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Take Me Home is an animal & pet adoption and rescue podcast. When you're looking to add a pet into your life, consider adopting a homeless animal from your local shelter or rescue group. Whether you want a kitten, puppy, or a more mature pet, a purebred or a one-of-a-kind mixed breed, even a rabbit or hamster, your shelter has the best selection of animals anywhere-all screened for good health and behavior. Most shelters will even help you with spaying and neutering.

When you adopt a rescued pet, you are giving an animal a second chance at a new life. You also are bringing a new family member into your home, so it's not a decision you should take lightly. It's easy to look at pictures and find a cute dog or cat. But as with people, looks aren't everything. Having a good understanding a dog or cat's personality before you adopt is an important key to selecting the right pet for you.

Join host Susan Daffron as she talks to guests from animal shelters and rescues about some of their favorite adoptable pets. These pets might be "diamonds in the rough" that may have been overlooked, but still need a great loving home. We'll shine the light on these pets and share their personalities, quirks, and stories with you. Because each pet is an individual, we'll talk about their special needs and offer educational information so you can easily deal with common problems such as a dog that jumps on people or a cat that scratches the furniture.

Like people, no pet is "perfect." But the goal of Take Me Home is to promote happy adoptions. We'll showcase wonderful pets, tell stories, and even throw some pet education into the mix. So tune in and find out why the "pet adoption option" can be a great way to add a furry companion into your life.

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Episode 118 - Lucy - This Red-Haired Beauty Loves Everyone

Susan Daffron talks to Melissa Lee Prescott from Daisy's Animal Rescue League in Massachusetts about a three-year old spayed female pit bull mix named Lucy. This sweet girl was named after Lucille Ball because of her red hair. Right now, she's underweight, but she's a healthy fun-loving active dog who loves to play. Lucy was dumped on the streets in Marlboro, Massachusetts but was picked up by Peter Nikitas the Animal Control Officer in Marlboro. He kept her, fed her and got her back on her feet.

Peter called Melissa asking if she could help find Lucy a new home. Of course, Melissa said yes and Lucy is staying with her as a foster dog. Lucy already knows basic commands and is always eager to learn and please. She loves to go for walks and car rides and is good with other dogs and children. Lucy would be a great family dog. She greets everyone with a wiggly wag and big smile. Melissa is hoping that Lucy can find her forever home, so she can take in more foster dogs who need help. As an incentive, Lucy's adoption fee is being completely waived.

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Episode 117 - Kallie - Calico Kitty Loves Dogs and People

Susan Daffron talks to Darci Pfeiffer from the All Fur Love Animal Society in Las Vegas, Nevada about a three-year old female calico cat named Kallie. This sweet kitty loves dogs and people, although she's not a big fan of other cats. Kallie loves to be petted and will come over to you and start to rub and purr at you. If you stop petting and she wants more, she will reach out and lightly touch you as if to say, "Did you forget something?" She will snuggle with you as long as she can, but if she's not snuggling, then she is looking at you from high above.

Kallie loves heights and the higher she can get the better. She will find someplace high to explore, no matter the challenge to get there. She is a talker who likes to engage people in conversation (Kallie's foster mom has had long chats with her). Kallie loves all kinds of toys, but her carrot, pepper and banna cat toy is her favorite. If you want an affectionate lap buddy to share time with on the sofa, Kallie is the kitty for you!

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Episode 116 - Valentino - A Fancy Name, But a Great Down to Earth Dog

Susan Daffron talks to Lisa Morabito from Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) in Maryland about a dog named Valentino who is available for adoption. This brown and white pit bull terrier mix is about two years old, housebroken and a favorite around the shelter because he's such a great all-around dog. Valentino was rescued by animal control who took him out of the horrid living conditions he was staying in and brought him to BARCS. When he arrived, Valentino was extremely emaciated and scared of people, but now he is now a very happy, healthy boy!

Valentino loves going out for walks on leash, play time with other dogs in the yard, and crunchy dog treats. He also is a peanut butter-filled Kong fanatic. After he eats the peanut butter out of the Kong, he likes to throw the toy around and play catch with himself. The volunteers all love Valentino because he has such a great personality and loves everybody, including kids. Valentino is a laid back guy who already knows how to "sit" on command and loves cuddling and sleeping in the lap of whoever will let him. This wonderful dog is one of the longest term dogs at BARCS and he would love a home and family to call his own!

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Episode 115 - Ollie - A Sweet Heinz 57 Dog

Susan Daffron talks to Vicki Korobkin from Pet Connect Rescue in Maryland about a dog named Ollie who is available for adoption. Pet Connect Rescue was founded in 2005, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. After saving and adopting out dogs displaced by the hurricane, they continued to work to save homeless animals the are in danger of euthanasia at animal shelters. The animals are brought into rescue from over-extended local shelters as well as rural shelters from West Virginia to Georgia.

Pet Connect Rescue is a non breed-specific organization committed to stepping forward wherever there is the greatest need. Ollie was the favorite dog of volunteers in a rural shelter, and a special plea was made for Pet Connect to rescue him. He was adopted, but then returned to Pet Connect by his original adopters because he got out. Ollie is a mix of several different breeds, probably hound and terrier mixed a smaller breed because he only weighs about 30 pounds. Ollie is an affectionate, playful dog who gets along with dogs, cats and kids.

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Episode 114 - Cyber - A Chatty Kitty Who Loves Attention and Video Games

Susan Daffron talks to Mindy Kelley, the cat volunteer coordinator from the Pet Welfare Adoption Center in Florida about a male gray tabby cat named Cyber who is available for adoption. Pet Welfare is located on the Eglin Air Force Base and often takes in animals from military families who are deployed to locations that make it unfeasible or impossible to bring their pets. Cyber was adopted from Pet Welfare when he was a kitten and earned his name because he used to sit next to a little boy who was playing video games.

After several happy years in his first home, his family was deployed overseas and had to return Cyber to Pet Welfare to find a new home. Although Cyber has only been back with Pet Welfare for a short time, he has already been voted Mr. Personality because he's a talkative guy. He likes to chat with the volunteers, who tend to spend an extra minute or two petting him and finding out what he has to say. Cyber is extremely friendly loves attention from everybody. He loves kids and would do well in a family situation with children who are beyond toddler stage. If you're looking for a big, beautiful cat to join your family, consider adopting this lovable fellow.

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Episode 113 - Ruby - One Fun-loving White Kitty

Susan Daffron talks to Judy Ambrose from the Neponset Valley Humane Society in Massachusetts about a two-year-old female short-haired cat named Ruby. This beautiful pure white kitty has striking amber eyes and a few extra toes on her feet, so according to Judy, she looks like a "ballerina" when she walks. Ruby was found as a stray and was close to death when she was first rescued. She has a flea allergy, so she had skin problems and sores in her mouth that made eating painful. She was close to starving, but you'd never know it now.

As her health has returned, her playful personality has emerged. Judy calls Ruby a "rough and tumble" cat because she just loves to play.  She loves to stalk, run, pounce, plop and leap into the air with excitement all in an effort to catch her favorite string toy. This game never seems to get old for Ruby! She is a social cat who likes being petted or brushed and doesn't mind being held. However, she is not fond of other cats, so it would be best if she is the only cat in her new home. If you want to share your life with a fun and entertaining cat who also happens to be extremely pretty, then Ruby is the cat for you!

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Episode 112 - P.J. - A Kitty Who is Ready to Leave the Copy Room Behind

Susan Daffron talks to Abbi Collins from the Cat Care Society in Colorado about a female buff and white tabby named P.J. who is available for adoption. P.J. is a sweet cat who loves to cuddle up with people. She's a bit shy at first, but warms up to people once she has spent a little time with them.

The Cat Care Society is a cageless shelter, so right now P.J. is staying in the Cat Care Society's copy room because she's on a special diet and has to be separated from the other cats. Although she gets lots of human visitors throughout the day who stop by to make copies, it can get a little lonely at night. P.J. will probably bond closely to her new family and Abbi is hoping that P.J. can find a home where she can be the only cat. Once you meet P.J. you'll find out why she's a special girl who deserves a kind and caring family to love her.

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Episode 111 - Lenny - This Gentle Giant Loves to Play

Susan Daffron talks to Eddie Nichols from the Foothills Animal Rescue in Arizona about a dog named Lenny who is available for adoption. Lenny is a 3-year old large yellow Labrador retriever mix who weighs about 70 pounds or so. Eddie calls him a "gentle giant" and says that he loves to run around the yard and play. It would be ideal if Lenny could be an only dog, since in the past at the rescue facility he was somewhat selective in the dogs he got along with. Now that he's in foster care, he's more relaxed and seems to be getting along better with other dogs. But if you have a dog already, you'd still need to do an introduction before adopting Lenny to make sure the dogs like each other.

The ideal home for Lenny is one that has adults and older children that will be gentle and loving. Right now, that two teenage girls at his foster home love walking him because he's very good on leash. Lenny does know basic commands and will sit nicely when you ask him. Eddie points out that even though Lenny is doing well in his foster home, he needs a forever home. When you adopt a dog, you make it possible for the foster family to help another dog.

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Episode 110 - Aspen - A Miracle of Recovery

Susan Daffron talks to Eric Gray from Smilin Pit Bull Rescue in New York about a Pit Bull named Aspen who is available for adoption. Aspen's foster mom Lorna was also on the call to give more details about this sweet dog that has made an amazing transformation both in health and personality thanks to the tender loving care of the volunteers and supporters working with the rescue. The detailed story of her rehabilitation is on her Web page, but the short version is that in January 2010, a rescuer found a female pit bull on the East Side of Buffalo, New York. Aspen was so emaciated Eric thinks she was one or two days away from dying of starvation. She had obviously been living on the streets for a long time and was severely underweight. She had an open wound and was losing fur due to lack of nutrition. In the photos, you can see every rib and the bones in her spine.

But even though she'd obviously been through a lot, Aspen was a loving girl. Over time her health has returned and her personality has blossomed. Aspen loves people, has learned to play with toys, and adores a good tummy rub. At this point, all her medical issues are behind her and she's a beautiful dog again. Today, Aspen is a normal weight and her coat gleams with good health, so she's ready for her forever home. Aspen doesn't like cats, so Eric hopes to find a home where she can be an only dog. Aspen needs an experienced dog owner, ideally one who has worked with pit bulls or other energetic breeds, so they will be firm (but not rough) with Aspen's obedience and continue the training that her foster mom Lorna has started.

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Episode 109 - Basil and Thyme - A Pair of Dazzling Maine Coon Cat ‘Parlor Panthers’

Susan Daffron talks to Pamela Pinta from the East Coast Maine Coon Rescue (ECMCR) about two 13-month old male cats named Basil and Thyme who area available for adoption. Their equally herbally named siblings (Sage, Rosemary, etc.) were adopted as kittens but these two gorgeous cats have been in foster care for almost a year now. Basil and Thyme are a mix of Brown Tabby Mackerel Maine Coon and American Bombay. Many people aren't familiar with American Bombay cats, but they are nicknamed "Parlor Panthers" because of their sleek and glossy jet-black coats.

Their unusual mixed-bred heritage means that both Basil and Thyme look generally like Maine Coon cats, except they have an extra sleek ebony coat. Pamela says the pair is a bit of a mischievous duo, but like most Maine Coon cats, they are extremely friendly, easygoing and social.  Basil and Thyme are both "love bugs" who enjoy being around people and cuddling and purring in your lap. They also extremely playful and have a particular fondness for cavorting in the bathtub (minus water). Ideally, Basil and Thyme would like to be adopted together since they are so bonded. They would make ideal family companions, since they enjoy being around children, other cats and dogs.

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Episode 108 - Jake - This Smooth-Coated Collie Can Dance

Susan Daffron talks to Rebecca White from the Collie Rescue League of New England about a 6-year old smooth-coated collie named Jake who came into rescue because of a divorce in his family. Most people are more familiar with rough-coated collies, which have long hair like the TV star Lassie. Smooth-coated collies like Jake have the same pretty collie coloring and markings; they just have a shorter coat. Rebecca says that Jake has a typical collie personality which means he's a bit of a "velcro dog" who loves to be wherever his humans are.

Because he loves people, he'd do best in a home where his family isn't gone all day. Jakes gets along with other dogs and cats and he loves kids. He particularly enjoys having his hindquarters scratched and will reward you with a little dance Susan calls the "butt scritch stomp." Although Jake can be a bit cautious about trying new things sometimes, he loves to play with his toys, romp around the yard, ride in the car, and go for walks. Jake knows a few obedience commands already, but like most dogs, he will bond even more strongly to his new family if they are willing to take him to a training class. If you love collies, check out this sweet, beautiful boy!

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Episode 107 - Oz - Just a Sweet, Mellow Lap Dog

Susan Daffron talks to Kay Stout from the Second Chance Animal Sanctuary in Oklahoma about a dog named Oz who is available for adoption. Although his Web page says he's a Fox Terrier mix, looking at his photo, it's somewhat difficult to determine the various breeds that might make up Oz. Kay says he's an "All American" dog, which probably sums it up. He's a black and tan dog that is more or less lap-dog sized at about 20 pounds. Oz also has fabulous attentive-looking pointy ears and deep brown eyes.

Personality-wise, Oz is one of those dogs who just loves people. He's a laid back guy who enjoys spending time with his humans, so a home with semi-retired or a work-at-home parent would be idea. Unlike a lot of dogs, he's not a super high-energy fellow and he's well past puppyhood, so he doesn't have extreme exercise needs. If you're looking for a cute, well-behaved dog that loves curling up in your lap, Oz could be just the dog for you.

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Episode 106 - Dilly - Former Harness Racer Ready for New Off-track Home

Susan Daffron talks to Jen Nagle from the Standardbred Retirement Foundation about Dilly, a 9 year old Standardbred gelding available for adoption in Hamilton, New Jersey. "Another Creation N "Dillion" aka "Dilly" had a career at the harness racing track, but is happy to be a riding horse now. He is a 15.2hh dark bay horse with an easygoing personality. Many people don't realize what a versatile breed of horse Standardbreds are; they can do a lot more than just pull a cart. Because they are an easy-to-handle, people-loving type of horse, Standardbreds can be taught to do mounted police work, jumping, barrel racing, dressage or therapeutic riding work. Jen says that Dilly is lovely mover with a nice trot and canter.

Because he bends well, he could be a great dressage horse with the right person. Jen points out that adopting a former racer has advantages in that these horses have already dealt with crowds and a lot of noise from being at a track. There isn't much they haven't already seen; they're used to grooming, bathing, farrier care, shipping, and not one, but two bits! These horses already have been taught basic manners and they come off the track already knowing how to start, stop, and steer. Because they are such an intelligent breed, the transition into life as a riding horse is usually an easy one. Like many of the other retired racers at the Standardbred Retirement Foundation, Dilly is an all-around great horse who can easily be trained to take you wherever you decide to go, whether it's the trail or the dressage show ring.

