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We pamper them. We bring them wherever we go. We surprise them with something new on special occasions. They even get holiday presents. They are our pets!

From high-end items to high-tech items, products for our companion animals now extend beyond traditional necessities. On Best Bets for Pets we'll check out cool new pet products such as dog beds, dog gifts, cat gifts, dog toys and more! Welcome to "Best Bets for Pets" where we spotlight the latest pet product trends!


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Episode 153 - New Ideas for Old Dog Disease

This week Michelle Fern welcomes Dr. Jeff Werber, host of Pet Life Radio’s weekly call-in show, Ask the Vets with Dr. Jeff to talk about canine idiopathic vestibular disease.  Vestibular disease in geriatric dogs is often mistaken for stroke. The vertigo caused by the disease can be particularly intense in older dogs with symptoms of nausea, difficulty or complete inability to stand up, head tilt, nystagmus, and circling.  Also discussed are products that will make your dog more comfortable while recovering. 

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Episode 152 - Belly Bands!

This week Michelle Fern chats with Lisa Puskas, the creator of Belly BandsDog Belly Bands wrap around your dog's tummy to prevent marking, incontinence and dog housebreaking accidents. They serve as a constant reminder not to wet in the house. Female Belly Bands can also be used for dogs in heat. Our Belly Bands are washable and reusable, over and over again.

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Episode 151 - Precious Metal Prints

Michelle Fern chats with Grant Barton, owner of Precious Metal Prints.  Precious Metal Prints offers keepsake gifts that will hold allure for their recipients all the way to next holiday season and for decades beyond. The company’s line of hand-finished silver and gold pendants and cufflinks are imprinted with the actual fingerprints and animal noses of the wearer’s favorite human or furry companion, making them an ideal holiday gift for moms, dads, grandparents, other doting family members and pet lovers.

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Episode 150 - The Best Bets for Pets Holiday Show 2017

What’s the purr-fect gift for your cat?  What present will make your dog go Bow-WOW?  Find out as Michelle Fern runs down her top 8 favorite pet products of 2017.  Tune in for pawsome gift ideas for this holiday season!

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Episode 149 - Holiday Treats from Jones Natural Chews

This week Michelle Fern helps you choose chews for your dog for the holidays with Joe Wallington, President of Jones Natural Chews

Wagging tails, bright eyes and a big lick: Jones Natural Chews is all about delivering happiness to dogs . . . and their pet parents. Their top-quality, delicious and natural bones, chews and treats are 100% sourced, raised and Made in America, so you can feel confident giving your dog the best.  

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Episode 148 - Solvit Products

Michelle Fern is joined this week by Patrick Hoffman from Solvit.  Does your senior or small dog struggle with stairs? If so, a PetSafe® Solvit™ Pet Ramp may be the perfect solution! We offer a range of ramp types to help find the perfect fit for you and your dog. Easy to store and carry, pet ramps provide easy access to homes, cars, boats and more.

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Episode 147 - HandsOn Gloves

This week Michelle Fern welcomes Jay Michaelson, founder of HandsOn Gloves.  HandsOn Gloves are a revolutionary concept that reaches far beyond the traditional curry combs, mitts and shedders on the market today. Wet or dry, they won’t slip or fall off while providing you and your animals with a more thorough and enjoyable bathing and grooming experience.

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Episode 146 - One Fur All and Bleu Paw

In this week’s episode, Michelle Fern is joined by David Neuwirth, co-founder of One Fur All Pets, to talk about their new room sprays. ​The One Fur All room sprays are specially formulated to freshen pet-loving homes, effective and fast-acting and neutralize pet odors.  They are infused with their signature blend of essential oils, and are non toxic, dye-free with no artificial preservatives and made in the USA.

In the second segment Michelle talks to Vincent Smith, CEO and inventor of Bleu Paw.  Bleu Paw is a simple innovative device that helps you pick up POOP without using your bare hands inside a bag. Compact sanitary solution.

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Episode 145 - The Pet Gift Box, PetBox and PawPack

This week Michelle Fern chats with Miriam Gitelman, COO of The Gift Box, which offers you the choice and flexibility of which box you want to receive each month.  You can continue getting your favorites, or try new boxes at any time. All within the same subscription,  all within the same site.  Featured are 3 different Pet Boxes to choose from… The Pet Gift Box, PetBox and PawPack.

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Episode 144 - Maverick and Me

In this exciting episode, Michelle Fern chats with Katherine Schwarzenegger, daughter of Arnold and Maria, animal activist, and author of the new children’s book, Maverick and Me.  Based upon the life of Schwarzenegger’s own rescue dog, the book tells the story of Maverick, a lovable, abandoned puppy, and Scarlett, the big-hearted girl who gives Maverick a forever home.

While fostering rescue dogs, Schwarzenegger cared for Maverick, a small puppy who had been found under a highway overpass. Schwarzenegger nursed Maverick through a serious illness and decided to adopt the brave puppy who had stolen her heart.

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Episode 143 - Easy Pet Fence and Omax Pet Health

In this episode Michelle Fern welcomes Jennifer Smith, Marketing Manager for Easy Pet Fence.  EasyPetFence.com cares about the outside safety and wellness of animals; which is why we only offer humane outdoor pet enclosures for dogs, cats and backyard chickens. With an easy-to-install fence, pet owners have the peace of mind knowing that their domestic animals are securely surrounded by the best pet fence on today's market made from quality fence materials and fence parts.

In the second segment Michelle chats with Kristin Chadwick, CEO of Omax Health Inc.  Omax Pet Health is a highly concentrated omega-3 supplement for dogs. It is natural, cold-pressed for purity and blister packed for freshness. Supports joint comfort, heart health & brain function. Promotes healthy skin & coat. Dogs love the bacon flavor!

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Episode 142 - Audible Teams up with Cesar Millan to Launch Audible for Dogs

Michelle Fern chats with The Dog Whisperer himself, Cesar Millan about the new Audible for Dogs.  Audible and Cesar Millan, launched Audible for Dogs, a new service aimed at keeping your dog calm while home alone. 

Audible for Dogs features original content written and narrated by Cesar Millan, in addition to a curated rotating selection of audiobook titles with personalized introductions and how-to videos by Millan.

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Episode 141 - KRUUSE BUSTER Aqua Raincoat

Michelle Fern talks to Lars Lund, Sales Director Americas for KRUUSE about their new BUSTER Aqua Raincoat.  KRUUSE’s new Aqua Raincoat provides your pooch with full-body protection from inclement weather … in the cutest of ways!  Designed with breathable fabric for your doggie’s comfort, the Aqua raincoat comes in four stylish colors including yellow, red, black and silver.

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Episode 140 - Gamma2 Vittles Vault

Michelle Fern welcomes Jamaica Kinship, Vice-President of Business Development for Gamma2 to talk about their Vittles Vault.  Pets come in all shapes and sizes and so do pet food containers. That's why they created the Vittles Vault Prime line - these containers are designed to be the "Best in Class" and keep your dry pet food fresh and pest free. "Lock-Down" double gaskets and storage efficient shapes make the Vittles Vault Prime the ultimate choice. Premium features and heavy-duty construction allow these containers to last for decades--literally!

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Episode 139 - Planet Dog – Think Globally… Act Doggedly!

This week Michelle Fern welcomes Colleen McCracken, CEO of Planet Dog. Since incorporating in 1997, Planet Dog has been known as the industry's leading socially responsible, values-based design house, bringing people and dogs together for fun and mutual support.  What gets their tails wagging is creating, innovating, and developing premium products "made for dogs, by dog lovers" all while being fully dedicated to satisfying both you and your best friend.

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Episode 138 - Fresh Step and Eazee by Foolie

This week Michelle Fern speaks with Fresh Step Brand Manager, Jennifer Schneider about their latest product innovations with you and your cat’s health and happiness in mind, including Fresh Step Hawaiian Aloha scent, Fresh Step Unscented, Fresh Step Compact Packs, and the Fresh Step Paw Points Rewards Program.

In the second segment Michelle chats with Julie Ann Biggar Bruyere, Customers Relations Manager at Swees America Inc. about their new Eazee by Foolee deshedding tool.  This smart, stylish tool is safer, gentler, easier to use and more effective than any deshedder you’ve tried. Plus, its detachable handle is designed to fit a range of Click & Brush accessories for every pet grooming need

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Episode 137 - John Paul Pet – Tested on Humans but pH Balanced for Pets!

This week Michelle Fern chats with Gina Dial, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for John Paul Pet Products.  Created by John Paul, co-owner of Paul Mitchell hair care products for humans, John Paul Pet products are designed with the four-legged set in mind.

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Episode 136 - Jennifer Arnold’s We For Dogs

This week Michelle Fern chats with Jennifer Arnold, author and creator of We For Dogs!  As a strong believer in the value of the human – dog bond, Jennifer designed the We Leash – a handle for people and a handle for dogs.  No more pulling or dragging.  And because the design helps prevent dogs from feeling restrained, they feel more secure and are less likely to react inappropriately on leash, such as to the sight of other dogs.

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Episode 135 - GoodRx and Bathe To Save

In the first segment of this week’s show, Michelle Fern talks to Doug Hirsch, Co-CEO of GoodRx.  In America, prescription drugs cost too much. Up to 45% of Americans have trouble paying for the prescriptions they require, and 26% of Americans simply don't fill prescriptions because they simply can't afford it.  In less than 90 seconds, see how GoodRx provides prices and discounts for prescription drugs to save you up to 80%.

Next Michelle calls across the world to Australia and chats with Anthony Amos, creator of the Bathe To Save tour.  Catering to all breeds and sizes of dogs, the Bathe to Save National Tour brings HydroDog’s traditional grooming services directly to communities, animal rescue groups/organizations, and businesses (especially pet-centric) across the U.S. to not only raise awareness of the benefits of animal adoption but to ultimately save the lives of dogs.

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Episode 134 - Purrfect Pointers for a Happy Multi-Cat Household

This week Michelle Fern chats with Beth Flickinger, Senior Manager in Consumer Research & Education at World’s Best Cat Litter.  Many cat owners have more than one cat, which is wonderful! However, sometimes there can be challenges with having more than cat – it’s almost like having more than one boss! But, there are tips and tricks you can use so that you can have all the fun of multiple cats in your life and avoid the negatives.

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Episode 133 - Jill Rappaport Makes History on the Harry Connick Jr. Show and Partners with Good Reasons

In this awesome episode, Michelle Fern chats with celebrity animal advocate Jill Rappaport and Vicki Sylvester, CEO of Community Based Services and Good Reasons Dog Treats.  Jill makes animal rescue history on Harry Connick Jr.’s TV show and is also the new spokesperson for Good Reasons Dog Treats.  

Good Reasons is a not for profit dog treat company on a mission. They create scrumptious, human-grade all natural dog treats, while providing employment opportunities to people with autism and other developmental disabilities. 

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Episode 132 - Global Pet Expo 2017

Michelle Fern walks over 7 miles of the tradeshow floor in her very comfortable shoes at this year’s Global Pet Expo in Orlando!  The 2017 Global Pet Expo had 1,130 exhibitors, 3,437 booths covering 343,700 net square feet of floor space.  Listen to interviews with some of the exhibitors displaying what’s new and innovative in pet products this year!

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Episode 131 - Doc Halligan Chats Cats

This week Michelle Fern chats cats with Karen ‘Doc’ Halligan.  They discuss litter box problems and the new Cats Incredible litter by Lucy Pet Products.  Cats Incredible is a clumping cat litter with smell squasher technology that stops ammonia from forming in the litter box. Virtually no dust, low tracking, two handle easy pour bag.

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Episode 130 - Snappy Snoozers and Charlie and Spike

In the first part of this week's show, Michelle Fern chats with Roberta MacDowell, CEO and creator of Snappy Snoozers pet beds.  The inflatable mattress consists of a quilt that has snaps along the mattress to snap the quilt on and off. 

In the second segment Michelle welcomes Jamie Broder, owner and founder of Charlie and Spike.  The Charlie and Spike dog harness is an interchangeable, personalized dog harness, and an incredibly comfortable, fashionable product for pet owners. 

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Episode 129 - Global Pet Expo 2017 Celebrity Edition

Michelle Fern reports live from Global Pet Expo 2017 in Orlando, Florida.  In this episode she chats with celebrity veterinarian, Dr. Jeff Werber, My Cat From Hell's Jackson Galaxy, Seinfeld's John O'Hurley and Brandon McMillan, host of CBS' Lucky Dog.

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Episode 128 - World's Best Cat Litter

This week Michelle Fern chats with Geoff from World's Best Cat Litter about the new Zero Mess™ formulas.  Warmer weather is on its way, and it’s time for that delightful little task we call “spring cleanup.” Most of us haven’t penciled in a specific day to take care of all those indoor and outdoor jobs. But let’s face it … we all have plenty of things to get done. Well … World’s Best Cat Litter™ just introduced two new ZERO MESS™ litters that guarantee fast and easy cleanup—all while using less litter!

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Episode 127 - BARKBATH Portable Dog Grooming System

This week Michelle Fern welcomes Chuck Martin, General Manager of Innovation at Bissell to talk about Bissell's amazing new BARKBATH Portable Dog Grooming System.  The BARKBATH™ is a faster, easier and less messy way to bathe your four-legged family member. This portable bathing system allows you to bathe your pet practically anywhere and anytime with virtually no mess. Specially designed nozzles get beneath the fur and down to the skin to allow water and shampoo to wash the skin clean while a soft suction pulls dirt and water away into a separate dirty water tank. The system works with almost any length of fur - short or long - and one tank of water will completely wash an 80 lb dog, while the no-rinse shampoo formula leaves your dog's coat feeling clean and fresh.

