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Laura and Preston from Greatest American Dog Show are Paw-Tastic!

Laura Nativo .....Dr. Jill Richardson........

..Laura Nativo & Preston .............Dr. Jill Richardson


Laura Nativo and Preston, her personality-plus white Pomeranian, share their experiences of being on CBS’ “Greatest American Dog” show. They made it through six episodes before being “expelled” from the Canine Academy. Tune in as Laura debunks small dog myths and announces the creation of a new website – – and a new venture that will take therapy pet programs to the next level. On the second half of the show, Dr. Jill Richardson, resident veterinarian at zootoo, stops by and gives the bare facts about the growing doggy debate: to dress or not to dress. Heed her advice on determining if your pet is a fashion Diva or prefers wearing only a collar. She helps you size up your pet for the right fit and identifies warning signs that your pet is uncomfortable or overheated. Don’t miss a single second of this show!

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