to help your clients cope with disaster, though, can mean enormous profits.

In this interview Monica Leighton shares with us a method for helping clients prepare for emergencies that could easily put five extra figures in your pocket this year.

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