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Episode 126 - Wondercide

Michelle Fern welcomes back Stephanie Boone founder and CEO of Wondercide to talk about the many products Wondercide offers.  StephanieI founded Wondercide to protect pets, people, and property without harsh chemicals.  Today, their full line of natural products protect families around the world.

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Episode 125 - Dog Tales

This week Michelle Fern talks to Patricia Brill, author of the Dog Tales collection of children's books.  The Dog Tales Collection, developed by Patricia A. Brill, PhD, is the first collection of books written to help parents start a conversation with their child regarding issues or concerns they may have with their pet. These books help children better understand what happens when their pet or a loved one has cancer; has to undergo surgery, has to stay overnight at the hospital, or even dies.

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Episode 124 - Cats Incredible

Michelle Fern welcomes back Joey Herrick from Lucy Pet Products to talk about the new Cats Incredible cat litter!  Cats Incredible is a clumping cat litter with smell squasher technology that stops ammonia from forming in the litter box. Virtually no dust, low tracking, two handle easy pour bag.

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Episode 123 - Birds-I-View Window Bird Feeder

Michelle Fern talks to Greg Gurland, founder of Nature Anywhere, from Israel about their Birds-I-View Window Bird Feeder.  The Birds-I-View Window Bird Feeder is a clear acrylic bird feeder which attaches to your window with industrial-strength suction cups.  Named the "Cadillac" of window bird feeders, this is the only feeder built to last with 4m"m premium acrylic and a robust design.

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Episode 122 - Curio - Modern Cat Litterbox

Michelle Fern chats with Damian Fagan, CEO of Curio. No more hiding that unattractive cat litter box! CURIO can be used as either a modern cat litter box solution or stylish pet house. CURIO is beautifully crafted real-wood furniture that seamlessly integrates into your home's decor. Use CURIO with our perfect-fit Litter Liner to create the ultimate designer litter box solution (sold separately). CURIO offers the elegance of mid-century inspired design in your choice of three gorgeous styles.

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Episode 121 - The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

In this week's episode Michelle Fern chats with Jamie Wilcox, Associate Director of Marketing and Becky Neibarger, PR and Social Media Director for Bissell about the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser.  The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser® vacuum is designed to make cleaning up after pets a breeze, whether it's shedding season for your dog or your cat tracks kitty litter all over. Say goodbye to hair wrap with its Tangle-Free Brush Roll, remove embedded pet hair everywhere with specialized pet tools, help capture allergens with the SmartSeal™ Allergen System with Febreze®, and when you're finished cleaning, enjoy a hands-free tank empty with their patented Cyclonic Spooling System™.

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Episode 120 - Do-Rite Disposable Dog Diaper

This week Michelle Fern talks to Dana Brewington, the Mother of Dog Diapers.  Tired of Diapers that Don’t Stay on? Do-Rite Diaper Straps keep the diaper on the dog.  For males that mark, females in heat, incontinent pets, house breaking pets and traveling dogs.

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Episode 119 - Hyper Pet and StarWalk

This week Michelle Fern chats with Stephanie Fasi, spokesperson for iQ Pet StarWalkThe StarWalk accompanies your dog by attaching to his or her collar, and gives you insight on daily activity levels on your smartphone or through the lights directly on the device. You’ll have a better understanding of how active your dog is and the ability to set goals, so you can be sure you’re spending enough time outside with your dog everyday.

In the second segment Michelle welcomes Tim Burton, EVP of Hyper Pet.  Hyper Pet™ offers unique, patented, interactive toys for you and your dog. Our high quality designed line includes the award winning K-9 Kannon, HyperDog Ball Launcher, Flippy Flopper Flying Disc and other durable dogs toys. As a full service pet toys company Hyper Pet also offers the best in pet collar, leashes and harnesses. Discover how Hyper Pet™ can make hanging out with your best friend a tail waggin’ good time!

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Episode 118 - Country Superstar Miranda Lambert Turns Her Love for Dogs into MuttNation!

Michelle Fern welcomes country superstar Miranda Lambert to talk about her MuttNation collection and MuttNation Foundation.  Also joining in is Chris Wilson, Executive Vice President of Product Development and Marketing for PetMate.

Petmate® and Miranda Lambert have teamed up to launch the new MuttNation Fueled by Miranda Lambert brand.  Miranda’s love for animals has always been a big part of who she is. Growing up in a home with an open door policy for people and animals alike, she has adopted that mindset for her own life leading her to become a passionate advocate for animals in need.

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Episode 117 - FetchFuel

In this week's episode Michelle Fern chats with Andrew Morrison, CEO of FetchFuel.  FetchFuel is the easiest way to give your dog a daily dose of Glucosamine. FetchFuel is packed with high-quality ingredients that help support healthy joints & hips, skin & coat and more. FetchFuel delivers over 20 high-quality nutrients to benefit your whole dog in a simple, easy to serve, squeezable sauce. We call it Squeezable NutritionTM.

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Episode 116 - One Fur All

This week Michelle Fern chats with David Neuwirth, founder of One Fur All Pets.  Our pets are members of our family. As pet parents we want our homes to feel fresh and clean. We love our pets but sometimes they make our homes and cars smell like…well, like pets.

They set out to develop a line of freshening products for pet parents just like us. Their goal was to create products that are effective, completely safe and decorative so they could be proud to display them in our homes and cars. After a year and a half of research and testing in homes with pets, One Fur All was born.

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Episode 115 - Welcome to the Ends of the Earth - Addiction Pet Foods

Michelle Fern welcomes Jerel Kwek, CEO and Co-Founder of Addiction Pet Foods.  At Addiction we are dedicated to making sure all of our pet food is manufactured with the highest standards. To celebrate this dedication and the dedication that pet owners have to involving their dog or cat in every aspect of their lives, Addiction is launching the “Ends of the Earth” contest to win a trip to New Zealand!. Pet owners can enter HERE and share their story of how far they’ve gone for their pets – highlighting the most outrageous adventures and experiences they’ve embarked on with their furry best friend. 

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Episode 114 - Solid Gold

This week Michelle Fern chats with Bob Rubin, CEO and President of Solid Gold.  Solid Gold’s holistic pet foods are carefully formulated with some of the most nutritious ingredients on earth for a healthy mind, body, and (free) spirit. Because when pets are healthy, they’re free to get goofy, be carefree, and let their true selves shine.

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Episode 113 - Unleashed

This week Michelle Fern welcomes Cheryl Kaye, host of the new show Unleashed on Pet Life Radio.  They discuss hot weather tips to keep your pets safe for the summer!  Tune in!

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Episode 112 - Earthbath Dental Wipes

This week Michelle Fern talks to Paul Armstrong, founder of earthbath about their new dental wipes.  earthbath Tooth and Gum Wipes are the easy and convenient solution to keeping your pet’s mouth clean from plaque, tartar and odor-causing bacteria. Their totally natural formula is free of parabens, alcohol, and other nasties that don’t belong in your pet’s mouth. Use daily for best results.

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Episode 111 - ClotIt and Hurtta

This week Michelle Fern talks to Ron Shay, Vice-President of Sales for Protégé Biomedical, makers of ClotIt Blood Stopping Powder for Animals... the Fastest Way to Stop Bleeding For Your Pet.  ClotIt uses Protégé Biomedical’s patent-pending Ionic Hemostatic Mineral (IHM) technology. This process uses all-natural minerals to rapidly speed up the body’s own natural clotting process.

In the second segment Michelle chats with Kim Peschardt, designer of the Hurtta Sun & Bug Block Suit.  The premium-quality Archroma Sanitized® finishing helps the overall protect your dog from mosquitoes, horseflies and ticks and harmful UV radiation in sunlight (UPF 40+).

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Episode 110 - Bangin' July 4th Tips from Bil-Jac

This week Michelle Fern welcomes Kim Gaebelein, senior marketing director from Bil-Jac to talk about keeping your pets safe for the upcoming July 4th holiday.  Bil-Jac, family-owned and operated, stands for more than 65 years of uncompromising dedication to the highest quality and freshest ingredients available.  BIl-Jac has teamed up with America’s VetDogs™ to create America’s VetDogs™ treats.  Each purchase will make a difference to America’s military heroes, because a portion of each bag of treats sold goes directly to America’s VetDogs™.

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Episode 109 - TurboPUP - As Seen On Shark Tank!

Michelle Fern welcomes Kristina Guerrero, USAF Veteran and CEO of TurboPUP, and Daymond John, Founder & CEO of FUBU, star of ABC's Shark Tank and CEO of Shark Branding.  TurboPUP bars are designed to fuel your dog on any adventure. Great for all dogs - any size, any bred. Dogs use fat and protein as their main energy source. TurboPup bars have added Omega's, vitamins and minerals, and are manufactured with 100% human grade ingredients, in a human grade facility. TurboPUP is proudly Veteran owned.

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Episode 108 - Rappaport to the Rescue!

In this episode Michelle Fern welcomes award-winning animal advocate, journalist and best-selling author, Jill Rappaport.  Jill has joined CapInnoVet to introduce ParaDefense, the first generic imidacloprid/pyriproxyfen product available through shelters and veterinary clinics nationwide with the same active ingredients as Advantage® II. To celebrate the launch, Jill is working with ParaDefense on a national awareness campaign highlighting the importance of flea treatment and preventative pet healthcare for the neediest of pets, those just rescued. Also joining Michelle and Jill is Leslie Oliver-Pollack from Capinnovet.  Tune in to a great show!

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Episode 107 - Get the Scoop on Global Pet Expo 2016!

Michelle Fern, host of Best Bets for Pets talks to Andy Darmohraj, Senior Vice President of the American Pet Products Association (APPA) about this year's Global Pet Expo 2016 in Orlando, FL. 

Global Pet Expo, the pet industry’s largest annual trade show, is presented by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) and Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA). The 2015 Show featured 1,051 exhibiting companies, 3,113 booths and more than 3,000 new product launches. Additionally, 6,061 pet product buyers from 82 countries attended.

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Episode 106 - Poochieboots and Hedz UP Pets Watercollar

Michelle Fern chats with Karyn Pek, owner and creator of Poochieboots.  Poochieboots are a unique brand of dog boot,focused on fit, function, quality and fashion.  Their thoughtfully sized/designed boots will fit most breeds, and will protect their precious paws from extreme temps and the dreaded snow melt chemicals and salt. And they are REALLY comfortable, and they STAY ON.

In the second segment Michelle welcomes Diana Salerno, CMO of Hedz UP Pets, creator of The Hedz UP Watercollar.  It is estimated that thousands of dogs accidentally drown each year. The exact number is unknown because many of these drownings go unreported. But the fact is water can be a real danger to dogs. The Hedz UP Watercollar™ was invented to help prevent these deaths. Designed to be both a swim aid and life preserver, the Watercollar™ will keep a dog’s nose and ears above water even if the dog is unconscious.

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Episode 105 - We Love Lucy!

Think you know Lucy and Ricky?  This week Michelle Fern chats with Joey Herrick, Founder of Lucy Pet Products and the Lucy Pet Foundation.  Lucy Pet Products is a feel-good, fun brand, but is serious about quality and improving the lives of pets and the people who love them. Their mission is to provide the highest quality products for your pet’s health and make wellness a top priority. Their products can be found in pet specialty stores across the USA and worldwide.

"We’re proud to be a sustainable, ethical company with a cause to help animals in local communities. Helping animal welfare is at the heart of the company. Our 'Products with a Cause' means that all net profits (after taxes/expenses) go to support the Lucy Pet Foundation."

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Episode 104 - Paint-on-Picture

This week Michelle Fern speaks with Jan Stein, creator of Paint-on-Picture.  As a loving Maltese-mom Jan Stein creates one-of-a-kind giclee (digital photo, transfer on canvas) artist-quality print products known as ' Paint-on-Picture ' Jan takes clients’ digital images and transforms a plain printed picture into a canvas print that POPS with paint.

Jan Stein offers personalized service to make sure that your photos receive the proper care necessary to make them family heirlooms.  Jan shares, “I feel strongly about artistic integrity and quality materials. My artist team makes your plain picture POP!… this is the difference…it is not plain, not banal, not boring”.

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Episode 103 - TORUS and BUSTER ActivityMat

This week Michelle Fern welcomes Kim Goldsworthy, GM of Sales and Marketing for Heyrex to talk about their innovative TORUS pet water bowls.  TORUS™ (Latin for ‘hollow circular ring’) is the solution.  Water stored inside the walls ensures an ample supply of water, protected from dust and contaminants. The low profile also means no spills.

In the second segment Michelle talks to Lars Lund, sales director at Kruuse, to talk about their new BUSTER ActivityMat.  Have fun together with your dog and stimulate your dog mentally. Give your dog more content in everyday life with the BUSTER ActivityMat. With the BUSTER ActivityMat you can give your dog new challenges over and over again and vary the level of difficulty.

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Episode 102 - Wet Dog

Michelle Fern welcomes Sophie Gamand, photographer and author of Wet Dog.  Every dog owner knows too well the fun and misery of bath time: the wriggles, the poignant looks, the playful splashes. WET DOG, by photographer Sophie Gamand, is a stunning and touching capture of this intimate moment. Elevating dog photography to the status of art, these expressive portraits of our canine friends mirror our very own human emotions.

