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Genesis Awards

Recipient of the 2012 Genesis Awards Honorable Mention

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Tour on Pet Life RadioRyan O'Neal on Pet Life RadioRachelle Lefevre on Pet Life RadioHolly Curtis on Pet Life RadioBest Friends Animal Sanctuary Tour on Pet Life RadioRobin Jackson on Pet Life RadioJen Reid on Pet Life RadioWendy Hatchell on Pet Life RadioBest Friends Animal Sanctuary Tour on Pet Life RadioYvonne Mcintosh on Pet Life RadioMegan Blake and Ryan O'Neal on Pet Life RadioMegan Blake and Ryan O'Neal on Pet Life Radio

Hosted by Megan Blake

Produced by Mark Winter & Megan Blake

Written by Megan Blake & Mark Winter

About:  A Super Smiley Adventure Radio Show

Welcome to A Super Smiley Adventure! 

In living with dogs, cats and horses, one thing I’ve learned is that if we are open to it, animals will lead us on amazing adventures. Whether itís Super Smiley, my giant mutt, hiking across New England advocating for a canine cancer cure or inspiring an entire National Flash Mob Tour for Pet Adoption; Tout Suite The Travel Kitty traveling with me to pet friendly resorts or sharing pet tips on Animal Attractions TV; or Starfire, our beautiful Arabian, leading me on inner journeys of self-discovery; my life with animals is always an adventure.   Add the “happy chemicals” pets bring and a smiling dog, and voila, our show appeared.

On our show, we explore travel destinations, inner journeys and any path of pet adventure we can find.  On our adventures, we also celebrate animals with leading advocates and celebrities like Wayne Pacelle, Ryan O’Neal and Mackenzie Phillips.

Pets lower our blood pressure, lower our heart rates and increase our happy chemicals.  We are their leaders, but if we can open to see where they lead us, we will begin our own Super Smiley Adventures.  :)

About:  A Super Smiley Adventure’s Radio Tour of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

This series of radio interviews is designed to Celebrate animals and to educate people about Avoiding Cruelty. In the middle of Smiley's Adventures, our shows advocate for pet adoption, rescue, and the importance of picking the right pet so the “forever homes” are truly “Forever.” We are deeply honored to have been recognized by the Humane Society of the United States at the Genesis Awards and we thank and acknowledge all of the kind hearted people and great warriors who adopt and give voice to these animals.

On A Super Smiley Adventure Radio Tour of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, listeners are taken on a series of adventures to the various Best Friends havens: Dog Town, Cat World, Horse Haven, Pig Paradise and The Parrot Garden. Here listeners meet species-specific experts who share what it takes to care-take each of these animals, and they see how everyone can claim an adventure at Best Friends by volunteering at the Sanctuary. We included pet loving celebrities (Ryan O’Neal, iconic star and Academy Award Nominee, and Rachelle Lefevre of "A Gifted Man" and spokesperson for Best Friends' Puppies Aren't Products campaign) to talk about how they worked with or adopted from the Best Friends Sanctuary.

This series of radio interviews is designed to Celebrate animals and to educate people about Avoiding Cruelty. Simply by using a little knowledge and by honestly evaluating each of our own lifestyles, we can each claim our own “Super Smiley Adventure." And Smiley adds, "Woof and Super Smiles! and Enjoy the Tour!"

(*Commercials have been edited out for your listening pleasure)


Best Friends' Pig Paradise!
The Pigs are here!  How do you take a pig for a walk?  How do you save one stuck on a cliff.  Where is Pig Paradise?  Is it real?  Listen and find out!  Even if you don't have a pig in your life or future, this show is fun.  I visited Pig Paradise in Utah and saw for myself!  Best Friends Animal Society has created the largest Animal Sanctuary in the United States, finding and providing forever homes for thousands of animals on thousands of acres.    Yvonne Mcintosh, the director of Best Friends' Pig Paradise shares the secrets of pigmanship and enlightens us from pignorance.  No one wants to be pignorant!  Listen, Laugh, Learn...  then Super Smile  :)

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Ryan OíNealís True Life Love Story Stars Mozart, a Best Friends Shelter Dog
Ryan O’Neal, iconic actor and Academy Award Nominee, embodies the classic essence of a true movie star, and his new rescue, Mozart, is turning heads on TV.   Ryan met his new love on his Oprah Winfrey Network reality series, The O’Neals.  I had the Super Pawsome pleasure of joining him on the OWN show with Best Friends’ dogs.  Love at first sight!  Ryan could have any type dog from any place in the world, and he chose to adopt a cute mix!  Thank you Ryan!

He and Mozart pop in to talk about working on their show together, Farrah, Tatum, Dancing with the Stars, Ryan’s recent boxing championship, the joys of dog adoption and their personal Super Smiley Adventures.

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King O from Best Friendsí Parrot Garden. We Talk to the AnimalsÖ Here They Talk Back!
Sure we all talk to our animals, and on this show, my non-human guest talks back!   In English!   A Super Smiley Adventure visits with King O from Best Friend's Animal Sanctuary's Parrot Garden.  

His human caretaker, Wendy Hatchell, interprets for him and tells us all about these entertaining, fun, social, charming creatures and what we need to know as Parrot Parents (try saying that five times) to keep them happy, talking, dancing and singing.  

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Cats Think They Rule, Well Here They Do! Welcome to Cat World! Our Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Adventure Continues!
Top Cat Robin Jackson joins Tout Suite The Travel Kitty, Smiley and me to share her adventures from Cat World as our Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Tour continues. We visit with the lucky cats Robin care-takes as she shares great info about behavioral issues and socialization and expels some myths about important things like Feline leukemia. 

Tout says “Tout Suite!”  (That’s hurry up in French ;))  Smiley says “I have a cat, this stuff is good to know,” and I say, “Click Listen, and join the Adventure!”

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Is There a Horse Heaven on Earth? YES! Our Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Tour Continues with Horse Haven
A Super Smiley Adventure takes us on both travels and inner journeys where animals lead, and this show continues our radio tour of Best Friends Horse Haven, an almost “horse Heaven” located in breathtakingly beautiful Angel Canyon, Utah. 

Jen Reid, their head horse whisperer shares how we can volunteer with these lucky fellows, what it takes to have one of these grand creatures and what they have been teaching everyone lately.  Starfire and Mini HaHa especially like this one.

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Strut Your Mutt with Rachelle Lefevre from Best Friends and Twilight
Rachelle Lefevre, star of the blockbuster Twilight franchise and CBS's new TV series, A Gifted Man, joins us and talks about Strutting Your Mutt!  Best Friends Animal Society presents their nationwide Strut Your Mutt involving 134 rescue organizations and almost 5,000 participants across the country with the goal of raising awareness and $500,000 for pet adoption.

Rachelle will be strutting in NYC.  Smiley and Megan will be in Jacksonville, FL.  Find out what’s up with The Strut and how you can Strut for Mutts.  Pawsome!  And Rachelle tells us about her cool new TV series too.  Super Pawsome!

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We're Off to Dog Town! Our Best Friends Radio Tour Continues!
Do you want to have a sleepover with new dog friends, train bunches of puppies, learn dog massage, and hike with a dog in one of the most beautiful canyons in the world...   All in one day!  We're off to Dog Town!  Remember Dog Town the hit TV series on Nat. Geo?  Our Radio Tour of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary continues with Holly Curtis the first human face you'll meet there.  She's the Dogtown Receptioninst and Official Dog Jogger, who has all the scoop on the Pawsome dogs, what really goes on there and how we can meet them in person...  and maybe take one home.  :)  Now this is a Real Super Smiley Adventure!  Woof!

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