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Episode 105 - Delia - A Sweet Little JR Mix

Susan Daffron talks to Michele Rinaldi from the Pet Animal Welfare Society or PAWS in Norwalk, Connecticut about a Jack Russell terrier mix named Delia. She is a. very sweet and affectionate little dog who is approximately 4 years old and weighs about 15 pounds. Delia loves people and wants to say hello to everyone that she sees. In the short time she has been at PAWS, she has become a staff favorite because she is so playful and loving.

True to her JR heritage, Delia does have a lot of energy and loves to run around the yard, play fetch and run the agility course at PAWS. Michele says she is quite an athlete and can run very fast and jump quite high. Once she's done playing, Delia also likes to just cuddle up and relax in a lap. She's happy to provide lots of kisses in exchange for some belly rubs. If you're looking for a small, energetic dog, you won't find a sweeter one than Delia!

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Episode 104 - Layla - A Sweet, Energetic Young Hound Dog

Susan Daffron talks to Nicky Bowman from the Husky n. Lab Rescue in Maine about an 8-month old plott hound mix named Layla. Currently, Layla is in foster care in New Hampshire where she is living with kids, cats and other dogs. She's a friendly girl who seems to get along with everyone. Her foster mom is working on basic obedience and housebreaking with her and Layla is doing well.

Of course, Layla is still a young dog, so she has a lot of energy. For people who love to go hiking, Layla would make a great family pet. They could take Layla for long walks so she can burn off her excess energy. Layla is an incredibly good-natured dog who loves to run, play and explore. Maybe her new home could be yours?

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Episode 103 - Princess Anne - Regal Feline Seeks New Kingdom

Susan Daffron talks to Kathy Hurley from the Pet Adoption League of North Jersey about a maine coon mix named Princess Anne. This beautiful cat has been in foster care for about a year and a half after being found as a stray when she was a kitten. Princess Anne is an incredibly playful, curious cat who bonds strongly with just one person. Although Kathy has tried to introduce Princess Anne slowly and carefully to other cats, Princess Anne has made it clear that she prefers to be the only kitty in the household. Like any other member of royalty, she likes to be in charge and enjoys playing with her laser light and kitty toys.

Princess Anne takes a little while to warm up to new people, but once she knows you, she is extremely vocal and loves to tell you what she thinks. Princess Anne is stunning cat with long silky hair, and Kathy has spent a lot of time helping her learn to appreciate the joys of a good combing, so she's easy to groom. Because Princess Anne is so curious and likes to be in the middle of things, she needs an owner who wants a kitty that won't just be a wall-flower. If you want a gorgeous, playful cat that will be your constant companion, Princess Anne might be just the kitty for you.

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Episode 102 - Fred - This Southern Gentleman will Charm You

Susan Daffron talks to Cindy Hewitt from Miami-Dade Animal Services. about a three-year old white bulldog named Fred who is available for adoption. Miami-Dade is an open-admission shelter that receives 30,000 animals every year. Fred was a stray who unfortunately had a lot of ticks when he was brought in. Although he's tick-free now and looking much better, Fred did test positive for a tick-borne disease called Ehrlichia, which is sadly fairly common in the area. Fortunately, it is extremely treatable with antibiotics and (sometimes) corticosteriods.

Fred does not seem to have an advanced case of the illness and Cindy expects him to make a full recovery. Personality-wise Fred is a bit reserved. He's not boisterous and walks beautifully on a leash. Instead of pulling, he is a gentleman who walks along with you nicely, simply taking in the surroundings and observing what's going on. Like many dogs at shelters, he's just waiting for the right person to come along and see his potential. That lucky person will be rewarded with a wonderful companion for years to come.

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Episode 101 - Angel Lyn - Young, Smart Dalmatian Seeks Outdoorsy, Athletic Human

Susan Daffron talks to Vicki Korobkin from Lucky Dog Animal Rescue in Washington, D.C. about Angel Lyn, a Dalmatian mix that is available for adoption. Lucky Dog Animal Rescue transports pets from high-kill shelters in North and South Carolina and helps find them new homes in the greater D.C. area. Although no one is sure exactly what breed of dog Angel Lyn is mixed with, she is about the size of a Dalmatian and is all white except for cute black Dalmatian spots on her ears.

Angel Lyn is about 4 years old and like most Dalmatians, she has a lot of energy and love to play. If you've ever wanted a jogging buddy or a dog to go on hikes with, Angel Lyn would be a great dog to add to your family. Although Angel Lyn hasn't had much formal obedience training yet, she does know how to sit and is obviously extremely smart and eager to please. She would do extremely well in canine sports like agility or flyball. If you want to make Angel Lyn a part of your family, you won't be disappointed; she will be a loyal friend, companion and an amazing exercise partner too.

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Episode 100 - 100 Episodes! A Celebration of Take Me Home Adoption Success Stories

Take Me Home host Susan Daffron reflects on 100 episodes of the show and shares stories about pets who are now living in new forever homes. Every animal at animal shelters and rescues has a story and the goal with this show has been to tell them. A big thank you to everyone who has listened, downloaded and shared Take Me Home. The more we can showcase the "pet adoption option" the more animals can be saved!

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Episode 99 - Bear - This Smiling Aussie/Dobie Mix Loves His Walks and Car Rides Too!

Susan Daffron talks to Jen Chapman from the Pet Welfare Adoption Center in northwestern Florida about a Australian Shepherd/Doberman Pinscher mix named Bear who is available for adoption. Pet Welfare is located at the Eglin Air Force Base in Northwest Florida and often works to help members of the military and their families with their pets. Bear is a sweet 7-year-old neutered male with pretty black and tan "dobie" marking and a happy smile. Unfortunately, he is back at Pet Welfare after having been adopted for two years and then returned.

It's likely that his owners didn't spend enough time with him and Jen thinks he may have a bit of separation anxiety, so it would be great if he could be adopted by a family where someone is home often and can spend time with him. A retired couple or someone who works from home would be ideal. Since he's 7, Bear is well beyond the puppy phase and although he does need daily walks, he's also just happy to hang out with his people. Bear is a great dog that is looking for a second chance to bond with a family who will give him the love and attention he deserves.

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Episode 98 - Bonita - This Quirky Fun-Loving Dog Will Add Joy to Your Life

Susan Daffron talks to Kathy Akopov from PAWS Atlanta in Georgia about an American Staffordshire mix named Bonita. When she was three years old, Bonita was found roaming as a stray and taken to the shelter. She was in bad shape and almost furless, but the staff knew there was a beautiful dog underneath, so they named her “Bonita.” She has been at PAWS Atlanta for 5 years now and grown into a hilarious, fun-loving girl. Bonita is housebroken, crate trained, and knows some basic commands. She gets along well with most other dogs and enjoys eating fruit. Kathy says that watching Bonita eat a banana is hilarious! Bonita has her own special dinnertime dance complete with spins in the air, which you can see in her video on the PAWS Atlanta Web site.

Among her other fun, quirky behaviors, she also snorts like a pig when exploring and “smothers” you to get attention. She also snores with the best of them and even prances like a show dog. As you can tell, Bonita has a big personality and although she does love to run and play with her toys, she also settles down and is happy to just hang out. No one at PAWS Atlanta can figure out why this wonderful dog has been overlooked for so long. Bonita is energetic, funny, and adds joy to your life whenever you're in her company. PAWS Atlanta is doing a special "Home for the Holidays" promotion for long-term residents like Bonita and are offering 50% off her adoption fee. Give this sweet dog the ultimate holiday gift: a forever home!

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Episode 97 - Alvin - A Sweet Little Dog Who Will Melt Your Heart

Susan Daffron talks to Janet White from Camp Cocker in California about a cocker spaniel named Alvin who is available for adoption. Alvin is such a sweet and special little dog, his foster mom Janet started up a blog for him, which you can see at Little Alvin's Big Life. Alvin now has friends and supporters all over the world. He's a small caramel-colored cocker mix with huge brown eyes. Because he's smaller than most cocker spaniels, he has a perpetual "puppy" look, even though he's probably at least three years old. Although the folks at Camp Cocker don't know much about Alvin's past, they do know he came in as a stray in a Los Angeles area shelter.

It's likely Alvin was an outdoor dog who was kept in a back yard with very little human contact. He can be shy and nervous around new people, particularly when he's inside. Unlike many small dogs, you can't just pick Alvin up and put him in your lap. Initially, he was fearful of being touched at all, and even now after lots of love and attention in foster care, Alvin still needs to warm up to new people a bit. He is responding extremely well to obedience training and he is motivated by food so he's easy to train. Janet says that just teaching Alvin to "sit" has reinforced the bond between them. Often learning a few obedience commands can give shy dogs more confidence, so Alvin would do best in a home with a patient owner who will give him the time and attention he needs to bond and learn. Wouldn't you just love to come home to that adorable face?

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Episode 96 - Lobo - A Big, Mellow Dog Who Loves Kids

Susan Daffron talks to Carie Broecker from Peace of Mind Dog Rescue (POMDR) in California. POMDR works with both senior dogs and senior people. They specialize in finding homes for older homeless dogs or dogs whose owners can no longer care for them because of illness, death, or other circumstances. Lobo is an 8-year old Saint Bernard/Golden Retriever mix who weighs about 75 pounds. He is quite a bit smaller and has shorter fur than a Saint Bernard. Lobo came to POMDR with his 14-year old father Kaiser after they lost their home because of foreclosure. He was very bonded to Kaiser, but unfortunately Kaiser passed away a few months ago, so now Lobo is alone.

Even though he doesn't have his buddy anymore, he's adapting and Lobo is still a happy older dog who particularly enjoys being around children. In his past life, he probably was an outside dog, so he would do best in a home with a doggie door or slider to a fenced yard, so it's easy for him to go outside when he needs to. Although he hasn't had a lot of obedience training, he's a smart boy who loves food, so he should be easy to train. Contrary to the old saw, old dogs can new learn new tricks! This sweet goofy older guy deserves a second chance at love. If you love big mellow dogs, check out his pictures and his smiling face.

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Episode 95 - Bubba - An Original Orange "Love Bug"

Susan Daffron talks to Sansa Collins from Sanctuary One in Oregon. Sanctuary One is a Care Farm, a type of shelter more commonly found in the UK and Europe. In fact Double Oak Farm is the first such shelter in the United States. Sansa describes it as a working farm where people, animals and the earth are brought together for mutual healing.

Bubba is about four years old, a beautiful orange and white tabby with perhaps a trace of Abyssinian. He has a sweet disposition, and is very loving with people of all ages. He's friendly with other cats and not too bad with dogs after the initial meeting. Bubba was transferred to the farm from the Rogue Valley Humane Society. It appears that he was hit by a car at some point, since he has a pelvis fracture that rehealed on its own. When he first arrived at Sanctuary One, Bubba dragged his back right leg, but a combination of diet and minor treatment has done wonders (he's on a wet cat food only diet and will continue to require a mild laxative). Bubba can now use his leg, and is a very active kitty. His perfect forever home includes indoor accommodations and a little extra care, but Bubba the super love bug would be a welcome addition to any family!

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Episode 94 - Star - Smart Survivor Seeks Sensational Someone

Susan Daffron talks to Brandi Tracy from the Braveheart Rescue in Minnesota. Star is a spayed female Canaan/Lab mix who ended up in rescue after she was almost killed (her prior owner slit her throat and left her to die). She was saved, recuperated and has been at Braveheart for a while now. According to Brandi (who has seen a LOT of dogs) Star is actually one of the smartest dogs she's ever met. Star is an easy dog to be with, walks well on a leash, gets along with other dogs, and loves going for car rides.

Star also is an amazing athlete and her claim to fame at Braveheart is that the first day she was at the rescue, she scaled a 10-foot fence with ease. (She didn't actually go anywhere, but Brandi turned around and there was Star sitting looking at her.) Star is an amazing survivor and after her rocky start really deserves a fantastic home with someone who will appreciate what an amazing dog she is. As it says on her page on the Braveheart Web site, Star is "a perfect companion animal or working dog ... she has the capacity for both. She is an extraordinary dog and whoever she finds a home with will be a happy person/family."

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Episode 93 - Chelsea - An Active, Athletic Ball-Playing Dog

Susan Daffron talks to Char Boroni from the Shelter Pet Rescue Network (SPRN) about a dog named Chelsea who is available for adoption. SPRN is a non-profit shelter located in Henderson Nevada, which offers services to southern Nevada and southern California. Specializing in the "bully breeds," SPRN rescues strays, homeless and death-row pets. Chelsea is an adorable, active American Pit Bull Terrier who is around two years old. She weighs about fifty pounds and has all the energy and agility that is characteristic of her breed. Chelsea loves playing with tennis balls. Her athletic ability makes her a natural for flyball, agility training or maybe even water sports.

Chelsea's perfect forever home would be a loving family, couple, or individual who could keep her active both mentally and physically. Because she has been boarded for a while, children over the age of 12 would be a better fit. Chelsea is not aggressive with other dogs, but can be somewhat selective, so ideally any other dogs in the home should be around the same size and temperament. If you have an active lifestyle, Chelsea could be your new best friend!

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Episode 92 - Johnny Walker and Tiffany - Two Sleek, Sassy, Social Black Cats

Susan Daffron talks to Christine Michaels from Riverfront Cats in Florida about two cats named Johnny Walker and Tiffany who are available for adoption as a pair. Riverfront Cats, located in downtown Miami, has seen an explosion of homeless felines. Christine rescued both these cats as kittens from a nearby colony, though neither one is feral. They were probably dumped or strays who had a home at one time; they love the cushy indoor life at their foster home with Christine. As Christine points out, contrary to popular myth, most black cats actually aren't "scaredy cats" at all and are extremely social. And Johnny Walker and Tiffany are no exception.

Johnny Walker is about a year and a half old and extremely people-friendly. He loves laps and even is willing to go to the store on a leash. Tiffany is a small petite female, about a year old, who loves to play. Both cats are pure black and Christine hopes someone will adopt them together, since they already enjoy each other's company. In fact, because it's "Black is Back" month, Christine is offering a two for one adoption fee, along with a gift basket including his/her pet bowls, a food mat, a bag of premium dry cat food, a stack of premium canned moist food, new toys, the book 50 Games to Play with your Cat and a bottle of Coppola wine. Johnny Walker and Tiffany would make wonderful companions for someone, maybe it's you!

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Episode 91 - Harris and Samuel - Two Mellow Kitties Seek New Forever Home

Susan Daffron talks to Robert Shapiro from Social Tees Animal Rescue about two cats named Harris and Samuel who are available for adoption. Social Tees Animal Rescue (S.T.A.R.) is a non-profit 501c3 organization that takes abandoned animals from New York shelters and provides them with a safe haven and veterinary care until they are placed in a proper home.

STAR rescues, rehabilitates and places more than 3000 dogs, cats, birds and reptiles every year. Like many cats, Harris and Samuel ended up in rescue through no fault of their own; their owner died leaving them homeless. These two kitties are about 10 years old and need to be adopted together. Harris is a black cat with beautiful green eyes and Samuel is a silvery tabby. They are both mellow easygoing cats that would be suitable for virtually any family. All they need is a home. Could it be yours?.