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Episode 101 - Talking Senior Dogs with Bil-Jac

Michelle Fern welcomes Brit Hyde, marketing manager at Bil-Jac.  Michelle and Brit discuss six ways to support your senior dog’s health, reasons people should consider adopting a senior dog, tips for people looking to adopt a dog from a shelter, and BilJac Senior Select Formula.

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Episode 100 - Perfect Pet Presents with The Pet Lady!

Dana Humphrey, The Pet Lady  joins Michelle Fern in this special 100th episode of Best Bets for Pets!  Michelle and Dana run through pawsome gifts for pets and pet parents, as well as holiday travel tips, safety tips and much more to make the holiday season fun for all!  You don't want to miss this episode!  Tune in!

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Episode 99 - Dyson V6 Absolute and Zuke's Pumpkin Patch Treats

This week Michelle Fern welcomes Robert Green, Head Reliability Engineer for Dyson's to talk about the new Dyson V6 Absolute vacuum.  The Dyson V6 Absolute cordless vacuum comes equipped with two Dyson-engineered cleaner heads. Invented for hard floors, the Soft roller cleaner head removes large debris and fine dust simultaneously. The Direct-drive cleaner head provides 75% more power than the Dyson V6 vacuum. HEPA filtration captures allergens and expels cleaner air. Extra Dyson-engineered tools for homes with pets.

In the second segment Michelle chats with Chris Meiering, Director of Innovation for Zuke's about their new Zuke's Pumpkin Patch Treats.  Zuke's Pumpkin Patch Mini Naturals are perfect for training any size, age or breed of dog. At only 3 ½ calories per treat, frequent rewards can encourage positive behavior during the hectic holiday season. The delicious turkey and pumpkin recipe features quality, lean protein and the powerful nutritional value of pumpkin.

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Episode 98 - Links-It and Airfree

This week Michelle Fern chats with Diane Danforth, Vice-President of LINKS-IT.  LINKS-IT is a new pet tag connector that makes changing pet ID, rabies, license, and microchip tags EASY. Now, you can move tags from collar to collar in a snap. Unlike with metal rings and S-hooks, you won’t break your fingernails or need tools.

In the second segment Michelle welcomes Carlos Duarte, head of development for Airfree Air Purifiers.  The patented Thermodynamic TSS™ Technology destroys mold, allergens, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, pollens, pet dender, tobacco, ozone and other organic pollutants. It is perfect for mold contaminated areas as well as asthma and allergy sufferers. Airfree’s exclusive technology is completly silent and does not require any filters or maintenance. Just plug it in and let it do the job. Airfree’s awarded design perfectly fits your home decor.

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Episode 97 - Feline Yogi and Frenchie's Kitchen

This week Michelle Fern welcomes Paige Hodges, president and founder of Feline Yogi, makers of the Yoga Cat Mat Toy. The Yoga Cat Mat Toy was created by Paige and Pippy. Together they run Feline Yogi, and are committed to producing the best yoga cat mat toys for our enlightened feline friends.

In the second segment Michelle talks to Sara Morgan, founder of Frenchie's Kitchen.  Frenchie’s Kitchen provides fresh, gently cooked dog food with recipes based on Whole Food Nutrition. The product is produced in a USDA Human Food Facility with the finest 100% Human Grade Ingredients. We are challenging an entire industry to rethink its approach to providing healthier choices for man’s best friend.

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Episode 96 - Catopia and Meperdi

This week Michelle Fern chats with Debbie Lifton, President and Co-Founder of Catopia Cat Rescue.  Catopia’s mission is to save the lives of as many abandoned, injured, neglected and/or otherwise unwanted cats and kittens they possibly can. All cats and kittens are fully vetted, fed healthy diets and accommodated in a 100% foster care environment until they each find loving forever homes.

In the second segment Michelle talks to Miguel Rodenas from Meperdi, located in Spain.  Meperdí lets you easily find the owner of a lost pet. Its operation is very simple: it is a pendant that is annealed to the collar of the pet. The rigid material is waterproof and resistant to the attacks of the pet itself, as well as inclement weather.  When a lost pet is found, and it has a Meperdi Pendant, you just need to enter meperdi.es and place the identification number on the device to get information of the animal and its owner, so you can make a phone call and inform the owner.

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Episode 95 - Wireless Whiskers and Kathy Ireland Loved Ones

This week Michelle Fern welcomes Steve Whelan, President of Wireless Whiskers.  Wireless Whiskers is the World's most advanced feeder! Solves even the most difficult feeding problems. Works for up to 8 pets. (Up to 18 inches tall).  Will also operate from batteries.

In the second half of the show Michelle talks to Hannah Rosenberg, research and design manager for Kathy Ireland Loved Ones.  Kathy Ireland Loved Ones, designed by Kathy Ireland, are innovative, home decor inspired pet product collections that speak directly to the natural needs of your Loved Ones.

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Episode 94 - Earthbath and Enchanted Home Pet

In this week's episode Michelle Fern welcomes Paul Armstrong, President and CEO of Earthbath.  From the beginning, earthbath has been developed and manufactured in California with only the safest, finest ingredients from nature.

In the second segment, Michelle talks to Fred Silber, President of Enchanted Home Pet, makers of the TheraCool™ Cooling Gel Pad.  Born from the determination to develop the highest quality and most innovative products, Enchanted Home Pet’s attention to detail, design and functionality is unmatched by any pet products anywhere.

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Episode 93 - Wahl Pets

This week Michelle Fern talks to Shay Moeller, pet product manager at Wahl.  Pet grooming can be easy with Wahl's extensive line of grooming products. Whether it's clipping, trimming, brushing, bathing or combing, pet owners and professionals prefer Wahl!

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Episode 92 - Insect Shield and Indigenous Pet Products

Michelle Fern chats with Andy Katz, President and CEO of PetEdge, makers of Insect Shield.  Insect Shield is great for pets who spend time outdoors, this fabric is treated with Insect Shield to repel mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers and midges.

In the second segment Michelle talks to Scott Reinhart, pet sales and marketing manager for Indigenous Pet Products. At Indigenous Pet Products, their passion and purpose is to improve the health, vitality, and happiness of our loyal animal companions. They are committed to the perfect blend of science and nature.

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Episode 91 - OurPets and Wag!

This week Michelle Fern talks to Gabriella DeSantis, Vice President of Marketing at OurPets.  OurPets cat toys are more than just toys … They’re tools to enrich and reward kitty, awaken her natural instincts, and bring her closer to her human parents. From Play-N-Squeak™ toys that stimulate hunting instinct to Cosmic Catnip™ products that encourage healthy play and grooming to Go! Cat Go!® toys designed to stimulate all the senses, OurPets cat toys provide a full range of tools to keep kitty happy and healthy and solidify the pet/parent bond.

In the second segment, Michelle chats with Jason Meltzer, creator of Wag!, the dog walker app.  Wag's mission is to make it much easier to own a dog by providing your dog the care it deserves while giving you the flexibility you deserve. Whether you need a dog walker instantly or on a recurring basis Wag has you covered. You can track your dog's walks LIVE on our GPS map, and every time a walk is complete you will receive a report card featuring a photo or video from the walk, distance walked, duration of the walk, and even whether your dog peed or pooped

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Episode 90 - Four Robins and StarWalk

This week Michelle Fern chats with Greg Horgan, co-founding partner of Four Robins.  Four Robins Ltd. is a boutique producer of leather goods, whose Old West Leather Dog Collar should prove irresistible to the kind of owner who might otherwise tie a bandana around Duke’s neck when heading out for a hike.

In the second segment Michelle talks to Julie Stevenson, marketing manager at iQPet, makers of StarWalk.  The StarWalk accompanies your dog by attaching to his or her collar, and gives you insight on daily activity levels through the lights directly on the device. You’ll have a better understanding of how active your dog is and the ability to set goals, so you can be sure you’re spending enough time outside with your dog every day.

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Episode 89 - Don't Let the Holidays Fatten Up Fido and Fifi

When it comes to celebrating the holiday season, gatherings with family and friends are usually centered around food. Homes that include furry friends know all too well how challenging it can be to deny pets leftover table scraps or extra treats that can create problems later. 

In this episode Michelle Fern chats with John Sturm, VP of Nutrition with Petco, who will explain why it is important to pay attention to the food your pet is eating all year-round, and especially during the holiday season.

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Episode 88 - Scorpion Scooper and Liberty Wristband

Michelle Fern welcomes Lai Qi, creator of Scorpion Scooper.  By its unique design, Scorpion Scooper can easily pick up dog waste from most terrain surfaces by simply squeezing shut. The waste goes directly into an attached waste bag.  No more bending over and no more touching!  The unique method of bag installation can also keep the scooper clean after each use. Scorpion Scooper stays clean and will never smell.  

In the second segment Michelle chats with Bill Feldman, creator of Liberty Wristband.  Liberty Wristband simply eliminates all of the hand effort, energy, and attention required to hold onto any leash. The remarkable result? You enjoy a comfortable, safe, and secure tether to your dog. And best of all to many dog walkers, Liberty Wristband leaves you with a free hand to use your cell phone, carry packages, drink a beverage, or simply enjoy the freedom of not having to grasp a leash in your hands.

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Episode 87 - Whip-It

Michelle Fern chats with John Alessi, President of Whip-It Inventions.  Whip-It is an unbelievable, plant-based multipurpose super cleaner, that breaks down the chemical bond of stains in seconds.  Amazingly, Whip-It loosens, breaks down, and lifts heavy dirt, food, and set in stains from the second the formula touches the stain. 

Whip-It contains no chlorine, bleaches, ammonia, phosphates, petrochemicals, acids or dyes meaning Whip-It is completely earth, family and pet friendly!  The cleaner has over 500 different uses and can safely used nearly everywhere in your home, car, office or commercial business. 

Special Offer for Pet Life Radio Listeners:  Order Whip-It and use promo code "Pet Life" and you'll receive a free bottle of the travel-size Whip-It To Go!

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Episode 86 - Fresh Step and Fruitables

This week Michelle Fern welcomes Shekinah Eliassan, brand manager for Fresh Step to talk about the new Fresh Step Extreme Lightweight Litter, the best lightweight litter for odor elimination. Tune in to find out about the Fresh Step Million Meow Mission and your chance to win purr-fect prizes!

In the second segment, Michelle chats with David DeLorenzo, president of Fruitables.  Open a bag of Fruitables treats and you will immediately smell the difference. These deliciously healthy combinations come in CHEWY, CRUNCHY and JERKY formats with flavors as broad as your imagination. These limited ingredient recipes are made so fresh you can smell the difference.

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Episode 85 - Tina's Art

Michelle Fern chats with Tina and Jeff from Tina's Art.  Tina’s Art was designed after Tina.  Tina is a pet portrait artist who has overcome a learning disability to become a talented artist and uplifting friend to many.  She is a sweet person, who makes friends wherever she goes.   She also loves animals and has been painting them for years.

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Episode 84 - Izon and KeySmart

Michelle Fern talks about the new Izon pet security camera that streams your pet video right to your phone.  The izon camera makes pet ownership easy. Leave home without the guilt by giving yourself the ability to check on your pets from the office, dinner, or across the globe!  Ever wonder what your pet is up to when you’re not around? Receive instant push notifications of activity and view the recorded events with up to 100 FREE stored playbacks.

In the second segment Michelle chats with Michael Tunney, founder and creator of KeySmart.  It looks like a small army knife, but instead of holding a bevvy of tools, this clever little invention contains keys. Smaller than a pack of gum, KeySmart is a compact key holder designed to neatly and comfortably fit in your pocket. No bulk and not one jingle or jangle.

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Episode 83 - Twigo and Bravo!

This week Michelle Fern welcomes Janine Berger-Gillet, owner and inventor of Twigo.  A Twigo Pet ID Tag, is one of the simplest tags on the market to provide every pet at the time of adoption or after a veterinarian visit. Twigo tags require no engraving and are instantly personalize-able with a ballpoint pen – simply write, boil and wear. The tags self-attach and are completely silent, ideal for those who dislike the jingling noise and remove their pet’s tags while inside the house.

In the second segment Michelle chats with Bette Schubert, co-founder of Bravo! Pet Foods.  If you have made the commitment to feed your pet better healthier food, you should consider including all natural treats in that plan. Bravo! Bonus Bites are 100% all meat, and made from all natural, antibiotic-free, grain free meats and organ meat protein sources. As with our Bravo! raw diet products, Bravo! Bonus Bites meat treats offer you a wide range of choice.

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Episode 82 - Solvit

This week Michelle Fern welcomes Patrick Hoffman, President of Solvit.  Solvit specializes in highly functional, easy-to-use products for travel, active life, therapeutic and senior care. Solvit offers unparalleled mobility and support to make sure no dog is left behind.  Solvit products simply do more than other products. From conception to design to construction, they're dedicated to the details that make their products highly functional, durable, and easy to use. They pay attention to the little things, so you and your dog can enjoy the big things.

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Episode 81 - Piddle Place and DogSport

This week Michelle Fern is joined by Kate Hillman, founder and inventor of Piddle Place.  The Piddle Place dog toilet is designed to compliment the look of your home.  Not meant to replace walking your pet, the Piddle Place provides a comfortable sanitary environment for your pet to relieve themselves while waiting for your return or when weather does not permit a trip outdoors

In the second segment Michelle welcomes Hope Adams, inventor and owner of DogSport.  DogSport is a water bottle cap for dogs.  DogSports fit most standard water bottles. There are two standard size water bottles, the short neck, and the original neck, (same size as Pepsi & Coke). You just twist your water bottle cap off, and twist DogSport on, It's so easy.

