The Healing Equine Ranch - Where Horses Share Ancient Secrets of Communication and Awareness

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Equine communication is so subtle and quick, it’s as if they are reading energies. At The Healing Equine Ranch, horses share their secrets with human students and act as mirrors to illuminate personal challenges facing the humans.  I was extremely fortunate to be invited to study with these ancient masters, so I’m thrilled to share their wisdom on this Super Smiley Adventure.  Founder and President of the Healing Equine Ranch, Kiki Ebsen, joins us with the horses’ insights, stories and info on how you too can become a student of this healing equine wisdom.


A life long equestrian, Kiki Ebsen grew up in on her parents ranch nestled in the Malibu mountains. It was there that she indulged her great love of animals and nature. She won numerous awards in the show arena but eventully left the horse world to pursue a career  in music. She would spend the next two decades recording records, playing and singing around the world with artists like Michael McDonald, Boz Scaggs, Tracy Chapman and Al Jarreau just to name a few. Her love of horses never subsided and in 2000 she adopted her first rescue horse. A sickly weaning from a North Dakota Premarin farm on her way to the feedlot. She named her Rose. After nursing Rose back to health Kiki became fascinated by the language of horses and quickly absorbed as much knowledge as she could from her instructors and mentors. She would go on to adopt eight more unwanted horses from various parts of the US. The would become her teachers and co-facilitators at The Healing Equine Ranch (501c3) a non profit organization that she started in 2008. Kiki later recruited her junior high school buddy, Terry Carroll to help with operations and facilitation of the programs at t.h.e. ranch. Kiki still travels part of the year to perform for audiences world wide as a keyboardist and singer. She gives concerts regularly of her own music which touch listeners with it's honesty and passion. Kiki donates most of the proceeds from her music sales and performances to The Healing Equine Ranch while sharing the message of horses healing humans wherever she goes.