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Arden Moore
The Pet Edu-Tainer
Pet expert and best-selling author

Co-authors Hy Conrad and Jeff Johnson Humorously Share What Dogs Really Think About Us

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Do toy breeds really enjoy purse rides? What’s the real reason your lab ate your sofa? What do dogs think about the names we give them? Many coveted canine secrets, hopes and dreams will be revealed in this special episode of Oh Behave. Join host Arden Moore as she fetches surprising, amusing and some shocking insights into the canine mind as interpreted by Hy Conrad and Jeff Johnson, co-authors of a great new book, Things Your Dog Doesn't Want You to Know: Eleven Courageous Canines Tell All . Tune in and meet the canine cast that includes Orson, a Bulldog foodie; Rufus, a country bloodhound with Broadway aspirations and a mutt named Moonbeam desperate to shed her New Age name.  Top dogs in Hollywood are yapping praise for this book, including comedian Steve Martin who sums it up best after pawing through the pages of this book: ‘I laughed, my dog howled.’

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