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Advertising Infoseeds

Affordable Advertising on PetLifeRadio!

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How would you like to reach out and invite in our audience?  We have a brand new concept called Infoseeds™.  Infoseeds are short 20 second seeds of information about your place of business, product or service. It’s the best, most cost-effective way to get your message out to the customers you want!  We only have a limited number of slots per show so get your space now!

Here’s how it works:

We divide a: 60-second commercial slot into 3 sections, each one containing a: 20 second Infoseed.  We have a flat rate of $99 per 20-sec Infoseed per episode of any show.  Unlike regular terrestrial radio where commercials come on and are gone in a few seconds, your spot remains part of the show, much like a magazine ad stays in each issue permanently.

Our announcer will read your copy over our Infoseed music bed during one of the commercial breaks of that particular episode. Click here to listen to a sample Infoseed radio spot:


Here’s what you do:

Go to the "EPISODE INFO" page for the episode you want to advertise in. Scroll down to the bottom section of the page where it says "Advertise with an Infoseed in this Episode". If you want to advertise in this episode click the "Buy Now" button and using PayPal you can pay the $99 fee. Then you will be taken to a form where you can upload your copy for your spot.

That's it! It's that simple. Within 48 hours your Infoseed will appear in that episode and will remain there.

Should you want to remove it at any point just email us and let us know. * If you want to change the copy for that episode at any time, you will have to purchase another Infoseed. Just let us know that the new one is replacing the old one.





























*Pet Life Radio reserves the right to refuse to include or "air" an Infoseed spot if the content of that spot is deemed inappropriate for our radio network or our listeners. In that case the $99 fee will be refunded.

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