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Best Bets for Pets on Pet Life RadioMichelle Fern, host of Best Bets for Pets on Pet Life Radio

Michelle Fern

Storm Defender and Tagg - The Pet Tracker

Storm Defender  on Pet Life Radio........Tagg the Pet Tracker  on Pet Life Radio

Storm Defender.......................... Tagg - The Pet Tracker


Michelle Fern welcomes Andrew Critzer from Storm Defender.  Dogs can become agitated and anxious before a thunderstorm. Some storm phobic dogs even panic, causing stress for you and your pet.  Storm Defender has the solution for canine anxiety - without drugs - to reduce your dog's anxiety. Put the cape, with its special lining, around your dog and bring relief to your beloved pet. The Storm Defender helps ease anxiety in dogs and produce a calming effect. Dogs with anxiety show marked improvement and less anxiety with use after just a few thunderstorms.

In the second segment Michelle speaks with Dave Vigil from Tagg - The Pet Tracker.  The Tagg pet tracking system uses advanced GPS tracking technology to allow you to see where your dog is and receive a notification if he or she wanders off. The lightweight tracker attaches to your dog's existing collar, and is designed to be worn at all times, even while swimming. Pinpoint your dog's whereabouts on the Tagg Map. After you locate him, zoom in. Take a look at his exact location on a computer, smartphone, or using the Tagg mobile app. Need directions? Tagg provides those too.

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