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Lions Fussy Over Their Manes? Dogs who Drive Mini-Coopers? Readers Digest Unleashes True and Amazing Tales!

Barbara O'Dair on Pet Life Radio.....

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Reader's Digest executive editor Barbara O’Dair and her ace research staff have discovered that animals are more human-like in their actions and attitudes that we realize. In this special Oh Behave show episode, she tells host Arden Moore about dogs driving in New Zealand, lions who fuss over their manes to land lionesses, a special cat who serves as a guide for a blind dog and much more. All are excerpts from the special feature in May 2013 issue of Readers Digest called, “When Animals Act Like People.” Pick up a copy today and tune in now to be hear tall – but true – tales!

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Barbara O'Dair is Executive Editor of Reader's Digest magazine and the editorial lead for digital applications.  

Prior to joining Reader’s Digest, Barbara was Executive Editor at More magazine and has an impressive track record in publishing, with experience in magazines, books, newspapers and online. She was a Senior Editor on the launch team at Entertainment Weekly, Deputy Editor of Rolling Stone, Editor of US magazine, Executive Editor of Details and Harper’s Bazaar, Managing Editor at Teen People and an editor at Time Inc. Interactive. While at Wenner Media, Barbara edited The Rolling Stone Book of Women in Rock (Random House) and contributed to numerous books published under the Wenner Media imprint.

Animal Stories: When Beasts Act Like Humans

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