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Episode 90 - Berkeley - A Sweet Black Lab No One Can Resist

Susan Daffron talks to Bobbi Allen, the Shelter Manager at the Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk, Maine about a Labrador mix named Berkeley. Berkeley is a dog who was actually transferred from Georgia through the Paws Across America program. When the Animal Welfare Society has space available, they work with volunteers in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Georgia to transport puppies and dogs from overcrowded facilities to Maine for a second chance at life.

In Berkeley's case, a Georgia volunteer saw this 2 1/2 year old Labrador Mix and realized that as black dog, no matter now nice he is Berkeley might be overlooked for adoption simply because of his coloring. Berkeley was treated for heartworm and then made the trek northward to Maine. He is an energetic smart dog who is treat-motivated and eager to please so he'll be extremely easy to train. This loveable dog would be a great addition to almost any family, even if you're a new dog owner. If you've been looking to include a great dog in your life, Berkeley could be just the dog for you.

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Episode 89 - Beasley and Twinkie - Two Orange Kitties that Might Just Wrap a Paw Around Your Heart

Susan Daffron talks to Dian Setz from Diabetic Cats in Need about two 8-year old male orange cats named Beasley and Twinkie. Diabetic Cats in Need is a small, nonprofit rescue that helps diabetic cats and their people. In addition to helping and educating caregivers of diabetic cats, they also rehome diabetic cats. People who need help understanding how to treat a diabetic cat can receive a tremendous amount of support from either the Feline Diabetes Message Board and Diabetic Cat Care. DCIN is also on Facebook and Yahoo Groups. DCIN does not have a shelter facility and many cats are now in foster homes. Beasley and Twinkie were in a home, but their human "mom" went into a domestic abuse shelter and had to surrender her cats to an animal shelter where they were to be euthanized. But the caring folks at DCIN found out about the situation and are sponsoring the cats in their foster home.

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Episode 88 - Lois - A Tiny Terrier with a Big Heart

Susan Daffron talks to Martie Petrie from Ken-Mar Rescue in California about a two-year old Tibetan Terrier mix named Lois who is available for adoption. Lois is a sweet tan and white "Benji look-alike" dog who ended up at the shelter after her owners turned her in. The claimed they had "no time" for Lois, who was not surprisingly sad and bit shy when the folks at Ken-Mar Rescue pulled her out of the shelter. After receiving love and attention in her foster home, Lois' true affectionate personality has returned and she is happily wagging again. At only 10 pounds or so, Lois is an extremely petite little terrier who loves going for walks and also sharing some quality couch time with her favorite humans. She gets along well with both her canine and feline foster si

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Episode 87 - Tattoo and Elvira - Best Buddies Looking for a Home

Susan Daffron talks to Chase Inman and Nicole Cook from the Martinsville-Henry County SPCA in Southwest Virginia about two dogs who are available for adoption. Tattoo is a male neutered American Staffordshire Terrier mix with huge soulful brown eyes and a pretty reddish brown coat. He has a very round face, so he might have some bulldog in there somewhere too. Tattoos best canine buddy at the SPCA is another AmStaff mix named Elvira, who has a fawn-colored coat and white markings.

These two wonderful dogs would fit in well in just about any home. The volunteer dog walkers all love these two friendly dogs -- fans and supporters range from elementary school age to retirees. Both Tattoo and Elvira are about two years old. The SPCA doesn't know too much about their history because they came into the SPCA from other facilities after being picked up as strays. If you're looking for all around great dogs who walk beautifully on leash, you won't find a nicer pair of dogs than Tattoo and Elvira!

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Episode 86 - Stevie - Small Splendid Shepherd Seeks Fur-Ever Home

Susan Daffron talks to Martie Petrie from Ken-Mar Rescue about a spayed female German Shepherd mix named Stevie who is available for adoption. Stevie was born in March 2010, so she's still a youngster, but she will probably be smaller than most German Shepherds at about 35 pounds when she fills out. Unfortunately, like a lot of dogs, Stevie ended up on “Death Row” because of over-capacity at the animal shelter. But Stevie beat the odds, was rescued by Ken-Mar, and has since been staying with a foster parent who is teaching her important things like housebreaking.

In addition to looking like a small shepherd, she also has a lot of the great qualities of the breed. Stevie is intelligent, agile, loyal, self-confident, and protective of her home and property. She is an active smart girl who loves to learn and is fond of training and new challenges. Stevie is enthusiastic about everything and is eager to share that enthusiasm with a special family that will embrace her as their own in her new “fur-ever” home.

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Episode 85 - Daisy - Calm, Sweet Hound Loves to Snuggle

Susan Daffron talks to Deb Edwards, the director of operations at the Mount Pleasant Animal Shelter in New Jersey about a Walker Hound mix named Daisy who is available for adoption. Daisy's story is somewhat sad. She was actually adopted from the shelter four years ago, but it had become difficult for her elderly owners to take Daisy for walks anymore because of health reasons. So Daisy is back at the animal shelter, hoping someone else will see what a sweet and wonderful dog she is.

At seven and a half years old, Daisy is out of the puppy/young adult active, boisterous phase. Even though she does need daily walks, once you return to the house, Daisy is ready to just curl up, snuggle, and watch some TV with you. Because she's been in a family home for years, she has nice "house manners," walks beautifully on a leash, and even knows some basic obedience commands like "sit" and "down." If you're looking for a friendly, calm adult dog to join your family, you won't find a sweeter hound than Daisy.

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Episode 84 - Turner - This Beautiful Chocolate Lab / Vizsla Mix Loves to Run and Swim

Susan Daffron talks to Mike Deathe from the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City about a dog named Turner who is available for adoption. Turner is a 2-year old sleek, beautiful Vizsla/Chocolate Lab mix with an expressive face and pretty light brown eyes. Mike is a trainer who has been working with Turner and other dogs at the humane society. He has taught Turner a lot of the basic commands like "sit" and "down" and some retrieval commands like "drop it." Turner has a lot of energy and loves to play, but he's eager to learn and Mike points out that after just 15 minutes of training work, Turner is like a different dog. Ideally, he'd do best in a home with an active human who likes to hike, run, or swim.

Mike says Turner could even be a great "dock dog" (i.e. a dog that competes in running and jumping off a dock into a pool). Because Turner is such a high-energy dog, sometimes he lacks canine "social skills" so although he gets along with most dogs, he doesn't get along with all dogs. If you already have a dog, the folks at the humane society can set up a "meet and greet" time for you to bring your dog to meet Turner and make sure the two dogs get along. All you fitness nuts out there: if you're looking for a great jogging buddy, consider checking out Turner. He's been at the shelter for quite a while now and is hoping his new best friend will walk through the door soon.

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Episode 83 - Shake - Smart, Energetic Dog is Certified and Knows How to Do Way More Than Just Shake

Susan Daffron talks to Nadia Novik from the Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley in Hailey, Idaho about a two-year old German Shorthaired Pointer mix named Shake. He's a striking white dog with cute brown patches on his head and a smile that you'll fall in love with. Shake also has passed his AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test with flying colors. The CGC is a certification program that rewards dogs with good manners and includes tests on basic obedience commands like "sit" and "down."

Technically Shake is considered a "special needs" dog because he needs to have enzyme powder sprinkled on his food to help him digest it. Because Nadia thinks Shake is such a fantastic dog, she ran a marathon and raised enough money to pay for Shake's special powder for almost three years, so his adoptive parents won't have to worry about any extra financial impact when they adopt him. Shake is one of those all-around great dogs who would fit in well with almost any family. He's extremely smart, energetic, and social and gets along with other dogs, kids and pretty much everyone he meets.

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Episode 82 - Sweetie - A Gorgeous Angora Who Lives Up to Her Name

Susan Daffron talks to Dusty Rainbolt about a spayed female black angora cat named Sweetie who is available for adoption from the Animal Allies of Texas. Dusty is Sweetie's foster "mom" and has already taught this smart little kitty a few tricks like how to shake hands. Sweetie is about two and a half years old and at the rescue, they refer to her as the "WalMart Greeter" because she's incredibly social and friendly with everyone.

She loves attention and is great with kids and other cats. Sweetie has striking yellow eyes that stand out against her gorgeous long black hair. She is solid black, except for a small white "heart" on her chest and white toes on her back feet. Dusty says that Sweetie is one of the smartest, nicest cats she has ever fostered. (And she has fostered quite a few kitties!) Won't you give Sweetie a chance to show you how sweet she really is?

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Episode 81 - Kale - An Anjellicle Cat Looking for a New Adventure

Susan Daffron talks to Joseph Westerfield from Anjellicle Cats Rescue in New York City about a cat named Kale who is available for adoption. Anjellicle Cats is a no-kill, all-volunteer, not-for-profit rescue group that adopts cats in the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut). Although many Anjellicle cats are in foster care, right now, Kale is living at the “cat room” at Spoiled Brats, 340 W. 49th Street because his foster care situation became too crowded. Kale is a beautiful male, neutered black and white "tuxedo" kitty who is about 4 years old.

He doesn't get along well with other cats and would do best as the only cat in the household. Although he likes to be the feline king of the homestead, Kale does enjoy being around people. And he is particularly fond of people who are carrying kitty treats! Kale is an outgoing curious fellow who has no problem reaching out a friendly paw to let you know he'd like a bit of attention. If you're looking for a beautiful and energetic kitty to share your home, Kale is just an all-around great cat who will steal your heart!

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Episode 80 - Woofie - Ironic Name; Sweet Dog (No, She Doesn't Bark!)

Susan Daffron talks to Michelle Marlowe from Mighty Mutts in New York City about a dog named Woofie who is available for adoption. Although she has been in rescue for a while, it's not because of any tragic flaw. Woofie just hasn't found the perfect home yet. A few of her foster homes have had major life changes that forced them to give her up. Woofie has pretty golden fur, perky ears, and soulful eyes. She is about 11 years old and weighs around 45 pounds. Even though she has a touch of arthritis, Woofie loves going on walks. Because she's a mature dog, she is quiet much of the day and likes to get her beauty sleep. Woofie would do best in a home without other animals and can be a great apartment dog, as long as the apartment is on the first floor or there's an elevator (stairs aren't fun because of Woofie's arthritis). Ironically, despite what her name suggests, Woofie also almost never barks! This lovable girl is looking for a great home to spend her golden years. Maybe it's yours?

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Episode 79 - Boomer - Jack (Russell) of All Trades Seeks Fur-Ever Home

Susan Daffron talks to Martie Petrie from Ken-Mar Rescue in California about a male, neutered Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) mix named Boomer. In a strange twist of fate, Boomer ended up in rescue after almost being run over. He was in the middle of the street and a Good Samaritan stopped to see if he was okay. His owners were there and told the Good Samaritan, "we don't want him." Fortunately, the Good Samaritan is the trainer for Ken-Mar and she took Boomer into foster care right then and there. Boomer is a friendly cute little tan and white terrier who loves everybody.

Like most JRTs, Boomer has a lot of energy and would benefit from a structured environment where he can have daily walks and plenty of exercise to keep him both physically and mentally fit. (Terriers need something do; if you don't give them something to do, they will find something to do...and it might not be something you like!) Boomer is only about 1.5 years old and is housebroken. He'd be a fantastic agility dog because he loves to learn and loves to run. If your family is looking for an all-around great little dog with a lot of love and energy to give, check out Boomer!

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Episode 78 - Palomara - A Beautiful Quiet Bunny Looking for a Family to Love

Susan Daffron talks to Inge Dehenin from Rabbit Match about a spayed female Dutch rabbit named Palomara. This sweet, quiet bunny was left abandoned in the back yard when her humans moved away. Fortunately, a neighbor noticed the pretty black rabbit and called Rabbit Match. Palomara is only two years old and has a gorgeous shiny black coat, except for a little white spot on her nose and a white foot. She is litter box trained and is looking for an indoor home with a family who will give her lots of attention. At about 7 pounds, Palomara is a fairly large bunny and would do fine with kids that are older than about 6 years old, although it's important that kids and bunnies be supervised. Bunnies are fragile and they do require special care and attention. They are very social and Palomara will need exercise and playtime every day. If you're looking for an easygoing companion, Palomara might be just the bunny for you!

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Episode 77 - Blanche - She's Happy and Everybody Knows It

Susan Daffron talks to Leigha Messick from the Humane Society of Charles County in Waldorf, Maryland about a dog named Blanche who is available for adoption. Blanche is a white pit bull mix who is between 1 and 2 years old. She ended up at the Humane Society after she was hit by a car. Fortunately, the Humane Society has a fund to help provide veterinary care for injured animals, so even though Blanche had multiple pelvic fractures, the Humane Society was able to give her the help she needed.

(Although Blanche is on cage rest during her recovery, she is welcoming visitors, so please do stop by!) Blanche is a favorite of staff members at the Humane Society because of her happy, happy personality. She is one of those velcro dogs that loves to be around people. Once she's back to full canine power in about a month, Blanche will be a fantastic companion who will be thrilled to share long walks and the sofa with the members of her new family.

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Episode 76 - Zada - A Fantastic Dog (with Her Own Fan Club)

Susan Daffron talks to Katie Woolsey, the Public Relations Coordinator at the Escondido Humane Society in California about a dog named Zada who is available for adoption. According to Katie, if you were to ask the volunteers at the Escondido Humane Society who their favorite dogs are, Zada's name would be at the top the list. Zada is a 3 year old boxer mix with a pretty dark brindle coat and white markings. She has a fun-loving playful spirit, but also is a star at the volunteer dog training class.

In fact, Zada has a special trainer who is preparing her to take the AKC Canine Good Citizen test and everyone is sure she'll get her CGC soon. Zada walks nicely on a leash, knows sit, down, and leave it. She even will "stay" at the end of a long line and knows how to come when called reliably. Zada can be a little shy and sometimes worries when new things startle her, but her training is helping her to become confident and more outgoing. Once Zada knows you, she is an affectionate and loyal companion who will be a fantastic addition to any family.

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Episode 75 - Rusty - A Lucky Tri-Paw'd Pomeranian Looking for a New Family to Love

Susan Daffron talks to Martie Petrie from KenMar Rescue in Los Angeles about a three-year old Pomeranian Mix named Rusty who is available for adoption. Weighing in at about 20 pounds, Rusty is a bit larger than most Poms, so he's probably mixed with a slightly larger breed such as a sheltie. Rusty is actually lucky to be alive. He was hit by a car, which splintered his shoulder joint. After spending three weeks at an animal shelter on painkillers in medical isolation, KenMar Rescue pulled Rusty from the shelter. Because of the damage to his shoulder, Rusty had to have surgery to remove his right front leg.

Although Rusty is now a tri-paw'd dog, he doesn't care and it hasn't affected his attitude or his ability to run and play. He doesn't care that he only has 3 legs and he gets around so well, his foster mom says he could be a great agility dog. Rusty is one of those sweet-natured dogs who just gets along with everybody --adults, kids, and other dogs are all just new friends to meet. Martie says the only thing he isn't good at is being a guard dog, since he doesn't bark. Obviously, Rusty is a lover not a fighter. His favorite thing is being a lap dog; he likes to crawl up on the sofa and snuggle with his humans.

