Is There a Horse Heaven on Earth? YES! Our Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Tour Continues with Horse Haven

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A Super Smiley Adventure takes us on both travels and inner journeys where animals lead, and this show continues our radio tour of Best Friends Horse Haven, an almost “horse Heaven” located in breathtakingly beautiful Angel Canyon, Utah.  Jen Reid, their head horse whisperer shares how we can volunteer with these lucky fellows, what it takes to have one of these grand creatures and what they have been teaching everyone lately.  Starfire and Mini HaHa especially like this one.


Growing up, Jen Reid was always around animals. Whether she was trying to ride the family sheep (since she could never have a horse!) or playing with the family dog, animals have always been a part of her life. Jen grew up in northern Michigan and at the age of ten moved to northern Idaho.

She became involved with Best Friends when she adopted a dog, Sunbear in 1996 and began working at Best Friends in 1997. She started as a caregiver in Dogtown and also as a vet tech in the clinic. In 1999 Jen moved to Horse Haven and has been a fixture there ever since.

While Jen loves all sorts of animals, horses have become her passion. She went to Mission Farrier School in 2003 and admits to being obsessed with horse feet. She agrees that it sounds strange, but to be able to work on a horse that can hardly move when she meets him and have him be running and bucking after she is done just makes her day. Since graduating from farrier school, Jen has pursued farrier certifications through the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization (ELPO) and is now a Certified Natural Balance Farrier and a Certified Lameness Specialist. She is also interested in all the other aspects of horsemanship and has had the tremendous opportunity to learn from excellent teachers (both human and horse) here at Best Friends. Jen is always striving to learn more about training, nutrition, and anything else about horses that she has the opportunity to learn.

Jen lives with her husband and their horses and dogs in Kanab, Utah.