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Meet Dr. Jeff Levy A House Call Veterinarian Who Knows How to Rock!

Dr. Jeff Levy on Pet Life Radio.....

Dr. Jeff Levy..................................


Dr. Jeff Levy, a renowned house call veterinarian in New York City, is also an accomplished musician and founder of Pet Rox, a blues-rock band that performs benefit concerts for animal welfare groups worldwide. He joins the Oh Behave Show with guitar in hand and performs a few songs and shares with host Arden Moore his passion for bringing out the healthy best in pets.  So, grab your pet over and get ready to a ‘mini’ concert that will unleash purrs and tail wags.

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Dr. Jeffrey Levy, DVM, CVA, whose practice is called House Call Vet NYC, provides caring, in-home veterinary visits in the New York City area using both conventional and holistic medical techniques. His focus is on specialized care and pain management through acupuncture, rehabilitation, and wellness practices.
He is a certified veterinary acupuncturist (IVAS), a Reiki practitioner, and was trained in veterinary rehabilitation at the University of Tennessee. Dr. Jeff serves as the official veterinary acupuncturist of the International Cat Show and is an official veterinarian of the Westminster Kennel Club Show. He has been providing in-home veterinary care since 1997.

Dr. Jeff grew up in Brooklyn, New York, where he was inspired to become a veterinarian by his pet Dachshund Mushroom, who suffered from back problems. He studied veterinary medicine in Europe and at the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM). He graduated with honors and also earned the Pegasus Award, which recognizes the outstanding graduate who combines academic accomplishment and community service. As an adjunct professor at Mississippi State University’s veterinary college, he is training the next generation of veterinarians.
While living in Mississippi, the state many say was the birthplace of the blues, Dr. Jeff renewed his love for music and began composing songs with a pet-centric theme. After returning to New York to begin his veterinary practice, Dr. Jeff assembled some musical friends in the animal welfare community to perform in what became known as Pet-Rox.

The band plays for many fundraising events including 13 consecutive performances at the American Cancer Society’s Bark for Life. Over the years Dr. Jeff has appeared on stages with Mary Tyler Moore, Bernadette Peters, Pete Seeger and many other friends to the animal community. Pet-Rox has performed on the USS Intrepid, in Central Park and at the Prospect Park Zoo.

Dr. Jeff lives in Manhattan with his wife and two adopted rescue cats, “Asti Spumanti” and “Nebbiolina.”

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