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Episode 74 - Mary Kate and Ashlee - Two Ferrets Mean Twice as Much Fun

Susan Daffron talks to Kim Reynolds from the Oregon Ferret Shelter about two ferrets that are available for adoption. Mary Kate and Ashlee are 3-year old pure white spayed female ferrets. They are roommates and love to play together so the folks at the Oregon Ferret Shelter are hoping they can be adopted to the same home. Mary Kate and Ashlee are both social, playful, and sweet. Kim calls ferrets a great "working-person's pet" because they sleep about 20 hours per day.

Although ferrets don't require a lot of care, they do need to have about an hour of playtime every day with their humans. You also should be prepared to "ferret-proof" your house because they are very curious and like to explore. Ferrets require good quality food and can be susceptible to a type of tumor, so it's a good idea to be prepared for care and veterinary expenses, just as you would for any other pet such as a dog or cat. If you want to learn more about caring for ferrets, check out the Oregon Ferret Shelter Web site, which has lots of helpful information on keeping ferrets healthy and happy.

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Episode 73 - Tula Rose - A Dog Who Will Make You Feel Special

Susan Daffron talks to Cathy Atkinson from EnchantMutts in New Mexico about a dog named Tula Rose who is available for adoption. Tula is a petite 37-pound 2-year old female Cattle Dog mix. She is a shy girl who bonds very closely with her human. (If you are that human, you will feel special; this dog is a great ego-booster!) Because Tula isn't outgoing, she will need a special someone who is patient, kind and appreciate what a wonderful dog she is after she gets to know you. Because of her Cattle Dog heritage, Tula does extremely well off-leash and loves to go hiking. She always keeps you within her sight and returns the moment you call her.

She loves the outdoors and exploring the foothills, mesas, and wide open spaces of New Mexico. Tula is housetrained and when she's not out for her walks, she enjoys being a house dog so she can hang out with her human. Tula gets along with other dogs, but time with her human is most important to her. Cathy is hoping that Tula Rose finds a home where the humans in the house involve their dog (or dogs) in their daily activities. People who don't work long hours (or at all) would be best because Tula enjoys having a reliable routine and spending time with her family.

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Episode 72 - Jasmine - A Lab with a Gray Muzzle, but a Warm Heart

Susan Daffron talks to Mike Fry from Animal Ark in Minnesota about a spayed female yellow Labrador retriever named Jasmine who is available for adoption. Jasmine is about 9 or 10 years old, so she's considered "mature" but she's ready for a lot more good times. Because she's an adult dog, you don't have to worry about issues like housebreaking. Jasmine is housetrained and even tells her humans when she needs to go out. She also already knows a lot of commands, including "sit," "lay," "shake," "spin," and "leave it." Like any retriever, Jasmine needs exercise, but if you can't always take long walks, you can tire her out by playing "fetch."

Jasmine gets along with most dogs as long as they are introduced properly. Because of Jasmine's age, she is part of Animal Ark's "Seniors for Seniors" program, which encourages adoption of senior animals to senior humans with special adoption incentives, such as a lowered adoption fee. This program is a "win-win" because senior pets often need less exercise and training than youngsters, and spending time with pets is healthy for senior citizens, particularly those who live alone. Of course, the best thing about the program is that it helps more senior animals at Animal Ark find wonderful new forever homes!

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Episode 71 - Camden - Paws-i-tively Gorgeous Gray Tabby Seeks Human to Love

Susan Daffron talks to Kim Nelson, the foster mom of a cat named Camden who is available from the Partnership for Animal Welfare in Maryland. Camden was one of a group of cats that were rescued from a semi-feral colony. He has completely adjusted to being an indoor cat and hanging out with people. In fact, he pretty much thinks people, his foster mom's small dog, and other cats are great and enjoys being in the middle of the household "action" wherever that might be.

Camden is extremely social and loves to roll around and purr while getting scratched and petted. He is a gorgeous soft gray color with striking tabby markings and beautiful eyes. Camden is one one of those cats that is curious about everything, so he'd do best in a home that is "cat friendly" so he doesn't get into anything he shouldn't. He is neutered, up to date with all his shots, and ready for a new loving forever home.

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Episode 70 - Danny & Eugene - Two Great Kitties That Go Great Together

Susan Daffron talks to Asha Ellison from Cane's Crossing in Florida about two kitties named Danny and Eugene that are available for adoption. Cane's Crossing is a vet clinic that also rescues homeless pets. Danny and Eugene were part of a litter of 11 kittens that were left in a box on the clinic's doorstep. Although their feline siblings have been adopted, Danny and Eugene are still waiting. The pair has now been at the facility for more than seven months, so they are about a year old.

Danny is a beautiful playful outgoing solid black cat, and Eugene is a gray tabby with expressive yellow eyes. Although he is friendly, Eugene is a bit more reserved than his brother. Their personalities actually complement each other nicely. Because the two cats have grown up together, they have bonded and the folks at Cane's Crossing are hoping that they can be adopted into the same home so they can stay together.

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Episode 69 - Plex - Sure He May Look Macho, But He's a Sweetheart

Susan Daffron talks to Eran Albrecht, the volunteer coordinator for the Humane Society of Williamson County in Texas about a dog named Plex who is available for adoption. Plex is a 3-year old American Stafforshire pit bull mx who is white with brown spots. His ears are cropped (one ear is white and one is brown) so he looks like kind of a macho guy. However, Plex actually is a quiet sweet-natured dog who likes nothing better than playing "ball" with people.

He's friendly and gets along with other dogs and kids wonderfully. When he arrived at the humane society, he was extremely underweight because of his rough time out on the streets as a stray. He has a pancreatic condition which is treatable with enzymes he eats with his food. Now that he's getting his enzymes, he's putting on weight and looking great. Plex had some tough times and is ready for his perfect forever home. Maybe it's yours!

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Episode 68 - Alie - Gorgeous Young Dobie Seeks Active Family to Love

Susan Daffron talks to Don Helfrich from Doberman Rescue of New Mexico about a 10-month-old female Doberman named Alie who is looking for a new home. She has "natural" ears and tail, which means they aren't cropped. She came to Doberman Rescue after being found as a stray with two siblings (both of whom have been adopted). Alie was extremely thin when she arrived, but thanks to lots of TLC in her foster home, she has filled out and is now a gorgeous dog with a gleaming black and tan coat. She has learned how to use the doggie door, walks well on a leash, and is housebroken.

Alie is still basically a puppy and is still in the chewing phase. Plus, Dobermans are large dogs, so Alie will need an owner who is willing to be a leader and take her to obedience classes where she can learn more socialization skills. She tends to be wary meeting other dogs, probably due to her lack of socialization earlier in her life. But after Alie has determined that other dogs are friendly, she'll happily romp and play with them. Alie loves people and Don says that like many Dobermans, she's a "leaner" that enjoys receiving affection. Since she's only 10 months old, her puppy nature comes out whenever she encounters a human who wants to play with her. This beautiful dog had a tough beginning, but will thrive in a new home with an active family who loves her.

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Episode 67 - Zola - A Sweet Cat with Expressive Eyes and a Mellow Personality

Susan Daffron talks to Moira Monahan from the Friends of the Sacramento City Shelter Animals about a cat named Zola who is available for adoption. Zola is a beautiful spayed female short-haired black cat with big expressive yellow eyes. She came into rescue in early September 2009, when a hoarding situation arose (subsequently called the "Belinda Cats") and 140 cats were left abandoned in a home after the owners were evicted. Zola was one of those cats. Unlike many hoarding cases, the cats were in good shape and thanks to groups like the Sacramento City Shelter Animals, 131 cats have been adopted so far.

Zola currently is in foster care and her foster mom says that Zola will often look at you with those big eyes as if she has something extremely important to impart to you. Although she was very shy when she was first rescued, now Zola loves to sleep at your feet, and is starting to think that a nice warm lap isn't such a bad thing either. Unlike most cats, Zola patiently waits for you to get up in the morning before she meows for attention. Although she's only 7 months old, Zola is a calm and quiet cat who doesn't have a constant need to be entertained. She is sweet, mellow kitty who gets along well with other cats. Eight other cats from the Belinda case are still available too, so you could adopt Zola and another feline friend!

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Episode 66 - Sparkles - A Super Sweet Dog with the Most Amazing Ears You've Ever Seen!

Susan Daffron talks to Sandy Boulton, the Public Relations Director for the Dearborn Animal Shelter in Dearborn, Michigan about a dog named Sparkles who is available for adoption. Right now, Sparkles is in a great foster home, but is looking for her perfect forever home. She is a two-year old white pit bull mix who weighs about 40 pounds and has the most amazing ears you have ever seen. Plus, as Sandy points out, Sparkles looks like she's wearing eyeliner, so when she looks up at you, her eyes actually do sparkle (hence her name).

Like most young terriers, Sparkles has a lot of energy and would do best living with a family that has time to give her the exercise she needs. (Her foster family even has a treadmill she has learned to use!) Sparkles has been crate trained and housebroken and has a happy spirit that is a joy to be around. She gets along with cats, kids, and other dogs and has attended obedience class where she learned to 'sit' and 'lay down'. Sparkles is a sweet girl who would make a great addition to your family!

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Episode 65 - Hoss - A Sweet Young Border Collie Bonanza

Susan Daffron talks to Jo-Anne Dixon, D.V.M. from the Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley about a dog named Hoss who is available for adoption. The Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley is a no-kill shelter located in Idaho near the Sun Valley ski resort. Hoss is a medium sized, neutered male border collie/heeler mix who is about 5 months old. Hoss and his brother were found as strays and brought to the animal shelter. Although Hoss' brother found a new home, Hoss is still waiting for his special someone. Although he is still a bit of a puppy, Hoss is a smart dog with a lot of energy.

Both border collies and heelers are herding breeds that love to have something to do, and Hoss is no exception. Given his herding heritage, Hoss would do best in a home prepared to give him lots of time, exercise and mental stimulation. If you have ever thought about doing obedience or agility with your dog, or even just having a canine friend to go on long walks with, Hoss would be the perfect companion. With his happy energetic spirit and fun personality, Hoss will make a great addition to your family.

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Episode 64 - Kaaz & Oscar - Two Small Dogs with Big Love to Give

Susan Daffron talks to Ellen Lockwood from the Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas about two dogs named Kaaz and Oscar. Kaaz is available for adoption and Oscar is in permanent foster care. Although Oscar has found a home, Ellen wanted to share his story because he represents the forgiving nature of the animals you often find in rescue. His story is on the Web site and involves terrible past abuse by a prior owner, which has left him with permanent medical problems. Even after all he has been through, you can see the love in his eyes.

Although Oscar has found a permanent living situation, Kaaz is still looking for a perfect forever home. Kaaz came from a terrible living situation where the other dogs actually died from mistreatment. As the sole survivor, he came into rescue with a severe case of mange, skin infections, and giardia. Although he has been enjoying life in foster care in rescue, his compromised immune system probably also resulted in a case of kidney stones, which required surgery. However, he has been treated at the vet and now has a clean bill of health. He will need to eat a special kidney to reduce the chance of this kidney problem happening again in his future, but he's ready for his new home home. Kaaz is only about 3 years old and has many years of love left to give!

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Episode 63 - Rudy - This Orange Tabby Plays Fetch (Yes, He Retrieves Like a Dog!)

Susan Daffron talks to Anke from the Tails of Hope Sanctuary in Maryland about a cat named Rudy who is available for adoption. Tails of Hope is a network of foster care providers who save animals from shelters. Rudy is one of the cats Anke has in the foster care Cattery now. A two-year old beautiful male neutered orange tabby, Rudy is probably about two years old. Although Rudy was quite shy when he first came into rescue, he's turned into quite a character. Anke says he is the only cat she's ever seen who loves to play "fetch."

Rudy has a favorite blue ball and if you throw it down the stairs, he will run after it and bring it back to you. Or sometimes, he may opt run down the stairs and suggest you throw the ball to him as well. Rudy is also noted for being one of the "greeters" at the Cattery. When people come in, Rudy comes up and says "hi" hoping that you'll pet him. Ideally, Rudy would enjoy living with another cat. (In fact, he has a special feline "buddy" so if you are interested in adopting two cats, please do get in touch with Anke!) Even if he is the only cat in the household, Rudy misses having his own special human in his life who will call him his own. Maybe that person is you.

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Episode 62 - Dora and Roxy - Two Sweet Little Dogs; Two Very Different Personalities

Susan Daffron talks to Martie Petrie from Ken-Mar Rescue in Southern California. The topic of the call is two small dogs named Dora and Roxy. Many people seem to think that little dogs are all alike, but as Martie points out, Dora and Roxy couldn't be more different. Dora is a high-energy year-old brown Dachshund mix who likes to be in the life of the party. She is great with people, kids, and other dogs. Although she may be small, Dora has a lot of energy and loves her walks. She would do best in a busy fun family household where she can get a lot of attention. At two years old Roxy is a bit more mature than Dora and lot more reserved. She is a mix of Yorkshire and Silky Terrier with soft pretty gray fur and deep dark eyes. Roxy was found wandering the streets and the experience has caused Roxy to be a worried about new experiences. She is rediscovering the world around her and is looking for a home with a patient loving person who will take the time to help her gain confidence again.

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Episode 61 - Spike - Just an All-Around Great Dog

Susan Daffron talks to Liz Keller from the Glen Wild Animal Rescue, which is based in Delaware County, New York. The topic of discussion is a 6-year old shepherd mix named Spike. Liz calls Spike the "Walter Matthau" of dogs -- kind of gruff on the outside when you first meet him, but then a total marshmallow once you get to know him. Spike ended up at a local animal control facility after his owner died. Glen Wild Animal Rescue took him in to help find him a new home. Spike is one of those all-around great dogs that sometimes are overlooked by adopters since he isn't "flashy." He's a well-behaved mature dog who gets along with pretty much everyone and deserves a chance for a new home.

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Episode 60 - Pipi - Let Her Wag Her Way Into Your Heart

Susan Daffron talks to Kunzang Drolma about a dog named Pipi who is available for adoption from Tara's Babies Animal Welfare, an animal sanctuary located in Northern Arizona. Tara's Babies was formed after Hurricane Katrina. A group of volunteers went to help and brought back 130 animals to the former ranch land in Dakini Valley. The volunteers realized that even after the Katrina dogs were adopted, the need for a sanctuary was not over. So today, 36 dogs live at the sanctuary. Rescued from the streets of Taipei, in Taiwan, Pipi is one of those dogs. Pipi is a solid black Taiwanese Mountain Dog, which is a breed that is rare in this country. She is now about 3 years old. Taiwanese Mountain Dogs have short coarse hair and do not shed very much.

