Breaking Bad Star, RJ Mitte, Cerebral Palsy Celebrity Spokes-person, Brings Real Life Good with Polo Ponies and his Personal Dog, Miss Pearl

Megan Blake on Pet Life Radio

RJ Mitte, star of the highly acclaimed, Emmy winning, down and gritty TV series, Breaking Bad, shares some real life good about positively moving forward in life and how animals are healers and teachers especially to those with disabilities.  We get the 411 on Miss Pearl, his traveling companion canine, and the life lessons this feisty 18 year old Scottie shares. Then - the scoop on his starring role at the charity polo event, Raising Hope for Epilepsy.  And how you pet lovers can meet him there!  Along with celebrity (pet lovin') host, William Devane!  And... at the same time, help Selina, a remarkable high school senior who overcame Epilepsy, raise awareness for the cause.  Now this Is a Super Smiley Adventure!