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Episode 80 - Dog For Dog... You Buy One, They Give One

Michelle Fern welcomes Rocky Kanaka, President and Founder of DOG for DOG.  DOG for DOG is an all natural dog food and treat company with a mission to help dogs in need. For every product they sell, they donate a product to a dog in need. They have an online community committed to enhancing the life of man’s best friend via proper nutrition. They strive each and every day to deliver the cleanest, most-nutrient rich dog treats to dogs across the country, whether in cozy homes or waiting to be picked up at the local rescue shelter. Not only are these products developed with the specific needs of your specific dog in mind, but also for the dogs that are waiting to be adopted in local shelters or rescues.

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Episode 79 - Kyjen and Adams Pet Care

This week Michelle Fern chats with Kyle Hansen, founder of Kyjen.  At Kyjen it is their It mission to make unique products that will keep dogs active and engaged. They have a passion for dogs, and feel that they deserve fun, functional products—products that last longer, challenge their minds, and stimulate their instincts. With their companionship, playfulness, and affection, our dogs keep us feeling healthy and happy. Kyjen's goal, in turn, is to design products that will enrich our dogs’ lives as much as they enrich our own. 

In the second segment, Michelle welcomes Josh Nelson, senior brand manager at Adams Pet Care.  The Adams line of products take a smarter approach to pet care, and makes protecting your family, pet, home, and yard easier and more effective. Sold by veterinarians since 1975, this line includes flea & tick topical products, shampoos, collars, and sprays for your home, yard, dogs, puppies, cats and kittens, and is available almost everywhere pet products are sold. 

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Episode 78 - Bark Genie and Simple Solution

Michelle Fern welcomes Juliana Campos, product manager at First Alert to talk about their product, Bark Genie.  Stop annoying barking anywhere with the Bark Genie™ automatic bark control device. The Bark Genie™ bark control device automatically detects barking and reacts by emitting a high-pitched ultrasonic sound that only dogs can hear. Perfect for all environments, the Bark Genie™ automatic bark control device makes it easy to control barking. 

In the second segment Michelle talks to Brandon Najarian, senior product manager for Simple Solution 30 Day Cat Litter.  Simple Solution is a 30 day cat litter that is 300% more absorbent, 50% lighter and has 30 day odor control. The pure attapulgite clay, found only in North Africa, is so effective it absorbs the urine without clumping and neutralizes the odor so you no longer need to do daily scooping. The 30 day litter is strong enough to eliminate litter box odors in even the toughest multi-cat households.

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Episode 77 - The Tidy Dog and Pawsitively Wholesome

Michelle Fern welcomes Chris Lorkowski, inventor of The Tidy Dog, the toy bin that trains your dog to clean up!  The Tidy Dog's smart sensors detect the weight of a toy when it is added to the bin.  If a toy is added, the Tidy Dog dispenses a treat.  The Tidy Dog's software knows the difference between a toy that has been added to the bin and a dogs nose that is shuffling around in the bin looking for their favorite toy!  

In the second segment Michelle chats with Kristin Von Tschirschky, founder and owner of Pawsitively Wholesome.  Pawsitively Wholesome makes All-Natural dog treats for dogs with allergies and special diets, like Pawdon My Breath Cookies, Pawlicious Apple Chips, PW's Bad To The Bone Cookies, Sadie's Sweet Pawtato Chips and more!

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Episode 76 - earthbath and PupSaver

Michelle Fern welcomes Paul Armstrong, CEO and president of earthbath.  earthbath's totally natural pet shampoos and products clean gently and naturally, leaving your dogs' coat brilliantly shiny, soft, supple and heavenly smelling. Best of all, they contain no harsh soaps or noxious chemicals, so you never have to worry about what might be left behind on your dog or the environment (or you, for that matter!)

In the second segment Michelle chats with Ashleigh Bennett, VP of Sales for Pupsaver.  The PupSaver is a small dog car safety seat, created for small breed dogs in need of a safe seat for car rides. Harnesses, crates and booster seats are not the safest options for small dogs, since they offer no impact protection in case of accidents or short stops.! PupSaver offers protection, both for the human occupants of the vehicle and for the pup who is inside it.

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Episode 75 - Spinz and DoggerJogger

Michelle Fern chats with Brooke Bonell, Director of Product Development - Consumables for Fetch4Pets, to talk about their new Spinz treats for dogs. Swivel-style design gives these interactive dog chews a fling-able, twisting challenge your dog will love. Spinz 100% Edible Chew Toys for dogs feature two irregular-shaped legs that are joined in a swivel-like center. Go ahead and swing, fling, or launch them for your pet. Spinz Toys deliver a delicious treat that creates interesting motion to occupy and entertain your dog.

In the second segment Michelle talks to Bill Braman, owner and inventor of The DoggerJogger Bike Dog Leash.  The DoggerJogger is the easiest way to give your dog its best quality of life.   A fit dog is happy and healthy, and the DoggerJogger Bike Dog Leash is the fastest and most fun way to give your dog the level of exercise that it so desperately needs!  You maintain control and proper speed while your dog jogs comfortably. The DoggerJogger attaches to your bike in two places: on the bike frame near the rear axle and at the pedal.

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Episode 74 - 'Why Weight?' with Katrina and Karena from Bravo's 'Toned Up' and SmartyKat

Michelle Fern chats with Reality stars Katrina Hodgson and Karena Dawn from Bravo’s 'Toned Up' about Purina Cat Chow's 'Why Weight' program to raise awareness about cat obesity.  Purina Cat Chow is aiming to reach 100,000 Why Weight pledges by May 2 and will donate $50,000 to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) to provide educational tools to veterinarians and support research to help reduce the number of overweight cats.

In the second segment Michelle continues the feline theme and talks to Aimee Diskin, Director of Innovation & Product Development at Worldwise, Inc. about their SmartyKat products.  Hunting for food is all the exercise wild cats need to stay sleek and slim. All cats need regular activity, but almost half of domesticated housecats are considered clinically obese. SmartyKat Exercise products promote sustained activity and burn calories the fun way.

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Episode 73 - PooBagger and K9 Cube

Michelle Fern chats with Tom Zurn, the inventor of PooBagger®PooBagger is the One-Step device for removing animal waste from your lawn and property. With PooBagger, snap on ANY plastic bag, scoop up the waste, unsnap the bag into the trash. It’s a simple, durable and economical solution to remove dog or cat waste, goose droppings or any other animal waste that might be preventing your property from being clean and safe.

In the second segment Michelle welcomes Luke Boldman, Design Lead and Product Line Manager for Mountainsmith, the creator of K9 Cube.  The K-9 Cube makes traveling with your pet simple. Keep organized with the interior divider, separate PEVA lined food container (PVC-Free), and collapsible dishes for your furry friend's food and water. The K9 Cube is perfectly sized to carry the K9 Bed (sold separately). Ideal for trips to the kennel, road-tripping, weekend getaways with the family, overnight vet stays, etc. The K-9 Cube, it's luggage for your dog!

Also, use promo code BESTBETS and get 20% off a PooBagger!

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Episode 72 - The Global Pet Expo with Kathy Ireland, Jill Rappaport and Steve Dale

Michelle Fern reports live from the 2014 Global Pet Expo in Orlando, and chats with supermodel and entrepreneur Kathy Ireland about her new line of pet products from Worldwise, Today Show reporter and author Jill Rappaport, and radio host, author and animal behavior consultant Steve Dale.

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Episode 71 - If Your Cat is Fat, You're Not Getting Enough Exercise and PetBox

Michelle Fern welcomes Adeline Rosemire, author of If Your Cat is Fat, You're Not Getting Enough Exercise.  Lose weight and feel better, while enriching your cat's life! Here's an innovative, fun book with a simple premise: Incorporating exercise for you into brief playtimes with your cat can improve your life, brain function, and overall health- and make a difference in your cat's well-being.

In the second segment, Michelle speaks with Will Ford, Co-Founder and President of PetBox.  Each month your pet will receive premium goodies delivered to your door. The best part is that you choose what’s in the box! Your PetBox will be filled with up to 6 items and will be shipped the next day. No more waiting until the 1st or the 15th of each month! Even better - for each PetBox that goes out the doors, they feed a hungry rescue animal.

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Episode 70 - Beauty Kitchen and The Fifth Paw

Michelle Fern welcomes Heather Marianna, creator of Beauty Kitchen.  Beauty Kitchen brings you tips and tricks on staying “Spa Fabulous” without the Spa Prices” including Lucky Luciano's Unisex Pet Perfume and Pet Shampoo. Created by Beauty Kitchen this Botanically enriched luxury mist will leave your furry friends coat shiny, silky and smooth. Between baths or after grooming, this fragrant spa-quality mist will neutralize odors, silken and soften and add an all natural shine to your pets coat!

In the second segment Michelle chats with Stephen Longo, creator of The Fifth Paw.  As the proud dad and chief dog walker of his two Great Danes, Caesar & Chloe, Stephen doesn't need to tell you what a great bonding experience going for a walk can be. But holding onto a leash while carrying full bags of dog doody until they got home was not only a drag but also unsafe.  Affordable and easy to use, The Fifth Paw is now available for pet parents everywhere to facilitate a more sanitary and satisfying walk for all.

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Episode 69 - Cesar Millan Opens New Dog Psychology Center in Florida and Announces Inaugural Dog Training Workshop

Michelle Fern goes on location at the Country Inn Pet Resort & Animal Hospital in Davie Florida at the grand opening of Cesar Millan's new Dog Psychology Center.  Michelle chats with The Dog Whisperer himself, Cesar Millan, as well as Monica Silva, owner/operator of the Country Inn Pet Resort & Animal Hospital along with attendees of Cesar's Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Training workshop.  Tune in to hear what Cesar has to say!

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Episode 68 - Oreyo and Chief Furry Officer

Michelle Fern chats with Marcy Ellenbogen, mom to Oreyo, the pet therapy bunny.  Oreyo and Marcy are a registered Pet Partner Therapy Team and R.E.A.D. certified. Marcy's first book is Oreyo's Magical Adventures.. They volunteer their time bringing lots of smiles to everyone they visit and give furry hugs to all.

Michelle's second guest is Terri Garcia, owner, designer and "top dog" of Chief Furry Officer.  cfo designs and manufactures unique, classic designs for both pets and their owners. These personalized, unique pieces are the perfect gift for friends, family and corporate gifts. cfo provides exceptional quality and affordable prices all wrapped up and delivered in our signature red box.

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Episode 67 - SwiPets

Michelle Fern welcomes Donna Meté, CEO and creator of SwiPets.  SwiPets is the World's Best Cat Hair Removal Product! SwiPets Cat Hair Removal Glove is designed with a special, Revolutionary High-Tech coating that works like magic for removing cat hair from furniture, clothing and hard to reach places like cracks, crevices and divots. SwiPets cleans surfaces other products don't. Don't waste your time and money on useless products that just don't work.... get SwiPets!

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Episode 66 - Pet Life Radio 2013 Holiday Magazine and Gift Guide

Michelle Fern takes you on a snowy sleigh ride through this year's Pet Life Radio Holiday Magazine and Gift Guide, featuring paw-some holiday deals and ideas for the pets and pet people in your life!  Also check out fun recipes and articles from our amazing Pet Life Radio show hosts!

To read the Pet Life Radio 2013 Holiday Magazine and Gift Guide click on this link:  http://bit.ly/HRPJRm

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Episode 65 - The Dangers of Jerky Treats

Michelle Fern talks to veterinarian Dr. Liz Hanson about the recent news about the dangers of Jerky treats for dogs.  As you may know, this is an ongoing crisis, as the FDA still does not know why dogs are getting sick/dying.  Dr. Liz Hanson is an expert in offering tips for pet owners on a number of subjects.  She has put together a list of tips for how to keep your pets safe/what to look for when choosing treats.  Tune in for this important information!

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Episode 64 - iCPooch and Wondercide

Michelle Fern welcomes 13 year old Brooke Martin, inventor and spokesperson of iCPooch, a device which allows you to video chat with your dog and deliver a treat from anywhere!  iCPooch was born as a result of an 8th grade school project and a highly motivated 12 year old girl at an intense 54 hour event called Startup Weekend Spokane.

In the second segment Michelle chats with Stephanie Boone, founder and CEO of Wondercide.  Wondercide offers an innovative line of natural pest control and holistic care products for pets, people, and property. To eliminate the possibility of pesticide poisoning to your loved ones, they encourage you to…TREAT NATURE WITH NATURE

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Episode 63 - It's the Dirty Dogs Contest from Wahl and Petfinder Foundation!

Michelle Fern talks to Shay Moeller from Wahl Clipper Corporation and Karen Hollister from Petfinder Foundation to talk about the Dirty Dogs Contest!

October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog-Month, and in the spirit of the season
our friends at WAHL and Petfinder Foundation created the Dirty Dogs Photo contest! The contest  is open to everyone - you can submit a dirty dog photo until Oct. 31 for a chance to win up to $5,000 for Animal Welfare League, as well as a dog wash fundraising event sponsored by WAHL!