Pipi has beautiful dark eyes and "bat" ears that stand up like a German Shepherd. She is extremely alert and attentive to everything that is going around her. Pipi would probably enjoy participating in active sports like agility because she is extremely smart and playful. Although she plays well with other dogs, Pipi is a dominant dog, so she would do best in a home where the other dog is more submissive. She loves to run and is a bit of an escape artist, so Pipi will need a home either with "invisible" fencing or a fence that is tipped in at the top, so she can't climb out. Pipi is a fantastic, attentive dog that will be a great companion for an active person or family that appreciates her joyful spirit.

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Episode 59 - Mickey - A Border Collie Mix That Will Steal Your Heart

Susan Daffron talks to Vicky Caponiti from the Partnership for Animal Welfare (PAW) about a tri-colored border collie mix named Mickey who is available for adoption. Based in the Washington, D.C. area, PAW is a non-profit group of volunteers who take homeless pets out of animal shelters and find them new homes. Most of the dogs are in foster care and attend adoption shows in the suburban Maryland area. Although his prior owner neglected him, after some medical help from the folks at PAW, Mickey is now a healthy, happy dog who is always a big "hit" at the adoption shows because he just loves everybody.

Mickey is an active young dog (about 1.5 years old) so he will need a fenced yard to play in. Because he's a border collie mix, he is also extremely bright, so he would enjoy doing something that exercises both his mind and his body. Mickey would love to participate in obedience training classes, but he also would be great at sports like flyball, Frisbee, or agility. If you are an athletic type who wants a new canine buddy to go running with, you won't find a more enthusiastic companion than Mickey! This dog had a really rough start and deserves a second chance from someone who will appreciate what a wonderful dog he really is.

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Episode 58 - Duchess - An Easygoing Gal Seeking a New Family to Love

Susan Daffron talks to Christina Nestor from Mike's Dog House about a dog named Duchess who is available for adoption. Mike's Dog House is a rescue in Florida that specializes in saving "bully breed" dogs, which may include American Bulldogs, Old English Bulldogs, Staffordshire Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, Bull Terriers, American Staffordshires, and others. Duchess is a 4 or 5-year old female pit bull who is a pretty "reverse" blue brindle color. She is a one of the stocky "low rider" type pit bulls and weighs in at about 50 pounds.

Unlike many bully breed dogs, she's extremely laid back and doesn't need much exercise. Although she likes a regular walk, she is basically a couch potato. (If you're a couch potato too, perhaps you can be spuddy buddies together!) Duchess is a mellow, extremely well-socialized dog who gets along with kids and other dogs. She has no bad habits, and is spayed housetrained, crate-trained, up-to-date on her shots, and even microchipped. Duchess is just ready to go to her new home and eager to meet a new family who will love her.

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Episode 57 - Slammer - Former Racer Seeks New Career as Cherished Pet

Susan Daffron talks to Barbara Masi from the Florida Chapter of Greyhound Pets of America, which is the largest single breed adoption group in the world. The organization is dedicated to finding homes for racing greyhounds that have retired from the track. Slammer is a six-year old male dog who raced under the name MPS Goldfinger. After that, he lived at a veterinary clinic for a while as a "donor dog." Because greyhounds are "universal" blood donors, many retired greyhounds spend some time helping out at clinics. After having two careers, Slammer is ready to retire completely in a new forever home. He is a gorgeous blonde "fawn" color and has big expressive brown eyes.

Slammer is a big boy weighing in at 77 pounds, but like most greyhounds he's very lean. (Greyhounds have a low percentage of body fat and thin fur, so being able to see their ribs doesn't mean they are "too skinny.") Slammer is a low-key dog and like most greyhounds doesn't need an exceptional amount of exercise. Retired racing greyhounds do need daily walks like any other dog, but they aren't particularly "hyper" dogs. In fact, although they like to play, many of them are large couch potatoes. Slammer has an easygoing personality and will make someone a wonderful companion. Barbara says that "greyhounds are like potato chips; you can't have just one!"

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Episode 56 - China - A Laid Back Kitty Who Likes Belly Rubs

Susan Daffron talks to Pauline Davis from the Murray County Animal Shelter in Georgia about a nine-year old spayed, female cat named China. This beautiful black long-haired kitty was dropped off at the animal shelter when her owner had a baby. Because she is declawed, China needs an indoor-only home. Although she gets along well with other cats, China likes her space, so she'd probably be happiest if she's the only cat in the household.

Because of her age and color, it's been more difficult for China to find a new home. At many animal shelters, older black cats are often the last to be adopted. But China is a friendly, laid back cat who will happily roll over on her back for belly rubs. This sweet kitty deserves a second chance for a special forever home where she'll be appreciated and loved.

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Episode 55 - Arbor and Spunky - Two Great Dogs That Go Great Together

Susan Daffron talks to Martie Petrie from Ken-Mar Rescue in Southern California about two dogs named Arbor and Spunky. These dogs are a mother and son that were found as strays and taken to a shelter. Right before their time was up, Ken-Mar Rescue pulled the two dogs out of the shelter and put them into foster care. Both Arbor and Spunky are a mix of Norfolk and Yorkshire Terrier, so they are small "pocket pal" dogs who weigh in at only about 8 pounds when they're full grown.

Arbor is about a year old and Spunky is about 4 months, so Spunky is still definitely a puppy. The two have bonded with each other and absolutely love to play and have fun together, so Ken-Mar is hoping they can be placed together into their new forever home. Because Arbor and Spunky keep each other company, they'd be a great pair of dogs for someone who works all day. Of course, they do need to be walked and cared for by their human companion, but these two dogs get along with each other so well that they can keep themselves amused while you're at the office.

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Episode 54 - Macbeth - A Mellow Beagle Looking For A Loving Home

Susan Daffron talks to Ewa Rurarz-Huygens from Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland about a six-year old beagle named Macbeth. Although Macbeth is a sweet dog, he has been largely overlooked, and has been in in rescue for quite a while. It's not because he's a "wild child;" in fact, he's really quite the opposite. At six years old, this mellow guy is well past the puppy phase, but since beagles usually live to be about 15 years old, Macbeth is in his prime. His foster "mom" says Macbeth is just about the easiest dog she's ever fostered, so even someone new to dog ownership can easily adjust to life with Macbeth.

Although Macbeth gets along with other dogs, cats, and pretty much everyone, he absolutely adores affection, so he would be fine being the only dog and the center of a human's attention. It's likely that Macbeth had a somewhat difficult life before he came into rescue. Given his condition, he may have been a hunting dog or just kept outside and ignored. But now, he has learned that life as a house dog is a great thing and enjoys the basics: happily snoozing on his bed and chowing down on treats or dinner. If you're looking for a dog that will easily adapt to your home, check out Macbeth. All he needs is a little love from you and he'll be happy!

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Episode 53 - Gino - Who Would Leave This Sweet Dog Behind?!

Susan Daffron talks to Gail Montgomery from Almost Home Animal Rescue in Michigan about a six-year old Bichon Frise named Gino who is available for adoption. Gino was found wandering as a stray. His home had been foreclosed upon and his family left him behind. But a kindly neighbor brought Gino to Almost Home where they groomed this fuzzy little white dog and cleaned him up, so he looks like a Bichon again. In the process, they noticed that Gino's hair was thin and that he was constantly hungry and drank a lot of water. So they took Gino to the vet.

It turns out that Gino has Cushing's Disease, but fortunately it's the type of Cushing's that is treatable. Gino has been neutered and now gets a little pill in his food every day for his Cushing's. The medication is working well, Gino is feeling great, and the vet expects him to live a long life. Gino is one of those happy dogs who absolutely loves everybody: men, women, kids, cats, and other dogs are all just new friends for him. Right now, Gino is out of the shelter and doing well in his a foster home; he just needs a new family who will love him and let him love them back

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Episode 52 - Bailey - A Small Dog With a Big Personality

Susan Daffron talks to Kate Carpenter from Pet Zone in Georgia about a three-year old black pomeranian mix named Bailey who is available for adoption. Pet Zone saves dogs from euthanasia from animal control facilities in Walton and surrounding counties (this area of Georgia has an 85% euthanasia rate). All the dogs at Pet Zone are temperament tested, animal friendly, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and obedience trained. The facility is set up like a doggie daycare just for rescued dogs.

In Bailey's case, he was left in a box in the parking lot of Animal Control with no information before the folks at Pet Zone saved him. Because of this experience, Bailey is not too fond of the idea of crate training. But he's learning that a crate is not the same thing as a box. When you go into the crate, you get a treat! Bailey is a little bit larger than some pomeranians and is black with a white chest. This cute little guy takes a few minutes to warm up to people, but then he can be a great TV-watching buddy. He would do best in a home without small children, but he doesn't need a whole lot of exercise. So if you have couch potato tendencies, Bailey can be your spuddy buddy!

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Episode 51 - Sting - Sending Out an S.O.S. For A New Home

Susan Daffron talks to Dawn Konrad from Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue about a dog named Sting who is available for adoption or even a foster home. Sting was turned into a shelter in Maryland when his owner died. The shelter called MAGSR who have been working to find him a foster or adoptive home. Although they don't know much about his previous life, Sting is probably about 5 or 6 years old. He's a little shy and learning how to trust people again. At this point, Sting also is very thin, so MAGSR is working on putting weight on him. Unlike most German Shepherds, Sting is white/cream and black, instead of the typical tan color.

He appears to be a purebred and is a striking-looking dog with big ears and soft brown eyes. Given his prior experiences, it's not a surprise that Sting is a bit cautious about meeting people at first. But once he gets to know you, he's your best friend. Unlike many big dogs, Sting doesn't need a huge amount of exercise. In fact, he's perfectly happy to be a couch potato with you while you watch TV. Sting is great with other dogs and probably would do best in a home where he can have a canine buddy. He also seems to get along with cats and older kids. Sting is a sweet dog that deserves a second chance at a good life.

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Episode 50 - Inky & Amber - Don't Judge Kitties By Their Coat Color

Susan Daffron talks to India Powell from Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends about two cats named Inky and Amber. These two kitties came into rescue as kittens about 3 years ago and have been in foster care ever since. They are extremely well-adjusted sweet cats who have adapted to multiple foster-care environments over the years. The reason they have been overlooked for so long is simply because of their coat color. Both black dogs and black cats are often last to be adopted, which is unfortunate and sad. Black cats (or dogs) can be are more difficult to see in a cage, particularly if the lighting isn't great and some people have superstitious beliefs about black animals.

But as you can see from the pictures, both Inky and Amber are beautiful healthy kitties. Because the brother and sister have been together since kittenhood, they have bonded and AARF would like them to be adopted together. As many people know, adopting two cats is almost as easy as adopting one and the cats have each other for company and kitty companionship. The two cats look much alike, but Amber is a bit smaller than her brother Inky, and actually has white markings on her tummy. Both cats get along with dogs and pretty much everyone else too. Please consider giving these two sweet cats a new home.

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Episode 49 - Turbo - A Sweet Low-Key "Velcro Pug"

Susan Daffron talks to Cindy Gagnon from Southeast Pug Rescue and Adoption about an 8-year old fawn-colored pug named Turbo. Because Turbo has diabetes, he needs special food and two insulin shots per day. However, Cindy (his foster mom) says that even though some people may be concerned about taking care of a diabetic dog, "it really is not that hard." Turbo just needs to receive his medications on a consistent schedule and you have to pay attention to his appetite. These are things any conscientious dog owner would do with a dog anyway. Turbo is a really easy-going guy with an extremely sweet personality. (Cindy calls him a "velcro pug.")

He gets along with kids, cats, and other dogs. In fact, Turbo has been to several fundraising events and sits patiently while kids and people pet and shower him with attention. In his foster home, Turbo has learned all about how to use a dog door and is 100% housetrained. Even though he'd never seen one before, Turbo also has learned that his crate is a really great bed and he loves snoozing in there. Of course, he also likes curling up with his foster Dad in a recliner chair too. If you have a little space in your heart (and maybe your recliner chair) and want to share your life with a special pug, Turbo will make a great addition to your family.

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Episode 48 - Blue - A Sweet Special Dog

Susan Daffron talks to Christy Thomson from the Seattle Humane Society about a dog named Blue who is currently in foster care. Contrary to what you might think from her name, Blue is not a merle or blue gray-colored dog. She's actually a deep chocolate brown color with a white stripe up her muzzle. Blue is 10 months old, so she's still a bit of a puppy, but she loves everyone. Kids and dogs are both okay with her! Because Blue is deaf, she will need someone who is willing to train her with hand signals. At her foster home, she has already begun learning commands and the Seattle Humane Society includes include six weeks of training in one of their on-campus dog behavior courses.

So you can continue the great education Blue has already received and get her off on the right paw! Like all dogs adopted from the Seattle Humane Society, Blue has been spayed, micro-chipped, vaccinated and behavior tested. She also will go to her new home with a certificate for an examination by a King County veterinarian and an identification tag. Blue doesn't know she's any "different" than any other dog. She's a sweet, easygoing young girl that will be a great addition to the lucky family that is willing to love her and continue her training.

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Episode 47 - Teddy - An Outgoing Smart Bichon with a Big Smile

Susan Daffron talks to Marti Colwell from Bichon FurKids Rescue in California about a bichon named Teddy who is available for adoption. Teddy is a well-adjusted fluffy white bichon who had a great life until his "Mom" lost her job and then her house. (The current economic situation doesn't just affect humans!) Although she had owned Teddy for 11 years, when she could no longer afford to care for him, Teddy's Mom brought him to Bichon FurKids to help find him a new forever home. Teddy is in foster care and has adjusted well to his new surroundings. Teddy is housebroken and loves pretty much everybody.

Dogs, cats, kids, and adults are all just new friends for this active and happy little guy. Teddy has a big smile and likes playing with squeaky toys and going for walks. Although technically Teddy could be considered a "senior" dog, many bichons can live to be 18 or 20 years old. Teddy is in great health and his foster mom says he acts like a "young dude." Teddy is having meetings with prospective adopters, so Marti also mentioned a "bonded pair" of FurKids who may be available soon named Buster and Camille. If you are interested in adding a small white ball of love into your life, check out Teddy and the other bichons at the Bichon FurKids site.

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Episode 46 - Flo - A Sweet Tripod Dog With a Huge Smile

Susan Daffron talks to Brenda Pina from the Sanctuary Animal Refuge in Florida about a dog named Flo. The sanctuary rescued this sweet pit bull mix from an open admission shelter in Georgia where she was in danger of being euthanized because she had a problem with her back leg. A woman had wrapped duct tape around Flo's leg, cutting off the circulation and causing an infection. When the woman realized there was a medical problem, she dumped Flo at animal control. A kind person named Patsy pulled Flo from the shelter and took her to the vet. Flo's leg couldn't be saved, so it was amputated.

Then Flo was able to come to the Sanctuary Animal Refuge to find her new home. Although she only has three legs now, Flo has no trouble walking or running. She's a sweetheart and everybody lovers her happy, sunny disposition. Flo "smiles" all the time and enjoys being around both small and large dogs. She likes to lay her head on your lap, so you can pet and cuddle her. Flo is one of those dogs who has had a terribly rough beginning, yet still remains a kind, loving dog. She deserves a second chance at a new home where she can receive the love she deserves.

