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The Godfather of Hip Hop, Russell Simmons, uber rocks it for Animal Hero Kids along with Mega Kid Stars out to shine their light on animals: The Twilight Saga’s Boo Boo Stewart,Criminal MindsJoey Luthman, Disney’s Landry BenderSmitty’s Brandon Tyler RussellDeadtime Stories’ Elise LuthmanDoc McStuffins’ Jaden Betts and Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters’ Fival Stewart.  Kids Against Animal Cruelty's Lou Wegner and his team are out in force; And, Former West Hollywood Mayor who helped The Paw Project win it’s battle for cats and LA School Superintendent who spearheaded Meatless Mondays for farm animals join us too with one of our personal heroes, Juliette West, star and executive producer of How I Became an Elephant.  WOW!  And FYI… Smiley’s World Premier opened for Juliette’s film, and Megan just starred in Deadtime Stories with Elise!  Now this is A Super Smiley Adventure!

Animal Hero Kids Awards on Pet Life Radio


Animal Hero Compassionate Entrepreneur Award
Recognizes an individual whose business philosophy incorporates and demonstrates a commitment to compassion for all beings.

Russell Simmons is recognized for proving that remaining aware of the needs of other animals and society can coexist with extraordinary business success. His commitment to compassion has profoundly affected modern culture and his influence on future leaders to practice kindness to all will be felt for generations and generations to come.
Los angeles unified shchool districk superintendent dr john E deasey is winning the S chool hero to all  award as the official who went above and beyond in illuminating kindness to animls by implienting the ground breatking meatless Mondays.  Tell us.. Other schools following…

Words from Sir Paul McCartney:  “Congratulations to all of my fellow Animal Hero Kids Award winners," McCartney said in an issued statement. "Thank you to Russell Simmons for lending your name to the Creative Animal Hero Kids award. Bravo to Los Angeles School Superintendent Dr. John Deasy, the School Hero to All Award recipient, for making the decision to go meat free each Monday in every school cafeteria in the second largest school district in the United States. Dr. Deasy, it is thanks to you that other school districts are jumping on board now to help animals, the environment and human health every Monday. Animal Hero Kids rock! It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, the good news is you can help animals in need."—Sir Paul McCartney, November 5, 2013.

Chef Ronan
Eco Chef Award
Recognizes achievements in advancing compassionate and eco-conscious foods as part of a healthy diet for the planet.
Chef Ronnen is recognized for bringing cruelty-free, eco friendly fare to celebrities, the Los Angeles community, and to the world at large, through his restaurants and cookbooks. Chef Ronnen’s creative approach to making vegan foods appeal to all appetites is making a positive difference by bringing compassionate dining into the mainstream.

Mayor Abbe Land
Kind to All Samaritan Award
Recognizes achievements in compassionate public advocacy and policymaking.
he West Hollywood City Council and Mayor Abbe Land are recognized for their political platform of compassion for animals and support for humane initiatives such as banning the sale of puppies from puppy mills and an anti-declawing ordinance in the city of West Hollywood.

Eco-Kind Author Award
Recognizes creative writing that engages, educates, and enlightens the world about the benefits of eco-conscious and compassionate living.

Alicia Silverstone is recognized for her renowned Kind Diet book which has changed minds and hearts about thoughtful and compassionate food choices. Silverstone has also created an online community The Kind Life, where members can learn more about veganism, vegetarianism, and environmental issues.

Susan Hargreaves - Founder and Humane Educator

Susan Hargreaves, the Founder of Animal Hero Kids, is a 32 year veteran of the Humane and Environmental movement and has been featured extensively in national and international media. Susan is our volunteer Executive Director and has created humane education programs around North America that conclude with cruelty-free vegan fare.

Susan co-coordinated ARK-II, the Canadian Animal Rights network in Toronto, Canada. She hosted and piloted the first radio series in Toronto dedicated to animal protection, Animal Voices.

Susan is the recipient of the Distinguished Educator Award presented by Share the World, She was awarded the Eco-Hero Humane and Environmental Education Award Susan also received the Compassionate Educator Award presented by Archbishop McKenzie of Toronto.

Diana Webster is a Los Angeles-based writer, attorney, and business professional. After a life-changing encounter in 2006 with a stray dog while on vacation in Mexico, she began working to find a solution for the problem of strays at tourist destinations.


 Brian Haynes Copeland - Advisory Committee

Kind 2 All Entrepreneur Award- Recognizes an individual or group under the age of 19 who incorporates compassion in a business enterprise.
Kind 2 All Volunteer Award- Recognizes an individual or group under the age of 19 who is dedicated to helping animals by volunteering their free time at a shelter, sanctuary, or other animal care center.
Animal Hero Kid Whistleblower Award- Recognizes an individual or group under the age of 19 who sheds light and public awareness on animal cruelty.

Ricky Williams Animal Hero Teen Award- Recognizes a teen who displays courage, determination, and the initiative to rescue an animal or animals in need.