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Episode 62 - Whole Life Pet Products and Come with Me Kitty

Michelle Fern welcomes John Gigliotti, founder and CEO of Whole Life Pet Products.  Whole Life Pet Treats has created 'Farm to Friend': the world’s first treats for your four-legged friends made with fresh ingredients from farmers, ranchers and fishermen we know- with no 'mystery meats' and no middleman. Their freeze-dried treats are made in their own state-of-the-art facility in the beautiful Berkshires of western Massachusetts.

In the second segment Michelle talks to Mandie Sweetnam, Product Manager of the Toys and Behavior Category at PetSafe to talk about the new Come With Me Kitty cat harness.  The Come with Me Kitty Harness gives you gentle, comfortable control of your cat or kitten while allowing them to explore the world outside your door. The patented design allows for pressure on the leash to gently tighten the shoulder straps, restraining any forward motion without putting pressure on the delicate throat area. When properly fitted, this feature prevents the cat from escaping the harness.

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Episode 61 - Swheat Scoop and Paw Pods

Michelle Fern welcomes Mark Hughes, founder, and national sales and marketing manager for Swheat Scoop.  Swheat Scoop is a natural cat litter made from ground wheat, scoopable, clumping, flushable in sewer and septics, guaranteed odor free.  Unlike ordinary clumping litters that can overburden public landfills because they never decompose, Swheat Scoop is 100% biodegradable and made from renewable, sustainable resources right here in the USA.

In the second segment Michelle talks to Justin Duneskiss, co-founder of Paw Pods.  Paw Pods is a dignified, loving and eco-friendly way to preserve the memory of your beloved pet. The urn was developed after consultation with veterinarians, pet companies and engineers. The result is a unique urn constructed from 100 percent biodegradable and recycled materials that is accompanied with a seeded sympathy card that can be planted in a backyard or garden – producing beautiful flowers year-round that will serves as a living memorial of your family member.

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Episode 60 - Calm Coat and PetPaint

How many of us have dogs that get nervous around thunder, fireworks and loud noises?  There's a great solution called Calm Coat!  Similar to swaddling a newborn baby, gently wrapping a dog in a Calm Coat™ has a peaceful effect that is beneficial for both you and your dog.  Michelle Fern welcomes Matthew Dweck, President of Calm Coat.

In the second segment Michelle chats with Abe Geary, founder of PetPaint.  PetPaint is a color hairspray for dogs. PetPaint is a high quality colored furspray that is specially formulated, dog-safe, and veterinarian approved. The company was founded by Abe Geary, who sought to change the way people celebrate occasions and holidays with their dog.

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Episode 59 - Panasonic ‘Jet Force Bagless’ Vacuums

Michelle Fern welcomes David Williams, Senior Product Manager of Home Appliance and Jeff Vogel, Senior Marketing Manager from Panasonic to talk about the new  Panasonic. ‘Jet Force Bagless’ Vacuum Cleaners.

With its curvaceous, hourglass-shaped cup, Panasonic's JetForce vacuum cleaner makes it easy to get your home in shape and looking great. Slip into that slinky red cocktail dress or vintage dinner jacket and let the party guests arrive. You were done getting the house ready hours ago.

Panasonic's Jet Force technology separates the dust and air via centrifugal force and a unique hour-glass dust container. The hour-glass dust-cup shape forces large debris towards the bottom of the cup, due to pressure difference in the middle and bottom of the cup, and away from the filter to prevent clogging and reduce filter maintenance.

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Episode 58 - Dog Fashion Spa and ThunderWorks

Michelle Fern welcomes Elena Volnova and Domenico Ponti of Dog Fashion Spa.  Dog Fashion and its Dog Fashion Spa signature collection features all American-made dog spa products and accessories, including fragrances, coat and paw care, gentle eye pads, and exquisite gift sets for dogs.

In the second segment Michelle talks to Phil Blizzard, founder of ThunderWorks and inventor of the ThunderShirt and ThunderLeash.  At ThunderWorks, they are committed to finding simple and safe solutions to pet parents’ every day issues because when our pets feel stressed, we feel stressed. And when we feel stressed well, we aren’t always at our best. It is their hope that their simple solutions can help maintain the bond between pet and parent.

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Episode 57 - Zututh and Soggy Doggy

Michelle Fern welcomes Dr. David Dugan, creator of Zututh toothbrushes for dogs! Zututh is designed to adapt to the unique arrangement of your dog's teeth. Zututh is made for dogs, not humans. It is designed to clean the areas that collect plaque the most. Also, it is longer than a human brush so more teeth are cleaned in one motion shortening the total brushing time, and are available in small, medium and large sizes.

In the second segment Michelle speaks with Joanna Rein, president and top dog of Soggy Doggy Productions.  The Soggy Doggy Super Shammy is 5x more absorbent than regular cotton towels, so mopping up a wet or snowy dog is a snap. What’s the secret? The Super Shammy is made from millions of textured, ultra-fine strands woven together, so the surface area of this towel is like a giant sponge.

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Episode 56 - Pruven and Fresh Step

This week Michelle Fern welcomes Kathy Harrington, marketing manager at 3M to talk about their Pruven pet products! Pruven™ products help with everything from training your pet to waste & odor management.  Listen to get details on how to enter the Cute but Caught Photo Contest and find out how to win $3000 from 3M to pamper you and your pet!  You heard right.... $3000!

In the second segment Michelle talks to Smita Peri, brand manager at Fresh Step to talk about their new and improved cat litter, debuting this summer!  Fresh Step cat litter contains everything you love about clay with one refreshing difference. It contains carbon to help eliminate odors on contact and keep your home smelling even fresher.

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Episode 55 - Whimzees and Tick SR

Michelle Fern welcomes Roelof Kunst, senior vice-president of sales and marketing for Whimzees.  Whimzees are flavorful dental dog treats in fun shapes your dog will love. Totally edible, they are made of natural vegetables with no added chemicals, wheat, gluten or meat byproducts. Nice and chewy, they also help freshen breath and reduce plaque build-up on the dog's teeth. Dental health is as important for dogs as it is for humans, Whimzees dog treats make it easy.

In the second segment Michelle speaks to Beth Eimbinder, vice-president of sales at Tick SR and author, dog trainer and pet expert, Nikki Moustaki to talk about the unpleasant topic of ticks!  Tick-SR is a new patented product that safely and easily removes ticks. It works by dissolving the glue that ticks use to attach to a dog. It also works to prevent the tick from being able to feed. Once the glue is gone, and the food supply is removed, the tick releases.

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Episode 54 - Pet Wise Products and NoviPet

This week Michelle Fern welcomes Liz Bucalo, founder of Pet Wise Products, including the Down Rover Jumping Shield.  Down Rover is intended to be used in a controlled setting, for training purposes.  It's  function is to block the dog's landing spot, allowing you to simultaneously give the command; 'no, down, off', etc while you are preventing the landing. Jumping is a particularly difficult behavior to manage. This the aid you use to 'get through to them'.

In the second segment Michelle speaks with Jim Boyd, the national sales manager of NoviPet.  NoviPet is an innovative developer of high-quality nutrition and health products for pets. Backed by over four decades of international experience, NoviPet was launched with one sole purpose: to make healthy supplements tasty and fun for dogs and cats, just like treats. Their supplements, which emphasize ease-of-use and freshness, are highly palatable, easy to feed and easy to chew.

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Episode 53 - Pet Dek and Litter Genie

Michelle Fern talks to Joe Volpe, founder of Car-Dek Inc. The firm’s product, PetDek, is a portable and removable shelf for the backseat of a car that can protect dogs for the ride.  The PetDek was designed to provide pets with a better comfort alternative on the back seat of a vehicle. Pets do not necessarily like being on a soft, uneven and narrow surface which often leads to them pacing. They also do not like to be at the angle created by the slope of the seat bottom, which leads to "clawing" to prevent from sliding backwards. Fast stops may throw the loose dog into the foot well area where it struggles and claws to get out 

In the second segment Michelle welcome Chikacko Harada, senior brand manager of Litter Genie.  Keep your home fresh and happy with the Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System. This complete and hygienic soiled litter disposal solution is easy to use and effectively seals in odor for a more pleasant home environment. The Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System reduces odor, makes clean-up quick and easy, hygienically seals soiled litter clumps and reduces trips to the garbage. With built-in antimicrobial protection the Litter Genie Plus is the ultimate hassle-free solution to controlling litter odors. Compact design makes it great for small spaces and the easy-carry handle makes it convenient for homes with multiple litter box locations.

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Episode 52 - Get Ready for Global Pet Expo 2013!

Michelle Fern, host of Best Bets for Pets talks to Andy Darmohraj, Senior Vice President of the American Pet Products Association (APPA) about this year's Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL. 

Global Pet Expo, the pet industry’s largest annual trade show, will feature the newest, most innovative pet products on the market today. The 2013 Show is expected to be one of the biggest to date, following the success of the 2012 Global Pet Expo with 238,000 net square feet of paid exhibit space, and the highest post-show numbers including new product launches, booths sold and attendance, reported in Global Pet Expo’s eight year history.

More than 900 companies from around the world will showcase the latest and greatest products available for all types of pets including dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, small animals and horses. Global Pet Expo features 11 football fields’ worth of pet products, more than 3,000 product-launches and 150 first-time exhibiting companies.

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Episode 51 - CritterZone Air Purifier

Michelle Fern welcomes Bill Converse, inventor of the CritterZone Air Purifier.  The CritterZone Air Purifier is Powerful, Filterless and Chemical-Free.  An all-natural process that virtually eliminates odors, bacteria and other pollutants such as mold, mildew, E-coli, Staph, Salmonella, Listeria, and more. 

The CritterZone Air Purifier produces a natural and safe ionic flow to give indoor air the energy it needs to restore itself.  This process virtually eliminates pollutants in the air, on surfaces and even in fabrics. 

Use Promo Code PETLIFERADIO and get $10 off of a CritterZone at http://www.critterzoneusa.com/shop/

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Episode 50 - Yappy Hour Vineyards & Dogg Boss Gear

Michelle Fern welcomes Michelle Gaylord and Tasha Nesbitt of Yappy Hour Vineyards.   Yappy Hour Vineyards dog wine produces a non-alcoholic, gravy/au-jus product that turns dry kibble into a meaty succulent dish that rivals the qualities of wet dog foods.  Yappy Hour Vineyards dog wine varietals come in a 750ml wine bottle and include the following varietals: ‘Bark-deaux’, ‘Pinot Tail-io’, ‘Grrrr-lot’, and ‘Char-dog-nay’.

In the second segment Michelle speaks with Jeff Wolfson, the Dogg Boss about Dogg Boss Gear.   Dogg Boss Gear is a specialized dog leash, collar, and gear superstore. They provide superior obedience and management gear (OMG) for dog owners. All of their dog leads and gear including the Zipp-n-Go leash are handcrafted with quality detail, comfort, strength and durability in mind for the dog and their owner. They can significantly help dog owners who need more control and convenience by using one or more of their very inventive devices.

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Episode 49 - The 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

What to buy for the pawsome pets and pet people in your life this holiday season?  From canine cuisine to feline fashion....the Pet Life Radio 2012 Holiday Gift Guide has all the paw-sibilities!  Michelle Fern takes you on a fur-bulous gift buying guided tour on this special episode of Best Bets for Pets!  It's our online version of Barkdorf, Cats Fifth Avenue and Blooming-tails!  Get ready to shop til you drop!

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Episode 48 - Clear Conscience Pet

Michelle Fern welcomes Anthony Bennie, CEO of Clear Conscience Pet. Clear Conscience Pet is a new company, founded in 2010 to create healthy, clean, and incredibly tasty treats for dogs, cats, and ferrets.

Clear Conscience Pet was founded on the principles of Humane Sources and Superb Nutrition, and will only use grass fed meat ingredients raised humanely by independent ranchers. The company launched SuperGravy™, the first ever Holistic Instant Gravy Mix and Concentrated SuperFood™ enhancer for pet food. SuperGravy™ is formulated for Dogs, Cats, and Ferrets of all ages, breeds, sizes, and lifestyles.

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Episode 47 - Kitty’scape and Wetnoz

Michelle Fern welcomes Pat Hoffman, general manager at Solvit Products to talk about their new product, Kitty'scape. Kitty’scape is a whole new concept in cat play structures, giving cat owners the ability to assemble components any way they choose to build a custom play structure for their feline friends! A complete play structure can be assembled in just minutes with no tools. The modular design of the Kitty’scape™ means the different columns, platforms and accessories are interchangeable so they can be assembled in countless combinations to meet the needs of individual cat families.

In the second segment, Michelle chats with Ann Hanson, Director of Marketing Innovation for Petmate about their new, WetNoz products. The Wetnoz STUDIO line of dog bowls are luxury pet accesories, made from durable plastic with rubber feet. Easy to use scoop bowls make feeding your best friend fun, and the elevated Duo makes eating easy. The Wetnoz ULTRA collection is the finest luxury pet accessories available online. Made from premium stainless steel with non-skid rubber feet and handles, these unique pet supplies will complement any lifestyle. Each Ultra product comes individually gift boxed.

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Episode 46 - Storm Defender and Tagg

Michelle Fern welcomes Andrew Critzer from Storm Defender. Dogs can become agitated and anxious before a thunderstorm. Some storm phobic dogs even panic, causing stress for you and your pet. Storm Defender has the solution for canine anxiety - without drugs - to reduce your dog's anxiety. Put the cape, with its special lining, around your dog and bring relief to your beloved pet. The Storm Defender helps ease anxiety in dogs and produce a calming effect. Dogs with anxiety show marked improvement and less anxiety with use after just a few thunderstorms.hake, remove the lid and tilt down to offer your dog a special snack.

