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Joan Miller



Joan Miller


Joan Miller is legislative coordinator for the Cat Fanciers Association -- the largest feline registry in the world. From Joan: "The cat fancy and CFA's future is impacted by unduly restrictive laws, such as limits on the numbers of cats per household, mandatory spay/neuter, cattery licensing with high fees and intrusive inspection. While detrimental to the hobby of pedigreed cat breeding many laws do not solve community animal population problems. They do keep new people from coming into the cat fancy."

Miller has been an all-breed judge for more than two decades, and is former president of The Winn Feline Foundation, former Chair of the CFA Health Committee and Advisory Board Chair for the Center for Companion Animal Health, University of California, Davis. She was the first president of the San Francisco Revelers Cat Club in the 80s, and instituted the concept of an "educational ring" with events to interest the general public in pedigreed cats. She writes, "Over the years exposing veterinarians, the shelter community and the general public to the value of pedigreed cat breeding has remained a strong involvement of mine. I have been a speaker/lecturer/writer on feline color/pattern genetics, cattery management, breed origins and history and breeding strategies for health."


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