Road Trip with Fetching Communications’ Kristen Levine and Chilly

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Road Trip!  From Florida to Colorado, Kristen Levine and her dog, Chilly, grab a cross-country adventure and share travel stories, secrets, and tips.  If you ever travel with your dog, don’t miss this one!  And, Kristen directs Fetching Communications, a PR firm for pets, so she’s a girl on the go and in the know! 


President & Founder of Fetching Communications
Industry Marketing Pioneer, Inventor, Journalist and Advocate

“Pets are ‘love on demand’. They keep us linked to the most basic human needs—love, touch, affection and laughter. You can't text message your pet, and you can't e-mail or call them, so you have to relate to them face-to-face, paw-to-foot. I think we sometimes forget how much we need that kind of tangible connection.”

Like many of us, Kristen Levine developed an emotional connection with animals at an early age. Even as a child, she recognized the importance of making lifelong commitments to companion animals—she sensed our value to one another. Using the human-animal bond as her inspiration along with dogged determination, Kristen turned her life passion into a journey of professional success.

Her drive to do something worthwhile led her to volunteer at an animal shelter. Her feel good hobby quickly led to a fifteen-year career as the Public Relations Director of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Tampa Bay, where she played a critical role in promoting pet adoption and pet lifestyle education. During those years, she worked hand-in-hand with veterinarians, trainers, pet retailers, and most importantly—pet parents.

Kristen's knowledge of pet industry and lifestyle concerns coupled with her public relations background led her to found Fetching Communications in 2003. Her goal? To develop the nation's first and only marketing and public relations agency wholly dedicated to today's steadily growing pet marketplace.

With 20 years of “paws-on” expertise in the pet industry, as well as the highly regarded reputation as a pet lifestyle professional, Kristen offers her clients a distinct advantage in marketing and public relations outreach. Her unique understanding of the pet industry, joined with the valuable relationships she has forged within the pet marketplace, allow Kristen to effectively communicate her client's messaging to the public.

Today, Kristen is a popular columnist for NBC Universal's, the Tampa Tribune and FIDO Friendly magazine. She's also Bissell Homecare's official pet spokesperson. Kristen educates pet parents about pet clean up solutions and answers questions for consumers on the company's website, She and Bissell are partners in promoting pet adoption across the U.S.

Kristen and Dr. Manny Alvarez, host of FOX News' “Ask Dr. Manny” and Managing Editor at Fox News Health.

Kristen appears weekly on the nationally syndicated Daytime morning program. She has logged over 1000 live television and radio interviews, including appearances on Good Morning America, Fox News Channel, USA Today,, ABC News Radio, EFE America, AOL Latino and regular spots on WTVT, Fox 13 News in Tampa Bay, Florida. Kristen is also a frequent contributor to pet and veterinary trade magazines nationwide.

As a speaker, Kristen brings her 140 ‘dog-years’ of experience in the pet world, passion, and magnetic personality to every person or audience she engages. Sincere and knowledgeable, Kristen's entertaining and inspiring message celebrates the American love affair we have with our pets.

“The pet industry is evolving every day in positive ways, despite our economic struggles,” says Kristen. “I really enjoy helping pet-focused companies enhance their marketing efforts so they can communicate more effectively with their audiences and grow their businesses.”

Kristen is married and lives in Florida with her dog, cat, three goats and a pair of miniature donkeys.

Did You Know?
In 2000, the ‘sidelines’ beckoned. Kristen encountered her ultimate hobby when she secured a spot on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleading squad, one of the National Football League's most elite squads. She proudly represented the NFL and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for two seasons at games, community events and was even selected to travel to the Middle East to entertain U.S. soldiers.
She holds a U.S. Patent for the ‘Hot Reel’, a handy tool, which ingenuity and a pesky problem on the farm inspired Kristen to invent. The ‘Hot Reel’ is a retractable farm fencing device that protects animals from harm while they pass through electric fencing systems.

Kristen remembers the names of every pet she ever had: Suzie, Vanilla, Noel, Taffy, Jiffy, Mousekin, Squeeky, Tabby, Ginger, Ernie, Oreo, Magic, Max, Poopie, FatCat, Zeke, Izzy, Willow, Bilbo, Timmy, Cocoa, Scooter, Tank, Buck, Nubs and Chilly!