In the second segment Michelle speaks with Dave Vigil from Tagg - The Pet Tracker. The Tagg pet tracking system uses advanced GPS tracking technology to allow you to see where your dog is and receive a notification if he or she wanders off. The lightweight tracker attaches to your dog's existing collar, and is designed to be worn at all times, even while swimming. Pinpoint your dog's whereabouts on the Tagg Map. After you locate him, zoom in. Take a look at his exact location on a computer, smartphone, or using the Tagg mobile app. Need directions? Tagg provides those too. 

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Episode 45 - Lickety Stik for Dogs and Cats!

Michelle Fern welcomes Tracey Quillin, category manager from PetSafe to discuss their new their new Canine Flavors of Lickety Stik. Lickety Stik is a new, innovative way to provide a healthy, all-natural snack for your dog. It is a liquid pet treat-to-go in a special container with a roller-ball top that delivers just the right amount of delicious taste your dog will love! Use Lickety Stik anytime, and virtually anywhere. Just shake, remove the lid and tilt down to offer your dog a special snack.

In the second segment Michelle talks to John Brynda, from Pet Safe, about their new Feline Lickety Stik. Following the success of the Lickety Stik treat line for dogs, the PetSafe team knew they wanted to create something that would specifically cater to the feline community. To accomplish this goal, the Lickety Stik team reworked the design of their unique roller-ball dispenser, making it smaller and easier for the feline tongue to grip. They also developed new flavors cats naturally crave, including Chicken, Turkey, Tuna, Salmon, Dairy and Beef. 

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Episode 44 - Rabbit Air and Dr. Emmo’s

Michelle Fern welcomes Olivia Raya Ourahou from Rabbit Air. At Rabbit Air, their philosophy is simple: Offer the most effective and high quality air purifier at the most affordable prices. When you visit RabbitAir.com, you'll find stylish, effective and high quality air purifiers backed by extraordinary customer service, useful guidance, and easy-to-understand education to help you choose the best air purifier for your air quality problem.

In the second segment Michelle talks to Bob Brennan from PetClenz, makers of Dr. Emmo’s Pet First Aid products. Pet-Clenz set on a mission to create a unique family of first aid products for passionate pet owners in late 2010. The result of that amazing journey is the Dr. Emmo’s brand of next-generation first-aid products for pets, which are based on a natural antibacterial ingredient (a neutral pH hypochlorous acid solution) similar to what is used in the human body to fight off pathogens.

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Episode 43 - Tails Untold and What Odor?

Michelle Fern welcomes Susan Lyman, creator of Tails Untold. Tails Untold are personalized pet books that are more than a photo album. Since every pet is unique, the books include your special furry family member's special information, characteristics and photos which they incorporate into a beautifully-illustrated and artfully crafted story. Your pet comes to life in each adventure story. The first book in the series takes place in New York City. The next book will be in another fabulous city, it may be Paris, London, or Rome.

In the second segment, Michelle talks to Nelson Grist, inventor of What Odor?, a multi-purpose odor eliminator that guarantees to eliminate any and all odors. What Odor completely eliminates pet odors, and is non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets!

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Episode 42 - Royal Canin for Cats

Michelle Fern welcomes Dr. Brent Mayabb, Manager of Education and Development at Royal Canin to talk about urinary tract problems in cats and Royal Canin’s special Urinary SO cat food to help control them.  Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Urinary SO in Gel Canned Cat Food is recommended for cats with the following conditions: Cats with or at risk of developing feline lower urinary tract disease, Dissolution of pure struvite uroliths, To help prevent struvite urolithiasis, To help prevent calcium oxalate urolithiasis, To help prevent calcium phosphate (brushite) urolithiasis.

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Episode 41 - Dog Gone Smart and LeashLocket

Michelle Fern welcomes Chris Onthank, CEO of Dog Gone Smart to talk about their new Dirty Dog Doormat. The Dirty Dog Doormat magically soaks up water, mud and dirt! With its super absorbent material it soaks up to 7 times its weight in water and mud so your floors stay clean and dry. It dries 5 times faster than ordinary door mats and is easy to wash. What's the Trick???? The Advanced Microfiber Technology traps water and mud instantly! Millions of microfiber strands create an extra large super-sponge.

In the second segment, Michelle chats with Dave Marshall of LeashLocket, the revolutionary retractable leash that magnetically snaps to your dog’s collar. Enjoy hands-free convenience when LeashLocket™ is snapped securely to the magnetic attachment provided for your dog’s existing collar or harness. After extensive independent testing, LeashLocket was proven to be the strongest retractable leash, ounce for ounce, on the market!

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Episode 40 - SENTRY™ Pheromone Behavior Products from Sergeant’s

Michelle Fern welcomes Kelly Lytle from Sergeant’s Pet Care to talk about their new SENTRY™ Pheromone Behavior Products. When pets have behavior problems, it's hard to remember how lovable, loyal and entertaining they can be! But, it doesn't have to be this way..

With their scientifically-proven Good Behavior™ Pheromone Technology, SENTRY™ brings you solutions to some of the toughest behaviors. Problems like inappropriate marking, scratching, digging and even separation anxiety can be reduced and eliminated using these pheromones – chemicals that animals naturally produce and use to communicate information to each other.

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Episode 39 - Bil-Jac and America’s VetDogs

In this special Memorial Day show, Michelle Fern welcomes Brit Hyde, marketing manager for Bil-Jac Super Premium Dog Food. Bil-Jac, family-owned and operated, stands for more than 65 years of uncompromising dedication to the highest quality and freshest ingredients available. BIl-Jac has teamed up with America’s VetDogs™ to create America’s VetDogs™ treats. Each purchase will make a difference to America’s military heroes, because a portion of each bag of treats sold goes directly to America’s VetDogs™.

In the second segment Michelle talks to Joseph Worley from America’s VetDogs.™ America’s VetDogs™ is a not-for-profit organization founded by the Assistance dog Foundation for the Blind and serves the needs of disabled veterans and active duty personnel. Joseph Worley is a military veteran that was injured in duty. He was among the veterans who attended the first on-campus VetDogs class in October 2008.

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Episode 38 - BioBubble and Nordic Naturals

Michelle Fern welcomes Brad Stroetz from BioBubble, the world’s most versatile animal habitat. The versatility and the functionality of the Biobubble make it one of the most unique, state of the art animal habitats available on the market today. The Biobubble can transform into an aquarium, terrarium or small pet habitat, customized to meet the needs of any small pet owner. Additionally it can be used for countless educational projects at home or in the classroom.

In the second segment Michelle talks to Erin Hay from Nordic Naturals. Nordic Naturals uses the same quality standards and the same oils to manufacture both our human and pet products. The result is Norwegian omega-3 fish oils of industry-leading purity and freshness for your dogs and cats. Nordic Naturals offers two omega-3 fish oil products that are specifically formulated to maximize the health benefits for dog and cat companions.

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Episode 37 - P.L.A.Y and Gamma2

Michelle Fern chats with Will Chen, the founder and owner of P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle and You). You want to pamper your pooch and update your decor at the same time, and with P.L.A.Y. products, you can do just that. These fashionably unique dog beds do so much more than provide a place for your dog to rest its head. Designed to fit any stylish home, these dog beds are a treat for both you and your furry friends. Made with the environment in mind, these designer dog beds have covers that are machine washable, 100% natural and completely swoon-worthy.

In the second segment, Michelle speaks with Mark Clement from Gamma², makers of air-tight food pet containers. For more than 20 years Gamma² has been designing and manufacturing products that help keep your pet happy and healthy. Everything we make has been stringently road tested based on input and suggestions from our customers. The end result is a line of highly durable pet products that go far beyond the basics for quality, dependability and fun! Gamma² is a company built on its commitment to providing pet and pet owners with quality products that provide reliable solutions to real needs.

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Episode 36 - Kitty A GoGo and PetHub

Michelle Fern welcomes Brad Baxter from Kitty A GoGo™ designer cat litter boxes. Kitty A GoGo decorative, whimsical, and functionally innovative cat litter box cleans in just seconds with a simple one stroke pull on the metal sifter rake. Pulls litter to front of tray and then lifts litter out from tray. Large litter tray for all size cats. Each Kitty a Go-Go Cat litter box comes completely assembled out of the box, no assembly required. Concept of the "pull-out litter tray drawer" with pull-out sifter rake and interchangeable, decorative hood covers.

In the second segment Michelle talks to Tom Arnold, creator of PetHub. PetHub is a group of pet-loving people (some say they're "software geeks") in Seattle who are dedicated to getting pets home faster and safer than ever before utilizing the latest in mainstream technology. Attach the PetHub tag to your pet's collar, then complete your pet's free profile at PetHub.com. If someone finds your pet, they will be directed to your pet's profile via the unique QR code or web address printed on your pet's PetHub tag.

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Episode 35 - Pet King Brands and Wacky Walk’r

This week Michelle Fern chats with Pamela Bosco from Pet King Brands. What began as a personal attempt in 1997 to find a solution to her dog's painful, recurring ear infections has become a significant business for Pamela Bosco, President of Pet King Brands, Inc. Since utilizing the natural healing properties of the Lactoperoxidase Enzyme System developed and patented by her brother Michael Pellico, the developer of Biotene® Dry Mouth Oral Care, she has helped thousands of veterinarians and pet parents provide safe, antibiotic-free relief for dogs and cats suffering from chronic ,recurring infections of the ears and skin. These critically acclaimed veterinary products are marketed under the ZYMOX 1.0% Hydrocortisone brand and have been used for serious skin and ear infections for over 10 years.

In the second segment Michelle welcomes Michael Young, creator of Wacky Walk’r. Manufactured of 100% natural rubber tubing (same as used in the fitness industry), the Wacky Walk'r provides force-inhibiting flexibility, relieving kinetic stress on both the animal and the walker, offering a welcome relief from the "jerk" of traditional rigid leads. Lead is 3 foot and stretches to 6 foot. Small fits 6-12 lbs. Medium fits 13-24 lbs. Large fits 25-50 lbs. Extra Large fits 51-99 lbs.

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Episode 34 - The Company of Animals

Michelle Fern welcomes Dr. Roger Mugford, CEO of The Company of Animals. The Company of Animals are the experts in dog training accessories, renowned for their commitment to quality and excellence that puts the pet at the heart of everything they do. They were founded over 30 years ago by Dr Roger Mugford, Britain's leading animal behaviorist, to provide all the help you might need to train your pet.

All Company of Animals products are tested during Dog Training Classes and consultations at their Training and Behavior Center, so you can be sure that a product from Company of Animals is going to do what is expected! 

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Episode 33 - Dog-E-Glow and Soft Chews

This week Michelle Fern welcomes Ari Meltzer from Dog-E-Glow. Dog-E-Glow lighted dog collars and leashes are the ultimate accessory for canine safety and style. Long-lasting LED lights illuminate the entire length of their collars and leashes for maximum visibility at night. They’re also really cool! With one click you choose whether you want the lights to flash or emit a steady glow that's clearly visible up to 1,000 feet. There’s a design for every dog's personality.

In the second segment Michelle chats with Shannon Stamper from PSC Pets, makers of Skin & Coat Soft Chews. These savory, chewy morsels are specially designed to help prevent shedding and support skin tone. And because these fur-tastic chews are formulated with dogs of all breeds and sizes in mind, even puppies and non-shedding breeds – every pup can enjoy a healthier looking coat.

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Episode 32 - Flower Essences and Arenus

This week Michelle Fern welcomes Stacey Small from Arenus Botanical Animal Flower Essences. Animal Flower Essences are Behavior Modification in a Bottle! Flower Essences have historically been used to balance and harmonize any emotional, psychological and spiritual states, these blends have been specifically formulated to deal with issues that large and small animals deal with. they are easy to administer, safe to use during competition and will not conflict with any other protocols. These blends are "Issue Specific" not animal specific. 

In the second segment Michelle speaks with Dr. Karen Wedekind, nutritionist and scientist with Novus, makers of Arenus Health and Nutrition Products for Horses and Companion Animals. They understand that your horses, dogs, cats and birds are every bit as important as the rest of your family. That's why they gathered nutritionists, veterinarians, and other animal health experts to develop products that are safe and easy-to-use, helping you to keep your animal companions healthy, active, and vibrant. Their unique formulas holistically support many specific areas of your pet's health. Tune in and find out what ACCLAIM means and how it can help your pets!

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Episode 31 - Dyson Animal Vacs

Michelle Fern welcomes Rob Green, design engineer at Dyson to discuss the new Dyson Animal Vacuums

The Dyson DC41 Animal is a Dyson Ball™ upright vacuum with the latest Radial Root Cyclone™ technology. It generates the strongest suction power at the cleaner head, to powerfully remove dust, dirt and pet hair from the home. Includes a Mini turbine head to clean pet hair and stubborn dirt from upholstery, stairs and the car.

The Dyson DC28 - full-size and powerful Dyson bagless upright vacuum for homes with pets. Airmuscle™ technology precisely adjusts the cleaner head to clean every floor type thoroughly. Mini turbine head removes dirt and pet hair from carpets, upholstery and tight spaces. Motorized brush bar for carpets - switches off for hard floors. Lifetime washable HEPA filter traps microscopic allergens. Tune in to find out which is the best one for you!

