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Lizards and Reptiles as Pets

This pet podcast is all about lizards and reptiles as pets. Lizards are reptilian, four-legged, cold-blooded, with an integumentary system comprised of scales, with a skull composed of quadrate bones. Lizards also possess external ears and movable eyelids. Encompassing forty families, there is tremendous variety in color, appearance and size. Due to their smooth, shiny appearance, lizards can appear slimy or slippery; their skin is actually very dry due to a lack of pores to excrete lubricants.

Most lizards are oviparous, though a few species are viviparous. Many are also capable of regeneration of lost limbs or tails.

Some lizard species, including the glass lizard and legless lizards, have some vestigial structures though no functional legs. They are distinguished from true snakes by the presence of eyelids and ears and a tail that can sometimes break off as a physical defence mechanism.

Many lizards can change color in response to their environments or in times of stress. The most familiar example is the chameleon, but more subtle color changes occur in other lizard species as well (most notably the anole, also known as the "house chameleon" or "chamele").



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