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Episode 45 - Bishop - A Sweet Dog Who Might be the Answer to Your Prayers

Susan Daffron talks to Cynthia Farrell from Pet Haven in Minnesota about a dog named Bishop who is available for adoption. Bishop is one of those "Heinz 57" dogs who looks like he has some American Staffordshire Terrier in him, but also probably a mix of other breeds too. He is a dark blonde with a cute white stripe on his note and light tummy. Bishop is around a year old now and has been in Pet Haven's foster care program since June of 2008. When he was just 4 months old, he was rescued with a number of other dogs from a hoarding situation. Since he's been in foster care, Bishop has been through two obedience classes and the transformation in his behavior has been amazing.

Bishop is a total people lover, and loves to be the center of attention. Because he's young and still a bit of a puppy, Bishop is an exuberant boy who likes nothing better than chasing tennis balls and playing. Ideally, Bishop is looking for a home where he can receive a lot of attention from an owner who wants a great canine buddy to hang out with. Although Bishop is crate trained and used to being left alone for up to a full work day, he would appreciate lunch-time outings. Bishop would also benefit from an owner who is willing to continue his obedience training. Another training class will help Bishop bond with his new family. Won't you take a leap of faith and see how perfectly wonderful Bishop might be for you?

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Episode 44 - Julian - A Gorgeous Orange Tabby Who Is Full of Love

Susan Daffron talks to Jani Spiby from The Cat Posse in Burbank CA about a cat named Julian who is available for adoption. Julian is a male orange tabby who has undergone an amazing physical transformation thanks to the Cat Posse. He was found by a feral cat colony caretaker who trapped him and took him to the vet. Julian obviously wasn't feral, but he was quite sick. He had a terrible case of mange and a deep infected wound, which had been caused by his scratching. It took quite a bit of skin care treatment and even surgery to fix a problem with his eyelashes, but now he is a gorgeous, healthy cat.

During his veterinary adventures, Julian was also tested for FIV, and came up positive. However, contrary to popular opinion, cats with FIV can live a long and healthy life and live with other compatible cats without any problem. In fact, FIV-positive cats can live into their teens, just like any other cat that is taken care of well. Julian is an extremely friendly and loveable cat. Although he's not exactly a "lap cat" he does love to be around people and is extremely social. Consider giving this sweet orange boy a second chance at a great life. After what he's been through, he certainly deserves it!

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Episode 43 - Samurai - Maybe He's Just the Jindo for You?

Susan Daffron talks to Alaire Garrison from the SPCA/HS of Prince George's County in Maryland about a 3-year old dog named Samurai who is available for adoption. Samurai (aka Sam or Sammy) is a rather unusual breed of dog called a Jindo. These dogs actually originated from the Island of Jindo in Korea where they were bred as hunting dogs. Sam is all white with cream-colored highlights and weighs in at about 45 pounds. He has a curly tail and pointy ears, so he looks somewhat like a small, white Akita.

Because of his hunting heritage, he probably would be best in a home without cats or other small animals. He is a bit dominant, but loves to play with sociable dogs. Ideally, he would have access to a dog park or a doggie day care where he could find playmates he can romp and play with. Sam is extremely affectionate with people he knows and is content to lie by your feet. In fact, Sam is laid back enough that he could even live in an apartment or condo, if he got daily walks and exercise to keep him physically and mentally happy. Sammy is a really sweet dog who is just looking for someone to love. (Maybe it's you?!)

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Episode 42 - Grover - A Silly Sweet Spotted Dog Who Loves to Play

Susan Daffron talks to Tabitha Hanes from the Richmond SPCA about a Labrador Retriever/Hound mix named Grover. This dog mix is one of those great goofy canines that everyone loves to be around because he just makes you smile. Grover is mostly white, but he also has a collection of really nifty black spots on his head, particularly around his muzzle and ears. He's a happy dog who just wants to be everyone's friend. Although he has an old healed shoulder injury, it doesn't slow him down at all. It just gives him a distinctive gait.

This Richmond SPCA uses the ASPCA Meet Your Match program to help match the perfect dog with the perfect owner based on compatible personalities and behavior. In the Meet Your Match system, Grover's personality is "goofball," which is described as: "I'm a fun-loving, happy-all-the-time, glass-is-half-full kind of dog looking for someone who loves to laugh and play around. Must have a great sense of humor and a bunch of tennis balls." The Meet Your Match Canine-ality Adoption Program that the Richmond SPCA is using is designed to help you find the dog that's just right for you. If you want a dog that will make you laugh a lot, Grover might be the one.

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Episode 41 - Mimi - A Soft and Sweet Brown Tabby Who Loves Being with People

Susan Daffron talks to Lori Wend from the Shelter to Home rescue in Canton, Michigan about a 2-year old brown tabby named Mimi who has been in foster care for awhile now and needs a new home. Mimi is a domestic shorthair cat with tabby markings and a cinnamon-colored tummy. She has striking green eyes and white fur on her mouth and chin. Like most cats, she likes being brushed, catnip treats, and dinner time. Mimi was pulled from the local pound after her owner dropped her off. When she arrived at Shelter to Home, Mimi was pregnant. She raised her own kittens and then acted as a foster mom for other homeless kittens as well.

All of her babies have now been adopted into permanent homes, so it's Mimi's turn to find her own forever home. Mimi is one of those cats who likes to supervise what's going on and be near you. Although she's not much of a lap cat, she's the type of social, friendly cat who will greet you when you come home and not-too-subtlely let you know when it's feeding time. Although she gets along with kids, Mimi likes being in a quiet environment and would do best in a home without small children. Mimi loves affection and being the center of attention; she'd make a great companion for someone who lives alone or an older couple.

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Episode 40 - Dakota - A One-of-a-Kind Dog Looking Forward to Her Independence Day

Susan Daffron talks to Judy Price from Atlanta Pet Rescue about a three-year old Beagle-Pekingese mix named Dakota who is available for adoption. Atlanta Pet Rescue is a no-kill animal shelter in Georgia that often takes in animals from other shelters and animal control facilities.. Dakota came from a rural facility where her odds of being adopted were low, mostly because her back legs have badly formed knees, so she doesn't walk normally. It is a genetic defect, which will be repaired by a local vet. Because dogs need three legs to move around, Dakota needs two knee surgeries to fix the problem. Dakota has already had her first knee surgery and is doing well. Each surgery requires six weeks of rest so Dakota will be ready to be adopted to her forever home around the fourth of July (Dakota's Independence Day!).

At only 10 pounds, Dakota is a tiny, adorable dog with a pretty golden coat. She gets along with cats (even ones that are larger than she is). Because she was probably kept outside for most of her life, Dakota is somewhat shy around people, but she loves attention and will sit in your lap for as long as you let her. Her new owner will need to have a fenced yard and be extra careful with Dakota to make sure she isn't dropped accidentally. So a new home without small children would be ideal. Because of her special needs and size, Dakota doesn't require a tremendous amount of exercise, so if you are a die-hard couch potato this may be the perfect sweet little dog for you.

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Episode 39 - Spanky - A Dog Who Needs a Third Chance

Susan Daffron talks to Mike Rueb, the Trainer and Enrichment Coordinator at Bideawee in New York about a dog named Spanky. Bideawee (pronounced Bye-Dah-Wee) is Scottish for "Stay Awhile." Founded in 1903, Bideawee is one of the oldest animal welfare organizations in the country. Spanky is a Rhodesian Ridgeback/German Shepherd mix who originally was adopted from Bideawee years ago. Bideawee works with the Town of Hempstead shelter, where Spanky was dropped off by his previous owners, so this is actually the second time Spanky has been rescued by Bideawee.

Spanky has had a bit of upheaval in his life lately, but he's readjusting and is ready to go to a new home of his own. At about 5 years old, Spanky is in the prime of his life. He's got a sweet personality and an adorable slightly crooked smile. Because he is a good-sized athletic dog, he would do best in a home where his owner is willing to take him out for walks. Because he's well beyond puppyhood and adolescence, after exercising he's perfectly content to curl up at your feet and snooze. Spanky is just a great all-around dog, who deserves a second (or even third!) chance.

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Episode 38 - Bay State Breeze - An Appaloosa Yearling Eager to Learn

Susan Daffron talks to Trisha Wooldridge from the Bay State Equine Rescue in Massachusetts about a horse named Bay State Breeze who is available for adoption. Breeze is a year old and was rescued as a foal along with her mother and father from an extremely neglectful situation where she was confined in an small area that wasn't cleaned. However with all the tender loving care and attention she has received at Bay State Equine Rescue, she is blossoming into a gorgeous young horse. Initially, she was afraid of people, but Breeze has learned to trust again. As you can see from the photo, she is a beautiful bay color.

According to Trisha, as Breeze gets older, she is also developing great appaloosa spots along her rump so she's going to have striking markings when she reaches maturity. Because Breeze is a yearling, she needs a new owner who understands that young horses need leadership. Breeze has a tremendous amount of potential, and her new owner will need to be firm yet patient to give Breeze the training she needs.

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Episode 37 - Livi - This Maine Coon Mix Needs a Cat Lady

Susan Daffron talks to Lindsay Hood, the Communications Officer at the North County Humane Society & SPCA in Oceanside, California about a cat named Livi who is available for adoption. Livi was given up to the Humane Society by her owners after they had children. Unfortunately, this situation is not uncommon, and now Livi needs a new adult-only home. It's likely that Livi was particularly bonded to her former mom because she really loves women in particular.

She has an incredibly loud "purr motor" which gets into gear whenever she is around women. Because Livi has had all four paws declawed, she needs to go to a home where she will never be allowed outside. She has no bad habits to speak of and loves to play with fishing pole-type kitty toys. As you can see from the photo, she is an exceptionally beautiful long-haired cat with tabby markings and gorgeous eyes. Livi is only two years old, and she'll make a fantastic companion for a loving "cat lady" for many years to come.

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Episode 36 - Sapphire - A Gorgeous Turkish Angora Cat with Amazing Blue Eyes

Susan Daffron talks to Carol Verigin from Divine Pet Connections about a cat named Sapphire who is available for adoption. Divine Pet Connections is a rescue based in Redding California that serves the Shasta county area. Sapphire is a absolutely gorgeous pure white Turkish Angora cat. She has medium-length hair and the most amazing blue eyes you'll ever see (hence her name).

She was found as a stray and her kittens have now all been adopted, so now she's healthy and ready for a new home. Probably because of her difficult past, she is still quite independent, but she has blossomed into an extremely affectionate cat. She has a regal bearing and loves to sit on a high perch and be "queen of all she surveys." Sapphire would do best in a household without kids where she is the only cat and can receive all the loves she deserves.

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Episode 35 - Wrigley - An Affectionate Little Fellow Who Adores Being Around People

Susan Daffron talks to Donna Wilhite of the RatzenMauzers RMCA Las Vegas domesticated rat and mouse rescue about a seal point Siamese rat named Wrigley. He is a one-year old rat who is off-white with brown "points" on his nose and ears. Wrigley came into rescue from a family that had dogs. One of the dogs attacked him and although Wrigley was not seriously harmed, he was extremely scared when he arrived at RatzenMauzers.

However, after spending time in rescue he's no longer afraid of humans. Wrigley has learned to trust people again, and is incredibly affectionate. In fact, Donna has even taught him a few tricks and to use a litter box. Wrigley would do best in a home without other animals or small children. Because he absolutely adores attention, his new owner should be prepared to give him lots of the love he craves.

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Episode 34 - Garland - Sweet Cuddle Buddy Who Loves Belly Rubs

Susan Daffron talks to Laura McKelvey about a dog named Garland who is available for adoption from PAWS Atlanta, a no-kill shelter located in Decatur, Georgia. Garland is a 2-3 year old female plot-hound mix with a black and brown brindle coat. She has been spayed, microchipped, and is up-to-date on her vaccinations. Plus, her future owner receives one month free ShelterCare veterinary insurance. In December of 2007, Garland was found tied to a gate at PAWS Atlanta, and she has now spent two holiday seasons at the shelter. She is a sweet girl, who is a little shy when she first meets people, but after a few minutes she rolls over on her back asking for a belly rub.

Because she's been at the shelter for a while and is so sweet, Garland spends a lot of time hanging out at the front desk as the unofficial PAWS mascot. Garland would do best in a home where she is a big part of the family and gets to spend a lot of time around people. After spending so much time at the shelter, Garland will benefit from a stable environment with someone she can trust. Ideally, her new owner would be able to spend time with her in confidence-building activities like obedience training or agility. Because she is a little shy, young kids may scare Garland, so she would do best in a family without kids or one with older kids.

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Episode 33 - Rocky - A Great All-Around Family Dog

Susan Daffron talks to Carrie Harrington from the Marin Humane Society about a dog named Rocky who is available for adoption. Rocky is an 8-year old smooth collie mix who just loves people -- all people, even little kids. It's difficult to find a dog nicer than Rocky. Although he is friendly and playful, he also is happy to settle down at your feet or next to you on the sofa for some quality snooze time. Carrie calls Rocky, "a big goofball" who just loves to play with his toys.

Plus, he's even had some obedience training and knows how to "sit" and "down" on command. Because he is an energetic 55-pound dog, he will need regular exercise. Rocky is an extremely striking dog, partly because he has handsome tan and white markings, but also because he has one brown eye and one blue eye. Even though his eyes are different colors, he doesn't have any vision or hearing problems. In fact, the folks at the Marin Humane Society did a full vet exam on him complete with blood work and he's just a healthy happy dog that would be ideal for an active family that can give him the love he deserves.

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Episode 32 - Mia - A Long-Haired Feline Love Bug

Susan Daffron talks to Angie Platten from the Prince William SPCA in Virginia about a cat named Mia who is available for adoption. Recently, the Prince William SPCA teamed up with the Prince William County Animal Shelter for a "Home for the Holidays" pet adoption campaign. From Thanksgiving through New Years Eve, 204 pets were adopted (94 cats and 110 dogs). Unfortunately, a beautiful cat named Mia wasn't one of them, so she is still looking for a home. Mia was dropped off because her previous owners had a new baby. The baby's constant crying was stressful for Mia, who stopped using her litter box. However, since arriving at PWSPCA, she has shown no evidence of stress at all.

In fact, she's been a complete "love bug" and wants to be petted by everyone, even Angie's 7-year old. Mia has gorgeous gray long fur that is extremely soft, which coupled with her loving nature makes her an ideal "lap cat." She adores attention and would enjoy being brushed regularly. Because she doesn't like loud noise (like crying babies), she probably would do better in a home with older kids. Because she's an adult cat, she also doesn't mind being by herself, so she might be a great cat for a professional who has to be away at the office all day, but wants to come home to an affectionate furry friend every evening.