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Episode 30 - Crypton and Pet Ventures

Michelle Fern welcomes Randi Rubin from Crypton. With inspirations from acclaimed artist William Wegman all the way to Molly B., Crypton's official Chief Operating Dog, every Crypton pet solution innovation is a true labor of love. Not only do they look great, they are strong, built-to-last and unbelievably resistant to troublesome stains, moisture, odor and bacteria. Imagine pet furnishings you don't have to hide from your guests! Crypton pet solutions stay clean and never smell because nothing gets into a Crypton cushion.

In the second segment Michelle speaks with Ahdee Abramson from Pet Ventures. Pet Ventures is a family-owned and operated business committed to providing quality products and exceptional customer service, and support. Their featured brand, Pet ‘n Shape was founded on the beliefs that all pets deserve natural healthy treats and chews they love, pet owners deserve quality products they trust, and retailers deserve a complete category of high-margin natural choices.

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Episode 29 - Lickety Stik and Pro Treats Plus

Michelle Fern welcomes John Brynda, from Pet Safe, makers of the Lickety Stik. Lickety Stik is a new, innovative way to provide a healthy, all-natural snack for your dog. It is a liquid pet treat-to-go in a special container with a roller-ball top that delivers just the right amount of delicious taste your dog will love! Use Lickety Stik anytime, and virtually anywhere. Just shake, remove the lid and tilt down to offer your dog a special snack. It’s that easy! Lickety Stik is a great reward for training or just because you want to show your pets they are special!

In the second segment Michelle talks to Bill Sherk, President of Miracle Corp, makers of Stewart Pro Treats Plus. MiracleCorp’s Stewart brand Pro-Treat and Pro-Treat Plus bite-sized dog treats are packed with protein-rich meats and a special blend of whole fruits and vegetables to provide added vitamins and nutrients. Pro-Treat Plus treats are free of supplements, additives or extras, containing pure meat, fruits and veggies. The freeze-drying process used in producing the Pro-Treat Plus line locks-in the aroma, full-flavor and nutritional value of raw chicken liver or beef liver, plus the added benefit of fruits and veggies.

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Episode 28 - SmartyKat and American Pet Treats

Michelle Fern welcomes Christina Gray, marketing communications manager for SmartyKat. Cats aren't as mysterious as you might think. Their quirky, seemingly inexplicable behavior is driven by instinctual, physical and emotional needs common to a long line of feline ancestors. The SmartyKat patented CompleteNeeds System helps you understand your cat better, so you'll have an easier time meeting those needs... with SmartyKat products.

In the second segment Michelle speaks with Andrew Colsky, owner and developer of American Pet Treats. American Pet Treats offers a full line of dog bakery supplies for homemade dog treats, dog cakes, including dog birthday cakes, and dog treat icing. All of the food products that they manufacture (frostings, cake and biscuit mixes) and almost all other food items that they carry are Made in the U.S.A. and they strive to offer as many all-natural products as possible.

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Episode 27 - Bil-Jac Treats and Sensitive Solutions Super Premium Dog Food

This week, which is National Dog Week, Michelle Fern welcomes Jim Kelly, Executive Vice President and Brit Hyde, Brand Manager from Bil-Jac.  Bil-Jac is a family brand making the best dog food possible for one of the most important members of your family.  When you feed Bil-Jac Super Premium Dog Food to your dog, he'll start wearing his best coat. One that's shiny, lustrous, and full. Because he's eating healthier, he'll also have softer skin, brighter eyes, increased activity, improved muscle tone and, believe it or not, a smaller & firmer stool - a sign that he's getting all the vital nutrients he needs.

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Episode 26 - Pet Assure & Solvit Products

Michelle Fern welcomes Charles Nebenzahl from Pet Assure. Pet Assure is a low-cost pet insurance alternative that covers every medical service - even pre-existing conditions! Learn why more than 100,000 pet households have chosen Pet Assure. Pet Assure is a complete pet care savings program that saves you on out-of-pocket vet expenses. Whether you have no insurance or have a claim that is not covered by insurance, Pet Assure saves you on every medical procedure and office visit, without any limitations and without expensive premiums..

In the second half Michelle talks to Patrick Kaufman from Solvit Products about their new HomeAway™ Travel Organizer Kit. The HomeAway Travel Kit organizes all your pet's essentials in one efficient and attractive package. Whether your pet is traveling with you, or they're staying with a sitter while you're out of town, the HomeAway holds everything they need for an extended stay away from home.

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Episode 25 - Bo Regards & Product Reviews

Michelle Fern welcomes Mark Rath from Bo Regards to talk about their Fire Safety Plaques. This beautifully crafted I.C.E. Plaque will keep your pet safe in the event of a fire or other emergency within your home. The plaque is 8.5” X 8.5” and comes in 3 finishes. Lightweight though durable, the textured design provides a classic vintage aesthetic, making the plaque not only the perfect safety tool, but also an attractive addition to your exterior décor.

In the second segment, Michelle and guest co-host Lexi discuss some of their favorite products that have been previously featured on “Best Bets for Pets!” Tune in and see if their your favorites too!

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Episode 24 - Pooch Planet

Michelle Fern welcomes Christina Gray and Rita Zin-himy from Pooch Planet.  Pooch Planet’s DreamBoat+ pet bed wraps around your dog like a warm hug. Thick, wrap-around bolsters serve your dog’s sense of security and comfort while appealing to your sense of style. Dogs of all ages find it easy to access the soft, center cushion due to the tapered front entry. The DreamBoat+ comes in two sizes, one for small to medium-sized dogs and another for medium to large dogs, and is machine washable for easy care.

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Episode 23 - Nature’s Logic and Planet Dog

This week Michelle Fern welcomes Scott Freeman from Nature’s Logic®.  Nature’s Logic® is committed to providing the highest quality and safest nutrition for the furry members of your family. We have created the first and only full-line kibble, canned, and raw frozen pet food in the world with no chemically-synthesized ingredients. Nature’s Logic is the pioneer in developing truly 100% natural pet foods derived from nature…not chemistry.  Nature’s Logic provides your pet with essential and complete nutrition using only 100% natural ingredients.

In the second half of the show Michelle talks to Kristen Smith of Planet Dog.  Since incorporating in 1997, Planet Dog has been known as the industry's leading socially responsible, values-based design house, bringing people and dogs together for fun and mutual support.   Planet Dog’s flagship initiative is the Planet Dog Foundation. Since 2006, PDF has donated more than $500,000 in cash and product donations. Their internal mantra of "think globally, act doggedly," keeps us focused on the higher cause of why they entered this industry...wagging, drooling, sniffing, snuggling, howling, romping dogs.

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Episode 22 - CitiKitty and La Fresh

Michelle Fern welcomes Rebecca Rescate, founder of CitiKitty, the toilet-training kit for your cat, which was featured on the hit ABC TV show, “Shark Tank!”  The CitiKitty Toilet Training Kit uses a proven, disappearing litter box technique that has successfully toilet trained cats for decades. Our specially-designed training seat fits all toilets and transitions cats of all age, size, and breed from litter box to toilet. Any healthy cat, three months of age or older that is successfully using a litter box is a candidate for toilet training.

In the second half of the show, Michelle talks to Jennifer Norman of La Fresh about Divas & Studs, their canine care products.  La Fresh makes a difference in people’s lives through its performance, convenience and conscientiousness.  Their products are designed with exceptional ingredients and packaged to deliver chic style with less substance making the world better, brighter and more beautiful for all of us.

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Episode 21 - Paw Clean and FLOR

Michelle Fern welcomes Kevin Fleming from Paw Clean.  Paw Clean-Canine Footbath is a revolutionarily and simple device that offers a cure for a muddy paws. Clean Paws. Clean Home.  Take your pooch on a walk or to the dog park!  Before your dog comes into the house or gets into the car after exercise,  it’s a good idea to get the dirt, mud  and grime off their feet.  Paw Clean’s comfortable and durable neoprene seal allows you to shake and swirl their paw clean instantly.

SPECIAL PROMOTION: Use Coupon Code "Pet Life Radio" at Pawclean.com and get 20% off your purchase!

In the second segment Michelle talks to Chip Degrace from FLOR. FLOR is an innovative system of carpet squares that you assemble to create custom rugs, runners or wall-to-wall designs of any shape or size.  Stands up to kids, pets and spills.  Change squares, not rooms. FLOR is designed for modern living. FLOR’s thoughtful, forward-thinking design lets you create a floor covering that easily adapts to your life – all the while leaving the smallest possible footprint on Earth.

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Episode 20 - Robin Meyer NYC & Milo’s Kitchen

Michelle Fern welcomes Robin Meyer, creator of Robin Meyer NYC modern, fashionable and beautifully made canine accessories and apparel.  Long time dog owner and fashion industry executive Robin Meyer Droescher found herself continually disappointed when searching for unique, stylish yet functional accessories and apparel for her three dogs. To her eye, virtually everything seemed to be lacking in quality or style at a reasonable price point.  Out of this frustration, the business model for Robin Meyer NYC was born. With the help of a few friends from the New York fashion industry, she formed Robin Meyer NYC launching a full line that includes a complete assortment of collars, sweaters, harnesses and reversible raincoats.

In the second segment Michelle talks to Wendy Diamond, leading Pet Lifestyle expert, Best Selling Author, TV Personality and spokesperson for Milo’s Kitchen™ dog treats.  Milo’s Kitchen™ home-style dog treats are 100% real jerky, sausage slices, and meatballs. They believe dogs deserve treats made with the same quality of ingredients and care that you want with your food. We’re pet parents too. That’s why they make each treat with the love and care your dog deserves.

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Episode 19 - Sharkey Meets Kittyhead and SmartTag

Michelle Fern talks to author Susan Stoltz about her new book Sharkey Meets Kittyhead.  The Adventures of Sharkey the Dog is a series of books written for children ages 3 - 6. In the first book, Sharkey meets Kittyhead, two very different animals learn to be friends despite their differences. When Kittyhead first comes to live in the house Sharkey is very upset. The cat's ears stand up instead of flop over. Kittyhead has long whiskers and a very long tail; Sharkey's are very short. He plays with Sharkey's toys and sleeps in all of Sharkey's favorite places. This makes her angry. But soon they discover that they have many things in common and can learn to share their house and be friends.?? 

In the second segment Michelle speaks with Tom Troiano of SmartTag.  With SmartTag and  Protection Plans you will ensure your pet is protected with today's highest level security. Store & edit vital information about your pet including images, descriptions and multiple emergency contacts. Only SmartTag can broadcast your pet's information to local shelters and lost-pet websites, saving critical time during a loss.

SPECIAL PROMOTION: Use Coupon Code "Best Bet" at IDTag.com and get $5.00 off any purchase!

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Episode 18 - Ark Naturals and Wilson Gets Adopted

Michelle Fern welcomes Susan Weiss from Ark Naturals.  Ark Naturals provides the most complete, all-natural product line currently available on the market today. Ark's products include 'Wellness' products that give them the vital nutrition missing in commercial pet foods and 'Remedy' products that help to solve common pet related problems.  

In the second segment, Michelle talks to Susan Castriota, author of the children’s book, Wilson Gets Adopted.  This is a true story based on award-winning illustrator and author, Susan Castriota’s personal journey adopting Wilson, a champagne-colored poodle mix, and the effects that the previous owner’s smoking habit has played in both of their lives.   It’s really a heartwarming tale of how sweet Wilson hits a ruff patch: the loss of his infirmed master, a harrowing visit to the Pound, and separation from his closest companion, his sister Peaches, before being adopted by Susan and her wonderful family in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Episode 17 - Kitty Utopia and K9 Cakery

Michelle Fern talks to SJ Rainess from Kitty Utopia, the Purrr-fect Shop about their unique cat products, including the Window Chaise.  What cat wouldn’t adore lounging window-side, with sunlight streaming in and nature chirping just beyond the glass?  This cozy Window Chaise offers Kitty a throne to perch on in the center of all the action.  

In the second segment Michelle chats with Frosting Fran from K9 Cakery.  Find everything you need to make your dog bakery or dog treat business succeed - all in one place!  K9Cakery.com was started because they were interested in baking home made dog treats that were good for our dogs.  So they spent months learning and experimenting in their test kitchen.  As a result, they are able to offer a line of products that look like people food but are made for a dog's stomach. 

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Episode 16 - Enjoy Lighting and Sleepypod

Michelle Fern chats it up with Emerson Marsh from Enjoy Lighting, the first and most lifelike flameless candle.  With Enjoy Lighting Flameless Candles, you can enjoy the warm atmosphere and ambiance of candlelight without the unwanted fire risks or replacement costs. With styles, colors and fragrances to match any decor, flameless candles make the perfect decorative addition to any room.

In the second segment Michelle talks to Michael Leung from Sleepypod.  The award winning Sleepypod is more than a bed, it's a lifestyle. It's your pet's personal space, designed to fit his or her individual needs.  The beauty of the Sleepypod is its versatility. A dog that needs to be aware of his surroundings at all times can be just as easily accommodated as the cat who likes her privacy.

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Episode 15 - simplehuman and Lucky Puppy

Michelle Fern welcomes Mia Fields from simplehuman. We all have daily tasks we want to do faster, things that take up too much space, and projects we want to organize. simplehuman is committed to designing products that help efficiently achieve these goals. Their fingerprint-proof pet food can provides a neat and efficient pet food storage solution that keeps food in and pets out. The ergonomic lock-tight handle forms an airtight seal to keep food fresh. 

In the second segment Michelle speaks with Sandi Hochman from Lucky Puppy. Join us in helping these animals by purchasing Lucky Puppy items today! When long time friends Sandi Hochman and Jonathan Cathey joined forces to create products for fellow dog enthusiasts, an innovative lifestyle brand with a focus on children’s fashion was founded. Lucky Puppy is proud to help our furry friends by donating 15% of our online sales to Animal Haven.

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Episode 14 - The Woofer and K-9 AIDE

Michelle Fern welcomes Matthew Baron, the creator of The Woofer. The Woofer is a dog coat that lets you play songs from your iPod or other mp3 players on their back. This enables more dog interaction in our lives beyond eating biscuits and barking. Each Woofer is hand-made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Share your music with friends and dogs while walking, running, or in a dog park. If you are a musician you can play your songs off the back of your best friend. Take out your ear buds and bring your music to the streets.

In the second segment, Michelle talks to Gail Silberberg from K-9 AIDE™. K-9 AIDE is the wellness drink available in two ways for all dogs all year round! K-9 AIDE ™ is more than just a quick refreshing beverage for thirsty dogs. It is a water-based wellness plan that helps relieve stress and prevent sickness, naturally aiding and enhancing your dog’s immune system, for a longer and healthier life.

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Episode 13 - DERMagic and shoo!TAG

Michelle Fern welcomes Dr. Adelia Ritchie, creator of DERMagic all natural skin care for animals. DERMagic is a breakthrough in the treatment of animal dermatitis. The products instantly relieve itching and redness, promote rapid healing and regrowth of lost hair or fur, and restore good skin condition.

In the second segment Michelle speaks with Melissa Rogers of shoo!TAG™. shoo!TAG™ is a completely natural insect repellent for people, animals and pets. Combining cutting-edge science and technology, shoo!bug uses electromagnetic frequencies to create a chemical-free protective barrier from mosquitoes, ticks and other pests that lasts up to four months.

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Episode 12 - Petmate and Stella & Chewy’s

Michelle Fern welcomes Kristen Underwood from Petmate to talk about their great new pet toys! Toys are a great way to keep your pup mentally and physically challenged, reducing boredom and anxiety while increasing healthy exercise and interaction. Petmate’s Booda® toys are categorized into five different play types: Loveable, Active, Tough, Noisy and Tricky.

In the second segment Michelle speaks to Stella & Chewy’s founder, Marie Moody. You can find Stella & Chewy’s products in pet and specialty stores throughout North America and on many online outlets. They’re not only striving to make a difference in the quality of life of your pet, but to save the lives of less fortunate dogs and cats. To that end, Stella & Chewy’s donates a percentage of their annual profits and products to animal rescue groups and no-kill animal shelters.

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Episode 11 - Gymno'com and West Paw Design

In this episode Michelle Fern welcomes Seth Partain of West Paw Design, makers of dog toys, beds and apparel. Driven by a passion for pets and the joy they bring, West Paw Design seeks the most innovative designs using the best possible materials, resulting in a meaningful value for our customers.They are an environmentally green company that cares about the sustainability of the environment and believes in making a positive impact in and beyond the pet industry. They incorporate recycled and recyclable materials in their products and in their packaging too.

In the second segment, Michelle speaks with Mathieu Giraud from Gymnokidi in Paris, France, makers of the Gymno'com. The first product developed by the company is the GYMNO’COM, a revolutionary and patented method for talking to slightly electric fish through sensors which decode these electric waves and transmit them onto the internet. This little hi-tech jewel will revolutionize the tropical fish keepers’ world, which has been silent up until now

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Episode 10 - Twistep and Power Paws

Michelle Fern talks to Nick Homes of Heininger, makers of TWISTEP. TWISTEP is the best way to provide a step up into your vehicle for your canine companion. TWISTEP installs in your Hitch Receiver, always ready to help – unlike a ramp or other step setup that you need to unload to use and then pack away again after use. Current model will fit 1.25" and 2" Hitch Receivers. Attaches securely to the hitch receiver and stores under the bumper when not in use. Holds up to 400 pounds on a Class III hitch. Corrosion-resistant coating. 

In the second segment, Michelle welcomes Lorraine Walston of Woodrow Wear, makes of Power Paws. Power Paws no slip socks for dogs have many uses…from preventing your older or senior dog from sliding on slippery floors, to paw protection for wounds or from very hot or very cold (snow or ice) surfaces, protecting your hardwood floors from scratches, and fashion. Because Power Paws are dog socks, not dog shoes, they are easier to care for and frequently more comfortable for many dogs

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Episode 9 - Animal Planet Leash and Trimline Recovery Collar

Michelle Fern talks to Oh Behave host, Arden Moore, who is the spokesperson for the Trimline Recovery Collar. The Trimline Veterinary Recovery Collar is an effective, comfortable, flexible Elizabethan-style collar for use with cats and dogs experiencing injury, surgery and trauma restraint conditions. It allows the animal to eat, drink and sleep in comfort while providing a barrier to the treatment area from licking and biting. It is soft, lightweight and easily applied with a simple drawstring design. 

In the second segment Michelle talks about the Animal Planet™ Retractable Pet Leash with Flashlight. This 16-foot retractable cord leash has a 4-foot nylon leader and mini storage space built in to hold a cleanup bag. It also has a 9 LED removable slide top light for nighttime walks. Requires 3 AAA batteries, not included. Leash supports dogs up to 80 pounds

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Episode 8 - Kiss My Mutt and Imperial Cat

Michelle Fern chats with Kristy Hamilton with Imperial Cat Products about really cute products for cats for Valentine’s Day. Imperial Cat’s feline-famed line of Scratch ‘n Shapes introduces their most love-ly designs yet in their new Valentine inspired line of prints. Developed to satisfy kitty’s natural urge to scratch, this season’s patterns will make kittens smitten. This season’s new love-able designs, add a fresh twist to cat owners’ favorite high-quality, eco-friendly Scratch ‘n Shapes. From scratching to playing, Scratch ‘n Shapes answer all your cat’s instincts and promote a healthier lifestyle, all you have to do is mix and match, and let your cat scratch.

In the second segment Michelle welcomes Jennifer Beinke of Kiss My Mutt about their eco-friendly dog begs and other products. At Kiss My Mutt, all of their dog beds are made with durable and eco-friendly products so you can have the best of both worlds. From organic fibers to recycled bedding material, they make sure that their products are good for the world and great for your pup! They carry outdoor dog beds made with water resistant fabrics that are durable, as well as indoor dog beds made with durable, luxury cottons, all to create a happy and healthy lifestyle for you and your pet.

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Episode 7 - Dazzle Dog Delight and High Hopes For Pets Dog Treats

Michelle Fern welcomes Joy Randel from Dazzle Dog Delight, to talk about their many products including the Warm Hearts and Peace Signs Dog Sweater. East Side Collection Warm Hearts and Peace Signs Sweaters are soft and comfortable dog sweaters with a colorful design of hearts and peace signs. A sweater that's as warm and welcoming as its message of peace and love. Stretchy, form-fitting sweater features a high-cut, stay dry design with a leash hole on back and rear leg straps for a secure fit. 

In the second half of the show Michelle talks to Paula Etchison from High Hopes For Pets Dog Treats…. Homemade, bite-sized, cupcake treats will make your dog’s tail wag with joy! High Hopes™ is made by Good Squared, LLC, a new company located in Chicago, Illinois, a small company of pet lovers who care about doing the right thing and doing good for the community. They believe that business should do something good to help those who are less fortunate. That's why they donate 3.5% from every sale (up to 15% of the company's profits) of every product everyday to The High Hopes for Pets Foundation — a separate, not-for-profit foundation whose mission is to help local shelters and animal organizations care and find homes for pets everywhere. With your help, it can add up to millions of dollars each year.

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Episode 6 - The Pet Crystal and TropiClean

Michelle Fern talks to Ted Alflen from TCCD International, makers of The Pet Crystal. This amazing all natural crystal absorbs pet odors naturally. Comes with a hook for all types of animal cages and a double stick Velcro for horizontal or vertical surfaces. The perfect product, small/space saving, non- toxic and spill proof. Fantastic for Litter Boxes, Pet Bedding, Pet Cages, Pet Food, and Soiled Areas. Can also be used in bathrooms, closets, cars, boats, garbage and diaper pails, gym lockers and sport bags. 

In the second half of the show Michelle Chats with Derik Kassebaum from TropiClean about their Fresh Breath Products, including the Clean Teeth Gel, Mint Foam, Water Additive and Fresh Breath Chews. Tropiclean's natural Water Additive is developed to provide dogs and cats with essential daily oral hygiene care. Without proper dental care, 70% of dogs and cats start to show signs of oral disease by age 3. Oral disease can eventually lead to tooth loss or other serious health problems. Tropiclean's natural Water Additive promotes healthy gums and eliminates bad breath for up to 12 hours.

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Episode 5 - The Neater Feeder & Sasquatch Pet Beds

Michelle Fern talks to Fernando Becattini about his new product, The Neater Feeder. The Neater Feeder is the only feeding system on the market that manages the mess by containing and separating spilled food from spilled water! The Neater Feeder protects floors and walls from the stains, mold and damage that can occur from spilled water and food, and provides a healthier eating environment for your pet. First, it keeps their dining area neat, clean, and more sanitary. It also deters pests from getting to your pet's food or water and reduces the spills and mess that attract them in the first place. Further, the Neater Feeder for dogs is elevated, improving comfort, improving digestion, and reducing neck and joint strain. 

In the second segment Michelle chats with Tony Deitch of Unique Beast Products about their new product, Sasquatch Pet Beds. Though the Sasquatch!® Pet Bed may remind you of a very popular category of footwear that two-legged animals adore for their comfort, our design was produced from scratch incorporating features exclusively for your pet's comfort. Made from a durable, non-toxic closed cell resin/EVA material, now for the first time, your four-legged family members can take pleasure in the comfort, functionality, and unique panache the Sasquatch!® Pet Bed has to offer! At a shocking 26 inches long x 10 inches tall x 13 inches wide, The NEW Sasquatch!® will add enormous charm (and conversation) to your home for years to come! 

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Episode 4 - Joy Pet Products & Sure Fit Pet Covers

Michelle Fern talks to Patti Wilson from Joy Pet Products. Home to their signature Goose Down Doggie CoatTM, Joy Pet Products is where style and functionality coincide with meticulous quality. Each item has a timeless design to perfectly fit a pooch’s stylish needs today, tomorrow and next year. Joy Pet Products’ renowned Goose Down Filled Doggie Coat is so revolutionary it has two patents and will live up to any pet parent’s highest expectations. Live life to the fullest, no matter the weather conditions, with Joy Pet Products. 

In the second segment Michelle chats with Hugh Rovit from Sure Fit. Now it's okay for your best friend to be on the furniture. Sure Fit’s New Pet Throws are an easy and budget-friendly way to protect your furniture from pet fur or stains. One piece pet covers simply drape over your furniture and protect the seat, back and arms from pet wear and tear.

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Episode 3 - PawsOFF and KatKabin DezRez

Michelle Fern talks to Laura Tosoni and Melina Ash, creators of PawsOFF Protective Bed Cover. Allows your pet to roam freely in the house so they no longer need to be confined. No more scratched up doors and floors! Improves your pet’s quality of life by allowing him/her the freedom to cuddle up in their favorite place. Your pet will love to snuggle on the soft, cozy and comfortable fleece. 

In the second segment Michelle chats with Pascale Deffieux of Brinsea, makers of KatKabin DezRez. A warm welcome indeed, especially for your cats. The KatKabin outdoor cat house is a unique & innovative cat shelter that provides your cat with all the warmth, comfort & safety it is used to indoors. The latest KatKabin DezRez is the ideal snug shelter from rain, wind and cold whilst being fun and attractive – which is why we say it’s the Desirable Residence for fabulous felines!

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Episode 2 - Kurgo Quantum Leash & Nurtured Pets

Michelle Fern talks to Gordon Spater of Kurgo about their Quantum Leash. The Kurgo Quantum Leash encompasses everything you are looking for in a dog walking restraint. With too many uses to count, this is one leash that no active dog owner should go without! Fully extended the Kurgo Quantum goes from a 6 foot long lead to a shoulder or waist leash, to a double dog walker. 

In the second segment Michelle welcomes Lisa Huntsman from Nurtured Pets and discusses their Anti-Lick Strip Prevent™, Anti-Chew Home™, NurturSalve™ and Anti-Lick Strip Equine™ Bandage. Nurtured Pets® is dedicated to providing products that create a healthy lifestyle for pets. The company has introduced the first product of its kind to deter licking, biting and chewing.

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Episode 1 - BooBooLoon and Dog Tag Art

Michelle Fern chats with Marcy Colangelo from BooBooLoon about this unique product. The BooBooLoon® Protective Petwear collar is a modern veterinarian-recommended collar for your pet that eliminates the problems associated with previous, dated product designs such as rigid cones.

In the next segment Michelle talks with Jack Carrier of Dog Tag Art. Dog Tag Art has outrageous, fun pet ID tags that are functional fashion for pets and people. Also profiled is Virtual Leash, which allows you to maintain a unique website (a.k.a. online profile) for your pet with unlimited emergency contacts that can be instantly notified. The website can send you, and your emergency contacts, messages through email, Twitter, text message and voicemail when your pet is found. Tune in to find out all about these cool pet products!

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