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Episode 31 - Toby - A Beautiful Weimaraner Who May be Blue Color-wise But Not Personality-wise

Susan Daffron talks to Liz Krupinski from the Mile High Weimaraner Rescue in Colorado about a dog named Toby who is in foster care and available for adoption. MHWR places Weimaraners in homes that are within a four-hour drive of Denver. Toby is a beautiful 5-year old male Wiemaraner who came into rescue from a local area shelter. He is an extremely striking "blue" color, which is like a dark gray slate blue. MHWR didn't get much information about Toby from the shelter, but he was adopted and returned because he wasn't "playful." However, when he came into rescue he had a case of kennel cough, so he undoubtedly wasn't feeling well. (Sick dogs aren't playful.)

Toby has recovered completely from his cough and his personality is starting to bloom. His foster family is still learning about his personality because he's only been in their care for a month, but so far he's turning out to be a total "love bug" who gets along with people and dogs. In fact, he seems to be a completely well-adjusted normal dog without any bad habits. Like all Weimaraners, he will need a family that is willing to take the time to give him both the mental and physical exercise he needs. Weims are very smart, high-energy dogs, so keeping them active is important. Toby is a great example of a wonderful dog who has run into some bad luck and he'd really appreciate getting a home soon.

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Episode 30 - Latte - A Dog Who Discovered the Housing Crisis Doesn't Just Affect People

Susan Daffron talks to Sherwin Daryani from Operation Kindness in Texas about a dog named Latte. Operation Kindness was founded in 1976 and is the oldest and largest no-kill shelter in North Texas. Latte came to Operation Kindness after his owners abandoned him. He was left alone when the house he was living in was foreclosed upon. A kindly soul found him and took him to the shelter. Latte is a medium sized Labrador retriever mix with a brindle coat who weighs in at about 40 pounds. As you can see in the photo he has big brown eyes and a happy smile.

His prior home was in a rural area and he seems to get along with pretty much anybody. He loves hanging out with other dogs and would make a great companion for a family that already has a dog. This easygoing guy loves meeting new people and greets them with enthusiastic "kisses." Because he doesn't have striking markings or a flashy coat color, Latte has been somewhat overlooked at the shelter. But as soon as people take him out of his kennel, they find out what a wonderful loving personality he has, even after being abandoned. He will make a wonderful family pet for someone who takes the time to see what a nice dog he really is.

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Episode 29 - Bear - An Easygoing Dog who Just Graduated from Obedience Class

Susan Daffron talks to Samantha Westbrook from the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter about an American Staffordshire Terrier named Bear. This dog came in as a stray and has been at the shelter since August. He's a pretty boy with a brindle coat and a happy-go-lucky smile. Even though he's been at the shelter for a while, he hasn't lost one bit of his good humor and gets along great with other dogs and people. Bear also just graduated on November 21 from obedience class.

The West LA Animal Shelter works with the k9 Connection program, which pairs at-risk teens with dogs that are available for adoption. The kids train homeless shelter dogs in basic obedience and help the dogs develop the skills to become more adoptable You can even see Bear's graduation photo on the Program Participant page -- check out "Bear 2" at the top of the (he's Bear 2, since another dog named Bear was in the program). Now that Bear has completed his training, he's more than ready for the next phase of his life to begin. If you're looking for a sweet, loving dog that's already had basic obedience training, check out Bear.

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Episode 28 - Maddy - A Quarterhorse Who Needs a Home with a Patient and Experienced Owner

Susan Daffron talks to Rhona Melsky from Wildhorse Ranch Rescue in Gilbert, Arizona about a horse named Maddy that is available for adoption. Maddy is a gorgeous black quarterhorse who was saved at auction by volunteers from the rescue who outbid a kill buyer. After a bit of research it was determined that Maddy probably was a brood mare who had 9 foals. Unfortunately, at some point she was also abused, so Maddy is fearful of people. She needs an experienced owner who will be able to help her learn to trust again.

At the rescue, some of the expert handlers can get a halter on her and do Parelli games with her in the round pen, but she is not the right horse for someone who does not have experience with difficult or frightened horses. Although Maddy does now come up to people occasionally and nuzzle, for the most part she tends to walk away from humans and requires a sedative to have her hooves trimmed. The fact that Maddy has started to reach out at all shows that with time, love, and patience, the right person can offer this horse a wonderful life that's far better than what she had to go through in her younger days.

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Episode 27 - Shady Girl and Grizzly - Two Big Mellow Great Pyrenees That Need New Homes

Susan Daffron talks to Jody Chiquoine from North East Pyr Rescue (NEPR) about two Great Pyrenees named Shady Girl and Grizzly that are available for adoption. Shady Girl is a beautiful spayed female purebred Pyr. Jody says that they are thinking of changing her name to Lady Bug because there is nothing "shady" about this sweetheart. She is only about 2 years old and seems to love everyone (kids, dogs, and even cats). Unfortunately, Shady Girl is a dog who has been affected by the economic downturn. To make ends meet, her previous owners had to get multiple jobs and didn't feel like they could spend enough time with Shady Girl because they were too busy working. So they brought Shady Girl to NEPR and asked them to find her a new home.

Grizzly is a male senior Pyr whose owners moved and couldn't take him with them. Both he and Shady Girl have absolutely no bad habits to speak of; they are just wonderful dogs who have had some bad luck. Now these dogs need new homes with a forever family. North East Pyr Rescue coordinates with many other Great Pyrenees rescue groups, but only adopts dogs in their local area, which includes New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maine. The group screens applicants carefully, does home checks, and makes sure that prospective adopters understand the needs of this particular breed. Because Great Pyrenees are a "giant" dog breed, it's important for prospective adopters to meet the dog first. Great Pyrenees really are big, after all. But so very beautiful and loving too!

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Episode 26 - Minnie - An Upbeat Girl Who Loves to Play and Snuggle

Susan Daffron talks to Steve Mitchell who is a fostering a dog named Minnie for the Homeward Trails Animal Rescue in Virginia. Minnie is a mixed Doberman (maybe), but is much smaller than a dobie at only 35 pounds. She is an upbeat and loving dog, who loves nothing more than to snuggle up with you after a rousing game of retrieving tennis balls. In fact, Minnie's adoration of tennis balls makes her extremely easy to train because as Steve says, "she'll do almost anything for a tennis ball." Because Minnie is such a smart dog, Steve has already taught her a bunch of commands.

She knows the basics like sit and heel, and even a few fun ones like "high five," dance, and the ultimate challenge: "stay." Steve says she is so good about "stay" now that he can throw the ball and Minnie won't run after it until he gives the release word. (Any dog owner can tell you, that's an impressive feat!) Because Minnie hasn't had much experience around other dogs, she doesn't have the greatest doggie social skills, so it can take her a while to warm up to some dogs. She'd do best with active owners who will enjoy playing with and taking great care of this wonderful dog.

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Episode 25 - Ted E. - Throw the Tennis Ball for Him and He's Happy

Susan Daffron talks to Rene Ruston from the The Brittany Foundation about a shar pei mix named Ted E. who is available for adoption. The Brittany Foundation is not just a rescue for Brittany spaniels; the name is thanks to the first dog the group saved. Most of the Brittany Foundation animals are located at the sanctuary in Agua Dulce, California and the group adopts pets to people living in the Southern California area. Ted E. is a sweet dog who had a severe injury that necessitated the removal of one of his front legs. However, Ted E. isn't bothered by his "disability" one little bit and gets around just fine.

As you might be able to guess from the picture, his greatest love in life is chasing a tennis ball. He is an incredible friendly boy with a very expressive face. (Maybe it's those shar pei wrinkles!) He has been professionally trained and a training class for his new human parent is even included with his adoption. He is fine with cats, but would do best in a home without other dogs. Unlike some young dogs, he doesn't need an incredibly athletic owner because long walks aren't a requirement for this happy guy. If you can throw a tennis ball, you'll score huge extra credit points with Ted E!

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Episode 24 - Grace - A Special Dog Who Adores People

Susan Daffron talks to Tamara Martin from the Blackhat Humane Society in St. John's Arizona about a three-year old blonde chow mix named Grace who is available for adoption. Although the Blackhat Humane Society deals with a lot of "rez dogs" from the Navajo Nation, Grace was actually found in downtown Los Angeles and was passed around to various rescue groups and kennels before being placed into foster care with Tamara. Grace's eyes have been surgically removed, but no one knows if they were removed because of a trauma, congenital abnormality, or some other reason. Although Grace is blind, she is incredibly trusting of humans.

In fact, Tamara says that Grace seems to think of her as her own personal "seeing-eye human" who takes her on walks and makes sure everything is okay for her. Because of her past and special needs, Grace is not particularly good with other animals and can be startled by loud noises sometimes. She will need a somewhat experienced owner who understands the importance of being the "pack leader" for a dog. Human leadership is vital for reducing a dog's anxiety, and Grace needs someone who can provide this level of structure and reinforcement so she can continue with her training, which helps her maintain her calm and focus. Gracie is a devoted companion and loves being brushed, going for car rides, and has learned manners such as waiting at the door, and sitting and waiting to receive an "okay" before eating.

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Episode 23 - Max - A Big Love of a Dog

Susan Daffron talks to Candice Kingrey from Greenhill Humane Society SPCA in Eugene, Oregon about a six-year old dog named Max who is available for adoption. Max had a great home for the first years of his life, but unfortunately his owner passed away. His owner's relatives couldn't keep Max, so he ended up at the Greenhill Humane Society. Max is a mix of Akita and Rottweiler, so he's a big guy who weighs in at about 99 pounds. Although he's definitely a large dog, Max is a serious "love bug" who is extremely affectionate. Max enjoys his walks, but because he's not a youngster anymore, he is past the "nutty" high-energy stage and is perfectly content spending some quality time in front of the fire resting too.

Max was in a car accident in his youth so he only has partial vision in one of his eyes. It also means that his eyes are two different colors; he has one brown eye and one bluish one. Max doesn't know or care that anything is different about him, and actually still loves going for car rides. Although Max is good with kids and other dogs, he probably should not go to a house with cats. To adopt Max, all of the human and canine members of his potential new family will need to come to the shelter to meet him before Max can go to a new home. Since Max seems to love pretty much everyone, it should be a fun visit!

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Episode 22 - Hannah - A Sweet Tortie Cat with a Big Purr

Susan Daffron talks to Connie Butler from Capistrano Animal Rescue Effort (CARE) in San Juan Capistrano, California about a three-year old cat named Hannah who is available for adoption. This striking tortoise-shell cat has a dark face, golden eyes, and a beautiful coat pattern that's reminiscent of a night time desert scene. Hannah is an extremely smart, playful cat who is often in motion. She was found pregnant and stray wandering the streets of San Juan Capistrano. Since then she had her kittens and was spayed.

The veterinarian also discovered that Hannah had a BB lodged above her eye. The BB was successfully removed and Hannah shows no signs of any physical or emotional trauma from the experience. She enjoys the company of both cats and humans, so she would do best in a home where she is not an "only cat" that's left at home all day by herself. Because Hannah is a bit fearless, she should be in a home where her human will protect her from her own curiosity. (Some adventurous cats take that "nine lives" thing seriously!) Even though she's playful, Hannah is also a sweet and loving cat who will happily curl up in your lap and purr, so you can enjoy feline companionship for years to come.

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Episode 21 - Big Daddy - A Big Love of a Cat

Susan Daffron talks to Jayne Nielsen from German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California about a dog named Imelda. Jayne calls Imelda "Miss Daisy on four-legs." Although Imelda was a bit shy when she came into rescue, this senior German Shepherd is spunky and full of life. Jayne points out that most dogs in rescue have been neglected, not abused. In Imelda's case, when she came into rescue, it looked like she hadn't been brushed once in her seven years.

After a little TLC, as you can see Imelda is now a gorgeous and confident “Red Hat Society” lady. Imelda is good with people of all ages, even children. She just loves receiving attention and affection. Because she's a bit older, she is content to go on short, daily walks and doesn't need the level of exercise that a young German Shepherd does. Imelda is extremely good on a leash, even around other dogs. Jayne calls Imelda a "fireplace dog" because she's one of those dogs that is content to lie in front of a fireplace next to her person’s feet. Imelda would most likely do best in a quiet and structured household.

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Episode 20 - Maggie - A Sweet Young Jack Russell Terrier (Who Isn't a Terror)

Susan Daffron talks to Kris Kelly about a Jack Russell terrier that is available for adoption. Kris is the founder of the Kris Kelly Foundation which is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving animals from abuse, slaughter, and neglect. Kris and her team pull animals from shelters, place them in foster care, and find them new "forever" homes.

Maggie is a female Jack Russell terrier that was pulled from the Castaic shelter in Los Angeles. Unlike many terriers, Maggie has a fairly low-key personality. Although she does need exercise, unlike some JRs, she is not a whirling dervish that's in constant motion. She likes curling up on her bed and enjoying some down time too. Although Maggie likes people (including kids!), she's not quite as sure about cats, so Kris suggests that Maggie go to a feline-free home. Maggie is only about a year old and although she doesn't seem to have had any formal training, like all Jack Russells is extremely smart and willing to learn. She's a sweetheart with no bad habits to speak of. This little dog is looking for that perfect "forever" home with someone who will love her for the rest of her life.

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Episode 19 - Jimmy Cosmo and Toes - A Pair of "Office Kitties" Looking for a New Home

Susan Daffron talks to Aileen Walden from Best Friends Animal Society in Utah about two cats named Toes and Jimmy Cosmo. These two cats are actually Aileen's office mates at Best Friends where from the sounds of it, they keep her continually amused. Both Toes and Jimmy were rescued from Pahrump, Nevada, after Best Friends was called in to aid approximately 800 cats in an institutional hoarding situation where cats had been suffering from neglect.

Both Toes and Jimmy Cosmo are polydactyl cats, which means they have extra toes on their paws. They have feline leukemia (FeLV) and when they arrived at Best Friends were underweight. But now both cats are completely healthy and happy. Although there is no cure for FeLV, otherwise healthy cats can live with the disease for many years. Ideally, Aileen would like to see Toes and Jimmy Cosmo go to the same home because they have bonded to one another. If not, Toes might be best as an only cat, since he likes to be King of the Household. Toes now weighs in at 18 pounds (he prefers the term "big boned"), but it's clear he's been eagerly enjoying all the food and TLC at Best Friends.

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Episode 18 - Big Daddy - A Big Love of a Cat

Susan Daffron talks to Amanda Casazza, the Alley Cat Allies (ACA) Atlantic City Fieldwork Coordinator about a cat named Big Daddy. This plus sized tuxedo kitty is a real "lover" who likes to snuggle up with people. He was found living along the Atlantic City Boardwalk by Alley Cat Allies volunteers, and was so friendly the group decided to put him up for adoption. For many years, ACA has had a Trap-Neuter-Return program for feral cats along the boardwalk, and also have placed adoptable cats in new loving homes. Because of his social nature Big Daddy was placed in foster care, where he is greatly enjoying indoor kitty life. Big Daddy does have a couple of medical issues that a new owner will need to understand. The first is that he has a hematoma in his ear, which needs to be cleaned a couple times a week. However, Big Daddy is incredibly good about the process and just sits in your lap while you clean his ear, so the process is easy. The second thing is that Big Daddy is FIV positive. FIV stands for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, which is a slowly progressing virus that affects a cat's immune system. It is not transmissible to humans and can only be passed to other cats through blood transfusions or serious, penetrating bite wounds. Contrary to rumors, cats with FIV can live long, healthy lives and share their homes with other cats, as long as the cats get along and don't fight. If his new owners work with their veterinarian to keep him healthy, Big Daddy can be a loving companion for many years to come.

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Episode 17 - Cheerio - A Happy Dog Everybody Loves to Be Around

Susan Daffron talks to Joyce Hutchinson from the Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary in Ohio about a dog named Cheerio. This sweet yellow Lab mix was found abandoned and starving on the streets of Cincinnati. Although Cheerio was in bad shape, he still trusted people enough to earn his name, since he was lured into a car by his rescuer with Cheerios. When he came to Safe Haven, Cheerio's ribs were sticking out because he had been starved for so long. He also had cigarette burns on his legs and his ears were infected and eaten by flies. All of the hair on his ears was completely gone so they were red and raw. As you can see in the photo, Cheerio has made a complete recovery. It looks like all of the hair on his ears will return, he's gained weight, and he's really looking great now. Cheerio is a loving dog who enjoys playing with other dogs. Although he hasn't had any formal training yet, he is very people-oriented and loves to please. Because Safe Haven's foster homes are all full, he has been staying at a vet clinic across the street from Safe Haven's thrift store. People at the doggie day care who see him daily comment on Cheerio's happy, friendly personality. If you're looking for an all-around nice dog to share your home, Cheerio might be the dog for you.

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Episode 16 - Juno - Formerly a Stray; Now Just a Schipperke Enjoying the Prime of Life

Susan Daffron talks to Mary Cox of Midwest Schipperke Rescue about a Schipperke named Juno. Established in 2005, the Midwest Schipperke Rescue is based in Michigan and works to help dogs in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. Juno is a 6-7 year old male Schipperke who was found as a stray. Now he is enjoying the good life in a foster home where he's receiving a lot of TLC. When he was found, his fur was a reddish color and it appeared that he'd been licking, probably because of stress, malnutrition, or allergies (because he was a stray, there is no way of knowing for sure). However, with a switch to a high-quality food, his fur is looking better and the licking is subsiding. Schipperkes are active dogs that like to have a something to do. Juno's "hobby" is pouncing on rawhide chews, which he does with great glee and pride. However, because he's 6-7 years old, after he has had his playtime, he's ready to relax. Juno would be great for a family that doesn't want an extremely high-energy dog. Juno loves young kids (particularly girls), gets along with dogs, and loves to be petted. However, he's somewhat less demanding than some Schipperkes. He'll snuggle with you on the couch, but then when you're done relaxing, he'll get up and go off to do his own thing. Because he's not a young Schipperke, Juno would be an ideal companion for an older couple with grandkids for him to play with occasionally.

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Episode 15 - Lindi - A Beautiful Young German Shepherd Who Loves People

Susan Daffron talks to Monica King of the German Shepherd Dog Rescue Group of Georgia, which is based in Atlanta. The group rescues German Shepherds from shelters and places the dogs within the southeastern United States. Lindi appears to be a purebred black and tan GSD who is in foster care with a family that has helped socialize her with many people. (In fact, Lindi recently got to go on vacation and had lots of fun swimming in a lake!) Lindi is a sweet dog who is affectionate with people and likes kids. Like all German Shepherds, Lindi needs a loving home where people will give her structure and training. She's basically still a "teenager" in dog years, so a family that has experience with GSDs or other large breed dogs would be ideal. Because she's a playful, active dog, she also will need to be placed with a family that can commit to taking her on a minimum of two 30 minute walks per day. (Just like people, dogs need their exercise to remain healthy and happy!)

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Episode 14 - Aura - A Sweet Papillon with a Smile Anyone Could Love

Susan Daffron talks to Sheryl Gardner from the Papillon 911 Rescue and Adoption, Inc. in Georgia about a six-year old female Papillon who is currently in foster care in Illinois. Aura is a tri-colored purebred Papillon who absolutely loves attention. Unfortunately, this little girl had a rough start in life. She ended up with Pap911 as a result of a puppy mill bust in March. She had been kept locked in a cage and repeatedly bred to produce puppies for pet stores. (Never get a puppy from a pet store; most come from puppy mills!) Despite her difficult past, Aura is a bubbly, gregarious little dog who always seems to have a smile on her face.Although she still needs a little work on housetraining, she'd be fine in an apartment or condo. Aura loves hanging out with people, playing, or just snuggling in your lap. Aura would do best in a home with older children (over the age of 12) where she can be spoiled with all the love and attention she didn't receive in her early years.

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Episode 13 - Teddy - A Top Cat Tuxedo Cat

Susan Daffron talks to Marcela Valdez from the Santé D'Or Adoption and Rescue group in Los Angeles. Teddy is a black and white "tuxedo" cat who was actually abandoned by another rescue on Santé D'Or's doorstep. Although he's been with the group for two years now, it's not because nobody likes him. Quite the contrary actually! Teddy is a big sweet, playful guy who gets along great with everyone. He even acts like "kitty Grampa" to the new kittens that come through the rescue. Teddy is an active cat that would enjoy a family environment where he is a full-time indoor kitty. Because he's a big male "alpha" kitty, he also probably should be "top cat" and not share his home with another adult male cat. Teddy is unphased by canines and even rubs up against some of the more mellow canine visitors that come his way at the rescue, so a new home with a dog shouldn't be a problem. Marcela is sure that the perfect home is out there waiting for Teddy. She hopes that soon someone will walk through the door who recognizes what everyone else already knows: Teddy is a great cat!

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Episode 12 - Goldie - A Former Racehorse Who Needs a New Home

Susan Daffron talks to Jo Deibel, the founder of Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue in Glenville, PA about a horse named Goldie. Angel Acres focuses on saving Thoroughbreds who can no longer race and are destined to be slaughtered for meat for human consumption in other countries. The rescue give these ex-racehorses a second chance and a second career by finding them new homes. Goldie, a 6-year old bay gelding was saved by being purchased at auction, so he wouldn't go to slaughter. At the time, he was bleeding from the backs of his ankles. This type of problem is known as a "run-down" injury. It occurs when the horse is run on the track and his ankles (fetlocks) hit the track causing abrasions. In other words, Goldie was literally "run into the ground." Fortunately, Goldie is doing extremely well and his wounds are almost completely healed. By the time he's adopted, he will be sound and ready for a new rider. Although Jo calls him a "pistol," she means it as a term of endearment because he has such a great personality. Goldie is a kind horse who loves peppermints, so he might just take his velvet nose and nuzzle around for one. He has no bad habits to speak of and has been good about having his bandages changed every day. Goldie is still young, and could be trained for almost any discipline. The person who adopts this horse will be rewarded with a wonderful equine companion for years to come.

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Episode 11 - Kane - A Handsome Retriever Who Loves People

Susan Daffron talks to Angie Platten, a volunteer for the Prince William SPCA, in Manassas, Virginia about Kane, a strikingly handsome collie, golden retriever mix. Kane was found wandering the streets as a stray and taken to the shelter. He is an extremely easygoing, friendly young dog. In fact, everyone who has met him is surprised no one came to claim him! Kane doesn't’t have an aggressive bone in his body and loves to play with other dogs. Although he doesn't seem to have much training yet, he is incredibly willing and loves to please. Because he's a big young dog, he does have a lot of energy, but he'd do well in a home with kids, since he seems to love humans of all shapes and sizes pretty much universally. If you are looking for a wonderful family dog that you can play fetch, go running, or swim with, listen to the show and hear more about this sweetheart.

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Episode 10 - Sam - A Lab That Loves Everybody

Susan Daffron talks to Bridgette Mongeon from the Homeless Pet Placement League in Houston, Texas about a one-year old black Labrador retriever named Sam (short for Samantha). Bridgette is Sam's "foster mom." She and her husband have been fostering dogs (especially puppies!) on a regular basis for HPPL, but Sam actually was a dog they found. Sam was wandering the street, in heat, with a rope wrapped around her throat, body, and trailing behind her. This dog obviously had not been well cared for by her previous owner and Bridgette was relieved when no one came forward to claim Sam. Malnourished and skinny, Sam also had mange, heart worms and other problems, but after a few months in foster care living the "good life" and receiving veterinary treatment, you would never know it. As you can see from the photo, Sam's fur just gleams and she's clearly a happy healthy girl now. Although Sam had a rough beginning, she is truly a "marvelous dog" (to quote Bridgette). Sam likes to play, go for walks, and even knows a few commands. If you like Labs or other retrievers, you'll love Sam!

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Episode 9 - Raja - A Friendly Ferret That Loves to Cuddle

Susan Daffron talks to Christine Mathis from the Oregon Ferret Shelter about a four-year old female ferret named Raja. Sadly, Raja's former owner had to give her up because she couldn't afford Raja's veterinary expenses. The folks at the shelter took in Raja, and she had surgery for an adrenal tumor. She now is healthy and doing great. Raja actually would be great "first ferret" for someone because of her age and personality. Unlike some ferrets, Raja is not a biter and loves being around people. Plus, although like any ferret, she does like to explore, she is not as high-energy as some ferrets. Because ferrets have special feeding and care requirements, Christine recommends that prospective owners get a copy of a book like Ferrets for Dummies before they adopt or purchase a pet ferret.

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Episode 8 - Russ - Just an All-Around Great Family Dog

Susan Daffron talks to Mary Wyman from the Humane Society Waterville Area in Maine about a Siberian Husky mix named Russ. Originally found as a stray, Russ has been at the Humane Society for a while and would be a great family dog. Unfortunately, his photo doesn't really do him justice. He's a striking dog with blue eyes and a beautiful fawn-colored coat. Although he's obviously part Siberian, he probably is mixed with another breed like Australian Shepherd as well. Both are "working" breeds, so Russ's new owner should be prepared to give Russ lots of exercise, such as going for hikes or playing ball. The folks at the Humane Society have been working with Russ on "sit" and "down" but this exuberant guy is going to need more training. If you have older kids, they would benefit from the experience of taking a new adopted dog like Russ to obedience classes. After all, most of the time, the humans learn at least as much as the dogs!

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Episode 7 - Portia - Smiling Sweetheart of a Dog Seeks New Home

Susan Daffron talks to Lori Searfoss of the of the Poundhounds Adoption Welfare Society (PAWS) in Ohio about a 2-year old dog named Portia. When you look at Portia's photo, you can see what a happy girl she is! This dog was rescued from "death row" at a high kill shelter. Portia had been found as a stray when she was very young, and taken to the shelter. But she was such a happy, playful, affectionate dog, the dog warden just "couldn't do it" when Portia's time ran out. So PAWS was called in to save the day. Portia has been at PAWS for quite a long time and is extremely well crate trained. She loves to run and play with other dogs, since she has lots of energy. A volunteer has been working with her on some of the basics like "sit" but she will need a bit of an obedience refresher and solid leadership from the people in her new home. Lori says Portia would make a great "jogging buddy" for someone because she just loves her walks. But she also likes to crash on the sofa with you and watch TV. Although Portia probably shouldn't go to a home with cats, she seems to get along great with most dogs and people.

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Episode 6 - Pepper - This Former "Junk Yard Dog" Doesn't Care That He Has Only Three Legs (So Why Should You?)

Susan Daffron talks to Janine Allan who is a trainer for RescueMeDog.org. As a trainer, she works with dogs at shelters throughout southern California and helps shelter staff and volunters improve dog behavior and increase adoptability. This time, she tells us about a 4 year old male Rottweiler mix named Pepper who is at the Humane Society of the Desert, Orphan Pet Oasis in Palm Springs, California. Pepper is a happy, friendly loving dog, who happens to only have 3 legs. (But Janine points out Pepper can out run any dog with four legs and really loves his walks!) Pepper was originally found at a junk yard with a wounded leg. The shelter fixed him up, but he has been there for about three years now and needs a loving home. He walks nicely on the leash, and also knows a few training commands. Plus, he just loves children and people, so he'll surely put a smile on your face when you meet this friendly guy.

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Episode 5 - Casper - A Beautiful Young Quarter Horse

Susan Daffron talks to Jennifer Williams of the of the Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society in Texas about a horse named Casper. This horse was originally seized by law enforcement and has been in foster care gaining weight and getting the care he needs to be a healthy happy horse again. Casper is a seven year old white quarter horse gelding who has no bad manners. He trailers, ties, and is good about having his feet handled. (Jennifer also says Casper wants everyone to know that he really LOVES horse cookies.) Casper has been receiving groundwork training and wears a saddle, but has not been ridden yet. He needs a patient owner who is willing to fiinish his training and give him the great life he deserves.

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Episode 4 - Kane - A Smart Happy "Bully Boy"

Susan Daffron talks to Judy Hutnik of the Animal Orphanage in Voorhees NJ about her "Pet Partner" dog named Kane. As a volunteer Pet Partner, Judy has been teaching Kane basic manners and giving him lots of exercise. Kane loves people and particularly playing fetch and frisbee. Because he is a bulldog/pit bull mix, he will need a owner that is willing to provide leadership and guidance, plus give him the exercise he needs. Kane's original owner went to jail, and this dog never really the love, attention, or training he deserved when he was a puppy. But thanks to Judy and the Pet Partner program, Kane is learning basic manners, how to walk on a leash, and commands like "sit" and "down." This handsome boy is learning quickly and is very eager to please. He will make a great companion for an active adult or family with older children..

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Episode 3 - Lucy - A Great Dane with a Great Heart

Summer is here and it's fun to be outside with your dog. By taking a few precautions, you can enjoy the great outdoors safely!  Does your dog constantly bark at everything it hears and everything it sees both inside and outside throughout the day and night?  Are your neighbors complaining? Learn to fix the cause and not just the symptom for this very common dog problem.

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Episode 2 - Mila - A Dog Who Got a Second Chance, but Needs a Third Chance in a Forever Home

Susan Daffron talks to Laura Martin of the Humane Society of Davie County in Mocksville, North Carolina about a dog named Mila. All alone and having obviously been mistreated, abandoned, malnourished, wounded and missing most of her fur, Mila kept trying to get into peoples’ cars at a Humane Society of Davie County fundraising event. Her willingness to try once more to be accepted, loved and cared for, and hardest of all, to trust one more time, paid off. Through generous donations from a caring community, Mila has responded to treatment and is now a healthy, 65 pound Shepherd mix. Sweet natured, exceptionally intelligent and energetic, Mila loves attention and to run and play. Listen in and find out more about Mila!

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Episode 1 - Riot and Lucy - 2 Great Dogs Looking for a Great Home

Susan Daffron talks to Rhonda Hamerslough of Second Chance Animal Adoptions in Bonners Ferry, Idaho about a pair of dogs whose owner moved and had to leave them behind. Riot is an 8 month old terrier mix and Lucy is a 1-year old black lab. Both are in foster care and need a great new home. Riot is a "special needs" dog who is hard of hearing, but still eager to learn and easy to train with hand signals. Lucy is just a big happy black lab who loves everybody.

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